• This application is designed to play and manage the audio playback for the Libre Sync speakers.
  • Libre Sync Speakers provide options to play audio songs from different sources like USB,SDCard and online music services(Tidal,Spotify,Deezer)and internet radio services like (Vtuner,tunein)
  • Mobile app provides the required UI for the users to browse songs,configure speakers and also to connect to online music services.
  • Mobile app uses Multiple TCP sockets to  connect to multiple speakers, and provides the real time information of the songs being played.
  • Users can play,pause audio in these speakers and can also switch the audio sources.
  • App supports UPNP protocal and provides DMR playback and browse the songs from other Digital Media Servers in the network.
  • App also manages group of speakers called scenes. Scenes can be dynamically altered by adding or releasing the individual speakers.
  • Libre Sync speakers within a scene provide synchronous audio playback.

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