How to build a React progressive web application?


15 Apr 2022

Previously web application theory was not accepted by most people all over the world. They were not ready to show interest in the different web apps. Later on, the technology giants like Microsoft and Google prepared themselves to develop progressive web apps. That is the point when different companies started to take the idea seriously to build an online presence by using a web application. After that, different companies all across the globe started using progressive web applications to build their reputation in the technological market. In this article, we are going to talk about different aspects of progressive web applications and how to build a React progressive web application by hiring a web app development company in India.

What is a progressive web application?


A progressive application is nothing but a particular application installed in your system without building a full-fledged native app. You can find a lot of web applications online and you can use them without even installing a separate app on your computer just like Pinterest. It is a cross-platform app that is much easier to handle, cheaper to develop, and faster to use than any other application available in the market. These apps have a few functionalities with you won’t get on any regular website. These web applications will be able to send you to push notifications, include your offline work, and can access your microphone and camera along with your geolocation. So clearly, a progressive web application can act as an app without even using an actual mobile application. You will require a lot of tools along with frameworks to build this type of application by hiring a mobile app development company in India. They will be able to build it in such a way that you can get your job done easily.


A progressive web application can be installed by using a simple ‘add to home screen’ feature on smartphones or just installing from the address bar for desktop users. So installing a progressive web app is quite easy if you know the correct way to do it.

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What are the technologies involved in a progressive web application?


There are a few technologies is which are used to develop a web application with the help of a mobile app development company in Bangalore. Those web technologies are discussed below.


Service worker


It is a particular code that your browser will process in the backend so that it can enable different offline work for the web application you are using. It can handle the network request and also become the intermediate between the network and your browser. It can use the cache files to provide a seamless experience to the users. It also helps to reduce the load and minimize the data traffic in your web app.


Web manifests


It is a JSON file that is used to make the interface of the progressive web application. It is the code that is required to determine the way the application will behave. It includes the name and description of the app, the styling of the app and also the resources used in it. These are generally installed on the home screen of the device. There are a few browsers that support this manifest.


Application shell


The application shell is used to ensure that the web app can become instant and reliable and give good output to the users. It is used to enhance the experience of the app so that it can repeat the visiting time of any user to the progressive wave application.




It is used to secure the user data and also encrypt them so that it can be safe from phishing. So if you want to build an application that should be secure and keep the data safe then using this code is very important to build a progressive web app.

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Why should we choose to build a React progressive web application?


React is a library that is open source to everyone specially made for JavaScript. It is used to build a user interface so that it can be scalable, simple, and fast. That is the reason why React is being used all over the world by so many developer companies to build progressive web apps. It is used when the web application is to be extensible and large. Whenever you will use React, your web app will run in the backend and you can also edit it as per your requirement. There are some other advantages of using React as the base of the progressive web application development process.


High power


React is used to create a scalable and fast app and it can avoid most performance issues. Whenever we work with JavaScript to build an app, there are some issues based on document object model manipulation. The document object model is the structure of any webpage and it allows the different programming languages to have an interaction with the website. So React uses the document object model to make different changes in the user interface to enhance the experience.


Easy to learn


You can learn React quite easily and use it to develop a progressive web app very easily. So if you compare it with angular JS or ember JS then you will be able to see that React is much easier than any other framework. It mostly supports all the syntax extensions which are used to write JavaScript codes to build a progressive web application.


Well equipped tools


You will get many libraries and developer tools if you use React to build your progressive web application. So if you want to design your website easily and debug it while testing then React can help you out with the situation. Most of the time, the tools present in React package will help you to boost your development procedure.


SEO friendly


Nowadays search engine optimization is needed to help websites be found easily in the search engines. If you use React then it will be quite easy for you to build a progressive web app that is SEO friendly.


Community backed services


You will find an open-source repository of React on Github and that is why you can get all your queries answered in the open-source forum. This is another reason why the developers use React to build a progressive web app in the present time.


How to use React to build a progressive web application?


There are a few steps that are involved in the whole process of building a progressive application by using React. In this section, we are going to talk about those steps which will help you to build a progressive application easily.


Set up the React app


At first, you have to set up a very basic React app so that you can work further to create a full-fledged progressive web application. You will need to use the JavaScript functionality with some build-in webpack. So you won’t have to worry about the transpiring or bundling method because you won’t have to ship your app to any other browser.


Register a proper service worker


You have to do the registration of a service worker so that you can configure the auto-generated file to create a progressive web application by using React. You have to find a set of codes and then you have to change the code from unregistering to register so that you can see a registered service worker.


Configure the manifest


Now is the time to configure the web manifest with the help of a mobile app development company in India so that you can create the user interface of the progressive web app. Here also you will need to manipulate a few codes and give the proper names to the website including the name, icon, display, URL, and many other interface-related parameters.


Test the progressive web app


After you are done with the development of a progressive web app with the help of a web app development company in India, you have to test the application to ensure that it is performing well when it will get launched in the market.


These are the basic steps you will have to follow if you want to build a progressive web app with the help of React. Once you understand all the steps, it will be a cakewalk for you to continue with the development process and launch it to the market.

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These are the basic information about building a progressive web app by using React with the help of a mobile app development company in Bangalore. You should always be hiring an expert if you want to make sure that you build the perfect app to give maximum output in terms of performance. For this purpose, you can read several reviews online about the companies out there to make sure that you choose the best one to create your web app. Once you are done making these decisions, it will not be a very tough job for you to build the final app and launch it to the market. If we talk about the advanced usage of this type of app then, first of all, it helps us to add shortcuts to our browser. Other than that, you can create an API integration model which will help you to share links, files, and texts.