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Cumulations Technologies mainly provides mobile application development services. Our expertise lies in building Android and iOS applications supported by a strong cloud based backend infrastructure.

Our application development philosophy is driven to enhance the product experience. Our focus is to deliver simple, yet effective user experience to the end consumers of the app.

In the service business space, we are in, we believe in assured product delivery. Since our inception, we have a track record of 100% delivery of our assignments. This continues to be at the core of Cumulations Technologies, driving us to develop market ready deliverable for our clients.

We are a technology driven company with the team consisting mainly of developers and designers. The company was founded in 2012. The Founders Madhu, Pradeep and Praveena had a brief stint in various technology platforms at Infosys and in a Chinese startup.

In 2012, Cumulations started in Bangalore with its in-house Location Based Social networking Application (LBSN) App Nukkad, at the time when LBSN was at its prime. Nukkad provided the user a cumulative view of all the digital & social actions around them. Nukkad received an angel investment and was also part of 2012 IIMA iAccelerator Batch. Later Nukkad pivoted to Shopzy, a mobile application for shopping malls and saw its successful implementation in 10 malls in 2 cities (Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India).

Because of the fact that Cumulations traveled the path of product building and then implementing it in target markets all by itself, we have a first-hand experience of product shaping from its inception to market launch. This experience has helped us to pass on our learning and best the practices to our clients as well, thereby empowering their products.

We have served clients from small companies and start-ups to large organizations like Puma India, Kotak old life Insurance and Titan. We are glad to have achieved the equally high level of customer satisfaction across these small and large companies.

We strongly believe that technology can bring about a change in our lives and we are always enthusiastic about the positive impact it can have on the real world business.

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