17 Flutter Apps You Never Knew Existed

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22 Apr 2019

17 Flutter Apps You Never Knew Existed

The Hybrid/Cross-Platform app development platforms like Flutter are a favorite of the developer community. The usability of the code on different platforms saves time, reduces errors, lowers costs, and all updates can also be rolled at once.

The open-source app development framework Flutter (uses languages including C++ and Dart) is an initiative of Google. The built-in widgets provide for easy building of user interface on Flutter. Because it has its own engine for drawing the widgets, it does not rely on the OEM widgets or WebView.

Hot reloading also provides for faster development. No compiling of the app is required for you to preview the changes in the codes. Among other benefits like building up robust UI, Flutter also provides for experimentation and fast fixing of bugs.

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Simply put, Flutter apps do not compromise. The platform is used by established businesses as well as startups. Some of the most known and used apps of the world including Alibaba and Google ads, among others, run on the Flutter platform. But there are also many other flutter apps that are based on dart and Flutter and provide a world-class user experience.

Here are some of the best Flutter apps

Many of these might not be known to you that reveals the exemplary potential of the framework to build top quality flutter apps in various categories.

1. InKino

The multi-platform application InKino is based on the Dart language. It has a 40% sharing between the web and Flutter. Both IOS and Android versions have a single code base, for the entertainment app. The app uses an Angular dart for its development and is a progressive app. The application has commendable offline behavior as well, uses the transition images, and has a redux setup. It is a great app for the Finnkino cinemas and movie shows.

2. Toughest

The app has different questions and brain exercises. The primary application and goal of the app is to prepare individuals/job aspirants for interviews. The questions and answers have been divided into different categories. This provides for ease of use. If you dig deeper, you will find that more than 90% of all the interview questions are covered by the app. It has many different features as well that are unique and innovative and enhance the usefulness of the app.

  • A wide range of topics and question categories. Some of these include communicational, behavioral, brainteasers, performance-related, and opinion based among other categories.
  • The questions can also be shared with friends and acquaintances
  • You can also test the IQ score of your friends.
  • Different categories of questions so that different kinds of behavior abilities can be checked for a wide range of areas.

The user interface is commendable in the app and you can experience the unique animations in the Toughest.

3. You

If you are searching for the app on Google Play Store, search for the name “You-What internet knows about you”. The app is also connected through a website, albeit a demo one. You can see there how data tracking actually happens.

It is a great app that anybody can use to control and access data. The data that Google, Twitter, and Facebook store about you can be easily downloaded through the app.

You can use the app to remotely delete the data or you can also ring your phone remotely by using it. The app is a good security measure that you can use to safeguard your data in case the phone gets stolen or lost.

4. Trinity College Orientation App

The Trinity College (University of Toronto) Orientation app is for the first-year students of the college, and more specifically for the orientation week.

The companion app has a number of likable features. It offers the users map to know exactly where they are and need to go. It has a full display of the events of the week, apart from the question and answer center. It also has a full-fledged information center, while the “trinspace” feature provides for the sharing of images and photos.

5. Platypus Crypto

The app is for tracking the cryptocurrency assets and is quite robust and high performing. It can run on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, and is devoid of ads. The interface offers information on market caps and current prices, and also has the 7-day graph (real-time).

It supports 32 different fiat currencies and has the search, research, and sort functionalities and features. It is a great way to check your cryptocurrency assets from anywhere, anytime, or while moving. The app will be liked by both power and casual users and provides the user’s information on more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. It is also customizable.

For instance, you can remove the graphs and enjoy a compact and sophisticated feel. The app has been written in Dart and has the MVK design.

6. Weight Tracker

Being overweight and obese is now a common health issue. The Flutter app WeightTracker helps all to maintain the weight or even lose it. The app keeps you on track of your weight loss goals, and provides for Constant and anytime monitoring. It keeps the record of weight according to the date.

The app also shows you the graphical representation of your progress, which may keep you motivated. You can enter any number of weight entries every day or can adjust the number of days, in the view section. The simplicity of the app and its accuracy are the best aspects.

7. KlasterMe

The app is a one-stop destination to create and share digital content (like articles and images). Users can browse the new user interface and can create a page of themselves easily on the KlasterMe app. They become popular in the community when they share and create their own page and display unique and fresh content on it.

The best part of the app is that it supports a wide range of content types. These include videos, polls, blogs, articles, photos, contents, forums, and many others. The initial project that supports polls, content, and images has been already rolled out. The full version of the app will be on the Google play store by the year 2020.

8. SpaceX Go

The app has information on vehicle launches and offers delightful singled-handed user experience. Google’s Material Design framework brings to the app and elegant, light, and clean design.

One can see all the upcoming and past launches. The catalog offers information about the different capsules, rockets, and ships that Space X (the private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation service) has developed in the past years. The app also has the ship tracking feature through which the status of active ships can be tracked.

