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What is Alexa skill development?

While Alexa sits in speakers and answers our questions, we can also make it talk to our devices and get things done. For example, you can ask Alexa to talk to your AC and turn it On/Off. Now how did Alexa know to control your AC? This is made possible by developing what is called Alexa Skills. In the same manner, Alexa skill development can help you also to enhance your device productivity.

You can develop skills specific to different devices or services and make them operational through Alexa enabled speakers. Uber, for example, has opted Alexa skill development and made Alexa skills which you can use and make your speakers to book a cab for you!.

At Cumulations, we have expertise in Amazon Alexa skill development tailored to customer’s Services and Products. We have experience of using both AWS Lambda and custom server environment to make Alexa skills for your existing services and platforms.

Understanding your core service offerings and developing corresponding Alexa skills is a key component in making sure your customers are benefited with this new model of accessibility. Being in the solutions space from last 5 years, at Cumulations we understand the customer needs and guarantee smooth sailing for your service in this Alexa world!

Amazon Alexa skill development company

We are witnessing an increase in the number of IoT devices having decorated sensors and Intelligence (AI). Hence making smoother human interactions with these IoT devices is the need of the hour. Mobile applications paved the way for interacting with the devices and services with their dynamic and flexible UI. This made interaction simple instead of pressing hard buttons and knobs on the devices.

However the field of “Conversational AI” is trying to push this mode of interaction further with an intention to make it more natural,l like the way we speak to one another.

Alexa is the outcome of such efforts in Conversational AI field by Amazon. Alexa in simple terms is a personal assistant to which you can ask a question and get information. Alexa featured by default in Echo series of Speakers by Amazon, can take your questions and provide answers. It can play music from your favorite sources and can also place an order at a hotel for you.

What is an Alexa voice service?

One of the interesting offerings of Amazon is that you can include all the power of Alexa with its Conversational AI ability in your own custom-built hardware devices like Radio or TV. If you are a Radio or a TV manufacturer, you can include Alexa inside your product so that customers can speak to your devices and interact. You can also include the AVS within your own Mobile app so that your customers can now speak to your App and get their job done. The heavy lifting of understanding the user intent and processing natural language will all be done by Alexa behind the scenes sitting well inside your app.

Your search for alexa skill developers naturally should end at Cumulations, as we have a team of Alexa skill developers and Alexa voice service integrators. With the help of our team and associated partners, we can help your device for Alexa compliance and certification. We are looking forward to engaging in this exciting space and always will be keeping our place among the top Alexa skill development company and Alexa voice service integrators.

Why choose Cumulations as an Alexa skill development company

We are one of the most trusted cloud solutions providers, With 9+ years of experience. Our work is trusted by companies like Intel, Siemens, PVR Cinema, ESPN and many more enterprises. We have helped the PVR Cinema in their Alexa skill development requirement and build awesome Alexa skills to book a movie ticket.

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Here is the sneak peek of different skills our Alexa skill developer team has developed.

Feel free to send us your queries and discuss more on how Alexa can add value to your business.

Custom Alexa Skill to Book Test Drive.

Alexa Skills to Control Smart Lights.

Alexa skill developed by Cumulations for Marico.

Demo Alexa skills for McDonald's.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexa skill development?

The potential of Alexa is not just limited to answering our queries on speakers. We can use it to interact with other devices and accomplish tasks. This is possible through Alexa skill development.

What are the best Alexa skills you have made?

Some of the popular skills developed by our Alexa skill developer team includes:

➤ Custom Alexa skill to book test drive

➤ Alexa skills to control smart light

➤ Demo Alexa skills for McDonalds

Are you an amazon certified Alexa skill developer?

Yes, we are an amazon certified Alexa skill developer. We have exhaustive knowledge of using both AWS Lambda and custom server environment to develop robust Alexa skills for your existing platforms.

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