10 Industrial IoT applications in practice from Top companies

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13 Dec 2019

10 Industrial IoT applications

There have been a lot of changes in industrial sectors due to the coming of smart devices. IIoT helps drive in better operational efficiencies, facilitates better connectivity and data analysis. For better monitoring of industrial machines with the use of cloud-based platforms, the use of the latest IIoT applications shall be of immense help. The companies involved in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, energy production, and the like industries are helped from this technology.   

Airbus: scope for intelligent factories

In commercial jetliners, thousands of components are used for better assembly resulting in the huge cost of mistake and therefore using the Industrial IoT Applications will be helpful. Therefore, to tackle the complexity with ease, Airbus has come up with digital manufacturing items that are called Factory of the Future that facilities easy operation and boosts production. The company has installed sensors in machines and tools and helps workers with better assistance with wearable technology and industrial smart glasses. These are designed to reduce errors in the functioning that can cost huge loss if not rectified. Here, cabin sear marking is also used that results in improved productivity by reducing the chance of errors.    

Amazon: Reinventing warehousing

The online retail giant has warehousing and logistics services, and this is an important application among the Industrial IoT Applications. Here, human-machine collaboration is identified. The company has thought about using drones for the delivery of products that have caught the media’s attention. In addition, the company uses Wifi connected Kiva robots. In the Kiva technology, it uses effective sensors so that the robots can locate the product and bring them to the employees when they have to search for the items from the shelves.   

Bosch: Track innovator 

Dating back to 2015, Bosch has launched innovative track and trace program installed sensors in the tracking programs. This shall help the workers to track products quickly. The workers could work with cordless nutrunner making their task an easy one. As a result of this, tracking becomes an easy affair. Thus, the company plans to use the program for better assembly operations. 


Among the Industrial IoT Applications, this application can be considered as an IIoT pioneer. By suitable investment in IoT technology, it makes functioning at every level an easy one. With suitable integration of IoT applications and augmented reality applications, it is possible to get better results. It helps from the fuel level to the air filtration level. When an old filter expires, with the help of the AR application, it can help to replace the filters. 


For looking for suitable Industrial IoT Apps, Hitachi offers a suitable IIoT approach for better results. This company stands out from other companies in terms of the suitable integration and implementation of the latest information technology. In the field of IoT technology, Hitachi works independently. With an excellent IoT platform to work on, the company produces quality products. In addition to this, the company has developed an IoT based production model that helps in better manufacturing of quality infrastructure for electricity, steel manufacturing, and several other industries. 


When looking for better Industrial IoT solutions, robotics special KUKA has come up with an IoT strategy that extends assistance to many factories. It further helped by developing an IoT-enabled factory with plenty of robots that are connected with the private cloud. Here, the plant is capable of producing more than 800 vehicles in a single day. 

Innovative changes in the mining industry – Komatsu  

Considering better Industrial IoT solutions, Komatsu has resulted in innovative changes in mining and heavy industry. The company has many IIoT innovations after it started in 2011. In addition, it has deployed many connected technologies that enable better production facilities. The company has linked Komatsu with the benefits of the internet that help managers handle international operations better in a quick time. The company is aiming to use innovative techniques in the mining industry. The self-driving trucks are seen in Australia that has innovative IIoT technology installed. This is capable of sending near about 7000 data to the main data center of the company. 

John Deere

John Deere is known for introducing self-driving tractors by deploying latest techniques of the technology of Internet of Things. Also, in using GPS technology, the company is a well-known one. Along with this, it is known that the company also dealt with telematics technology for better usage of maintenance applications.


Gehring technology is a famous company that hones metal embracing IIoT technology. As of now, the customers using the company products can get access to live data before the orders are placed. This is done by using digital technology through which customers can get real-time information via the machine used. Therefore, it helps to meet customer’s need that offers efficiency of work. in addition, the company also uses cloud-based real-time tracking system that helps reduce the time taken to accomplish the task. By better data analyzing, it is possible to handle the machine tools better. 

Magna Steyr

In the field of automotive manufacturing, this is a renowned name that deals efficiently with smart factories. The company has deployed latest IIoT techniques due to which it is able to track the assets of the company that ranges from tools to different vehicle parts. In addition to this, the company is also trying the use of ‘smart packaging’ system to be used with Bluetooth connectivity. It helps to maintain better track of components that are stored in the warehouses. Even the autonomous vehicles help in ferrying the components from one point to another. For any custom automotive manufacturing service, this company is offering a suitable service for years. Even to guide the employees suitably, it uses wearable technology in the best production of bespoke vehicles. 

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The Closure 

Therefore, with rapid progress in the Industrial Internet of things, it is helping different sectors managing business tasks better. It further results in improved productivity. It is also offering some real-time solutions for easy tracking, handling of products, and managing the like tasks. With suitable integration of innovation with the trends, technological advancement is beneficial for different industrial sectors. For IoT App Development for your Industry/business, please contact Cumulations.

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