You can also get info on the capsule and core launches of the company. The app is not affiliated to SpaceX though in any way and is an open-source app development project.

9. Beer Me Up

The Beer Me Up application has been made on Flutter. It is a personal app, where you can record your beer consumption. You can build a profile where the different kinds of beers you consume are listed, according to their names. The app user will get points when he/she consumes a new beer.

You can easily know where you consumed the beer and therefore can enjoy the better tastes again without forgetting them. There are also other statistics that make your beer-drinking more enjoyable. Because you can track alcohol consumption easily, the app helps you to be in your limits and not consume beer excessively.

10. Cinematic

The Cinematic app (Cine Flutter- Cinematic in Flutter) is the Flutter version of the app Cinematic. It was created and designed to explore the capabilities of the framework Flutter towards creating simple apps. Flutter has again provided for a simple and native app that is powerful but can also be used easily.

The latest and hottest movies are there on the app and you can also favorite them. Know more about your newest movies and TV shows, get a brief description of them, and also collect other details like the budget and revenue, ratings, and other aspects.

11. Reflectly

Reflectly, the lifestyle app was first built on React Native, which is also an across-platform framework for developing apps. While its iOS version was good, the developers were not satisfied with the performance of the Android version. Flutter was then chosen and provided for best results in areas including display and user interface, among others.

Reflectly is mindfulness and personal digital journal and app. The app also uses artificial intelligence and can help users create stories. It asks the users a personalized set of questions every day so that the users can reflect on their day. The questions may also be changed.

There are also advanced statistics present while one can unlock certain personal and actionable insights. The interface is very beautiful and helps one go through the day once again, analyze it, and use the insights for making the next day better.

12. Birch Finance

Birch Finance is a financial app that helps you manage your existing credit cards better. It is a great way to get the maximum rewards and the app also selects for you the best card for the best bargain. The app may also give you suggestions on the basis of your credit card behavior. It also tracks the various spending that occurs across your different accounts. It may suggest you even more ways to get rewarded and to earn and get your rewards redeemed.

13. Hamilton Musical

The Hamilton app is one of the most popular Broadway shows. Hamilton was developed and launched in a mere 3 months, by using Flutter. The app features the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play Store. More than half-a-million people are active users of the app.

It can be used to enter the ticket lottery, take selfies, play trivia, and even for purchasing merchandise as well. The interviews and relevant and related news are also a big attraction for the fans. The framework was chosen by the app developers as it offered a smaller time frame and better portability.

14. Hookle

Hookle is a new social app, which is also built by using Flutter. It is for using as well as managing the different social media accounts under one app and umbrella. The app also provides for monitoring of social activity. Other features of the Hookle app include:

  • Customization of posts for the different social media channels.
  • Monitoring all the activities on different social media swiftly and through a single glance.
  • The composition as well as posting of different kinds of content in the different social media.

Flutter has provided for a very simple and useful app that removes the complicated tools and those that can hinder creativity. Apart from individual users, small businesses can also use the app for business benefits.

15. SG Bus Tracker

The app is useful for those in Singapore who use buses for daily or other commutes and travels. You can find out all the nearby bus stands/stops through a single glance. The buses that service these bus stations or stops include the Tower buses, Go Ahead, SMRT, add and the SGS buses.

The bus travel app also shows the availability of seats including the Red (limited standing). Yellow (available standing), and the Green (available) seat codes. Maps and Navigation have been simplified by the use of Flutter and the app is very convenient and easy to use.

16. Watermaniac

We all know that drinking the optimum amount of water every day is important. Watermaniac is a very innovative and creative app in the health and fitness category. Users can enter and track the amount of water they drink through the app. One can also set the water drinking limit for each day and also create a history of drinks consumed.

The app shows notifications on the screen to remind the users as to when they need to consume water. You can also time the notifications so that they do not disturb you at odd hours. Because the water consumption level may vary for people of different ages and gender, the app provides for personalization. Therefore, you can also set the water drinking goals according to your age and gender.

17. Pairing (for Singles)

Pairing is a matchmaking and dating social app available on the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play Store. It is one of the most intuitive and simple apps to find the most meaningful relationships. You may also help your friends with the app and help them settle better. There is nothing casual about Pairing.

The app takes matchmaking and safety quite seriously and stresses on building long term and meaningful relationships. The singles who want a match get exposed to do a large number of potential matches. Dating is safer because the connections and matches are made through the real-life community of the users.

The app also overcomes harassment, spam, fake accounts, and other disadvantages associated with dating apps with the right set of features. It also has a chat feature and can indulge in an extended search as well.

Final Words on Flutter Apps

The Flutter apps are making their mark, offer robust performance, and provide for good and likable user interfaces. We may see many more improvements in the coming time, as businesses and others get interested in this highly robust and performance-oriented hybrid app development framework.

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