Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home – Which Voice Controlled Speaker Is the Best for You

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07 Mar 2018

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home

We have had more than a year of living with speakers controlled by voice commands just as Amazon Echo or Google Home and guess what, we have been using it so far in asking apparently silly questions like asking for a weather forecast or news updates or even asking them to turn off the lights. Also, both the models are equally good at playing music.

Amazon Echo actually has an advantage of having started 2 years before Google Home which eventually, helped it develop an excellent expertise in controlling Smart Home devices. However, it’s certainly one’s priorities that decide the kind of smart speaker that would be the best for one’s home.


Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa Infographic

Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

Understanding the Role of Amazon Alexa

If you are fond of using Smart Home devices or even Amazon Prime much frequently, Amazon’s Alexa platform is the ideal option to go with. As a matter of fact, Amazon Echo is much preferred amongst all other Alexa enabled speakers and even over Google Home because of its exceptional capabilities which comprise supporting a wide range of smart home devices as well as its ability to play popular music with a slightly better sound quality.

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Another massive advantage one has with using Alexa enabled speakers like the Amazon Echo is the fact that Alexa has a growing list of skills which is somewhere around 15000 by now and it continues to add even more to it. Some of the stunning skills it offers include ordering pizza, reading recipes or calling an Uber. There’s no denying the fact that one may find all Alexa-skills equally useful but the Echo is undoubtedly doing a lot better than the Google Home.

Furthermore, the Echo is constantly improving as Amazon continues to add more skills to it even there are so many Alexa skill development companies are there who are doing the same thing. Besides the standard model Echo, Amazon offers several other Alexa enabled smart speakers like the smaller Echo Dot which can be connected to another high-quality speaker system; the Echo Plus with a Zigbee smart-home hub; the Echo Tap which is quite portable; the video-enabled Echo show; the Echo Spot and last but not the least, the Echo Look.

Understanding the Role of Google Home

Google Home can be useful to a massive extent when it comes to Google search, checking calendars, setting and managing reminders in Google keep, reporting traffic conditions using Maps’ data. Most importantly, it can be used with multiple Google accounts as it has an exceptional ability to differentiate users by their voice.

If we consider the kind of tasks it can accomplish, it’s certainly simple tasks. It can provide you with slightly detailed answers than Alexa. However, adding events to the calendar is unnecessarily complex. Despite the fact that Google Home has the ability to understand two commands at a time, it’s still lagging behind Alexa in terms of skills when it comes to controlling Smart Home devices.

However, it has an unbeatable ability to control Chromecast Audio Multiroom System wherein every single song can be played simultaneously over various synchronized speakers placed in different rooms by simply using voice commands.

Despite the fact, Alexa has developed similar specialties in the recent past; Chromecast still continues to find its way with an excellent track record.

Google Home Mini is quite a budget-oriented voice assistant controlled speaker while Google Home Max is the upgraded version.

Why Get a Voice Controlled Speaker?

Unlike traditional speakers, the voice-controlled speakers are excellent device controllers and shopping tools. The voice-controlled speakers are certainly a big deal for the music lovers as now; they can have their favorite music surround them 24X7 without the hassle of using a Smartphone to select channels or playlists. All you have to do is just use a voice command to instruct as to what you what it to play for you and it right away plays it. How difficult is that?

However, the sound quality of these speakers may not be as good as regular speakers that can be bought for the same price but it all depends on your actual needs. If sound quality is all you care for, regular speakers will be an ideal choice and if a smart voice assistant to control various smart devices is what you are actually looking for, voice-controlled speakers can certainly serve you to a very large extent.

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Answering simple search queries, creating a shopping list, setting alarms and timers, playing favorite music and controlling smart home devices are some the tasks executed by a voice-controlled speaker. Needless to mention, there’s a sky-high among the companies in this field and also, third-party companies like Sonos are planning to develop fully cross-platform smart speakers. From the customers’ perspective, it’s absolutely important to understand what their actual needs are pertaining to voice-controlled speakers and that way, one can get the best speaker for oneself.

Final Piece Of Advice

As suggested at the beginning of this post, knowing your priorities can actually help you in choosing the best voice-controlled speakers. If you want to make your lives incredibly convenient with Smart Home devices and want to take it a step further, Alexa is certainly the best option for you and can help you to a massive extent in controlling these devices with the greatest ease by simply using voice commands.

Try to visualize it and see how much convenient and luxuries things are going to be with such a combination of Smart Home Devices with Alexa. Even if you are a music lover and want to surrounded by music almost all the time, buying an Alexa enabled speaker will certainly be the right thing to do.

However, if you are a big fan of productivity and are fond of using tools like Google keep, Google search, Google Docs and more, buying a Google Home enabled speaker will surely worth it. Also, if you want to control your Chromecast Audio Multiroom System with voice commands, Google Home is undoubtedly the best option.

Google Home VS Amazon Alexa Comparision Video

So, don’t be in a hurry; take your time in comprehending as to what your actual needs are in regards to a Voice assistant and then, take a decision. For Alexa Skill Development / Google Home Action Development for your business, contact Cumulations.