How Mobile Advertising Will Evolve in 2017

Team Cumulations

08 Aug 2017

How Mobile Advertising Will Evolve in 2017

In the recent years, we witnessed the explosive growth of the digital marketing industry. Businesses now invest more than half the share of the total digital marketing capital on mobile ads. The marketing trends indicate that this trend is going to continue and in the next few years more and more businesses would continue to invest more in mobile ads. From bidding adieu to flash ads, keeping in mind the ad blockers to tapping the potential of influencer marketing there are many other strategies to frame to stay ahead.

Ad blockers pose a serious threat:

Digital advertising done right would benefit businesses. But some marketers overdo it. This is what increases the need for ad blockers. People don’t hate all ads. Bad ads are the ones that actually cause the trouble. Mobile ad blockers are now a predominant thing. These come as big hindrances for the digital marketers. Delving deep into the issue we can understand that the only way out of this is to address the core issue. The core issue being, the presence of what customers consider “bad” ads. So what exactly makes an ad “bad”?

Irrelevant ads can be annoying

An ad that is too flashy

An ad that occurs too often

An ad that covers content

A sticky pop up that is too distracting.

Basically, any ad that dampens the overall user experience can be a big turn-off. The coming year would see major steps to put an end to these bad ads. This would help reduce the need for ad blockers.

Bye-Bye flashy flash ads:

Flash ads were in trend in the past. But now more and more mobile ad designers are moving to HTML5. Flash ads are, well, flashy. This might have appeared catchy earlier. But now with the better resolution on the smartphone displays and with smoother and sleeker websites, it makes sense to make ads that look better too. Ditching the old “flash” formula, ad makers are now making ads that look crisper and come with better attention to the details.

Hello Influencer Marketing:

We keep talking about mobile ads as important mobile marketing channels. Though this is true, to spice things up a bit one should always imbibe all the latest trends in the mobile ads strategy. A simple factor like where you place your ad would make a big impact. This is where influencer marketing comes in. Besides the normal mobile ads marketers now also concentrate on using influencers to push their business.

The Age of Programmatic Advertising:

One major observation in the evolution of mobile ads is the growth of programmatic advertising.This is a trend that has influenced digital marketing remarkably. Programmatic buying of ads, as the name indicates uses programs or software to buy space for advertising. This would set aside the normal ad buying procedures. But one main factor to remember here is that programmatic advertising is not the same in the mobile marketing segment. This method mainly involves the accumulation of cookies to collect data. The data is then analyzed to figure out the right advertising spaces. But the “cookie” factor makes it difficult to follow programmatic advertising in mobile marketing. There is extensive work being carried out in this sector.

Intelligent Ad Bots:

AI or artificial intelligence has percolated into every known industry. Marketing is no exception to this. AI systems are becoming more relevant to the need of the hour. This is mainly because one of the main necessities is to make relevant ads with content that customers really like. Customers like relevant ads. In fact, it results in a lot of upselling and crosses selling funnels. This is because these ads often remind customers about deals and promotions that they might have missed out. This can also help tackle cart abandonment. AI systems can help track customer behavior. This helps it to understand customer preferences. It would also result in finally creating more relevant ads. The ads would not just be relevant in terms of the content but also in terms of where they are placed.

There are a lot more ways in which mobile ads are changing. Ad designers no more have to confine themselves to making stationary banners. Interactive videos are also gaining momentum. Accommodating the paradigm shift, ad designers are now creating ads that are more acceptable. This would tremendously improve the returns on the investment on mobile ads.