Cumulations Adopts Swift for iOS App Development

Team Cumulations

29 Jun 2017

Cumulations Adopts Swift for iOS App Development

Developing iOS apps is so different from developing Android apps. Cumulations has always been popular for the delivery of consistent and smooth running iOS applications. Apple’s benchmarks are tougher to live up to and apps that can excel these would be the ones that can perform well in the long run.

The secret behind the great iOS apps developed by the company is the dedicated team that strives to incorporate the latest tools and technology in creating the best user-centric apps. And one other benefit with Cumulations is the use of Swift for the development of iOS apps.

Benefits of using Swift for iOS app development:

Be it for OSX or for iOS apps, Objective C is one of the main choices for iOS app development. But then once Apple introduced Swift compensating all the limitations of Objective C it was an instant hit among the developers. Though Objective C is great for iOS apps, Swift has been found to add some more benefits and extra features. These benefits include enhanced safety and memory management. Apps developed with Swift would also be future-ready as this is a platform that is quickly gaining momentum.

1. Lower dependencies:

The easier maintenance of Swift is associated with the lower dependencies it comes with. Objective-C is an evolved version of C and thus comes with a lot of similarities with C. Swift doesn’t require developers to create and maintain implementation and header files. There is a single .swift code file which has to be created. The single Swift code file would be sufficient to enhance the efficiency.

2. Easier syntax:

The lucidity of the Swift syntax is definitely the one feature that sets it apart. This also results in the brevity of the Swift code. The easy readability of the Swift codes is something that needs no introduction. This also makes Swift codes easier to write. As a result understanding the code file and finding errors. Function calls are also simpler. This is why Swift developers get to focus on easily figuring out the vulnerable areas. Also, Swift, as a language is easier to adapt for those who have been using Objective-C.

3. Lower chances of app crashes:

Longer codes are tougher to comprehend. This makes them more prone to app crashes. It makes it difficult to find the area that caused the crash as well. With the shorter app codes in Swift, developing crash free apps becomes simpler.

4. Incorporates app security:

App security is not just an additional benefit but an essential feature in today’s marketplace. App Development that doesn’t crash is important. Equally important is an app that delivers a stable operation. Reducing app vulnerabilities would also ensure app security. And a shorter code would mean that there are lower chances of errors.

5. Better Chance to Be Featured in the App Store:

Apple often features apps that use their latest technologies and follow their best practices and trends. It is a great way to promote their products, but it is also a good opportunity for you to hit the App Store charts. Keep in mind that it is not a guaranteed way to succeed. What matters most is the quality of your product, not just the tech stack you choose.

6. MVP development:

Swift is perfect for the fast and lean development of a minimum viable product.

7. Enterprise Apps:

Supported by IBM, the Swift enterprise ecosystem continues to grow, which offers a lot of opportunities for building business-oriented apps.

8. Apps with cross-device support:

If you are planning to further expand your app reach by porting it to Apple Watch or Apple TV, Swift could be a great choice, as it provides 100% native hardware support out of the box.

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Besides these Swift apps are known for their speed in running app logic. With the language’s support for dynamic libraries, all the Swift based apps would be able to connect with newer revisions. Given that there are several apps in the marketplace and the number is continuously increasing, ensuring that your app is fast is essential. Apps generally tend to slow down if you add more features. With the longer execution times of some of the programming languages, the speed of the app also reduces. Swift overcomes this limitation. More features for the app can also be integrated without increasing the code length a great deal.

Cumulation’s Advantage:

With Swift at the core of the app development, Cumulations has continued to deliver faster and more responsive apps. Consistency is another distinguishable feature. As Swift remains one of the most reliable programming languages, building an app with Swift is what makes the apps developed by Cumulations ready for the future. Swift also makes cross-platform performance easier. Swift makes it easy to develop apps for all of Apple devices. This also makes it possible for app developers to develop apps that can tap all the feature of Apple hardware.

Swift continues to remain a popular choice for those developing apps with MVP features, as well as for those apps that have to perform consistently across various platforms. With the reliability factor integrated with Swift, Cumulations offers the best apps in terms of user experience.

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