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Top 10 IDEs for Android app development projects in 2023


05 Jul 2023

IDEs for Android app development

Let’s look into some IDEs for Android app development. In the current year, mobile apps are going to generate around $935 billion in total revenue. And with more than 2.80 million apps available to download on the Google Play Store, it’s a sign that people are getting addicted to mobile apps. Hence, the scope of app development is never going to end.

If you want to start working on an Android app development project or establish a new mobile app development company in Bangalore, here are some of the best IDEs to choose from. Let’s have a look at the latest IDEs with upgraded functionalities.


Android Studio – first IDEs for Android app development

 IDEs for Android app development

At the top comes the name “Android Studio because it is rich with strong capabilities that aid developers in building apps faster and more conveniently.


This IDE has Gradle support, a visual layout editor, a vector asset studio, real-time profilers, a device manager, a version controller, etc.


All these functionalities make Android Studio the best choice for Android app developers. In fact, every Android mobile app development company in India is utilizing it to meet the needs of its customers.


If you love to code using Kotlin, C++, and Java languages, then no other IDE would be better than Android Studio.


Visual Studio


Visual Studio by Xamarin is another open-source Android IDE that we just love using for small to high-end app projects.


You can use it for building native Android apps, but you can also create apps for iOS, TVOS, watchOS, macOS, and much more. However, this IDE is mostly suitable for developers who rely on the C# language to build apps.


If you were looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Android Studio, this IDE would be the best option ever.



Ever walk through the Eclipse IDE? If you haven’t tried it, do it today. We used it and were highly fascinated with the interface at first. The user interface is easy to understand, and it seems like developers have worked a lot on keeping it lightweight for the end user


It was first developed for Java programming only, but now there is support for C/C++, Python, COBOL, and many other apps. What we love the most about this IDE is the customization option. Some of the best features of the Eclipse IDE include the auto-doc feature.

4ththe inbuilt console, dark mode, etc. Go for it if you are planning to work on a large-scale app development project.


IntelliJ IDEA

Developed by JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA carries an attractive interface and the potential to develop enterprise-scale applications with no hassle. You can build powerful Android apps using some of its features, like smart code completion, inspection, quick fixes, error analysis, in-depth coding help, and much more.


Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is one of the best Android IDEs, and not just because it’s open source. It provides the support needed to build apps using dynamic programming languages.

In addition, the app has all the features that you have ever dreamed of having in an Android application development IDE.

With the integration of the command-line interface, your work will be simplified and streamlined so that you can develop apps faster and more easily. What makes this unique is its cross-platform and DOM (document object model) viewer support.



Cordova serves as the framework for developing cross-platform apps with standard web technologies. Earlier, it was known as PhoneGap, as it provided developers the freedom to work using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But it’s not for someone who has no experience with Android Studio because you will need to install it to work further on your app project.



If you want to create your own gaming app for Android, go for AIDE by Google. This is a fully-featured app known for the development of Java console apps. You can get real-time access to layouts, and this is updated with every change. Additionally, Google services can be easily integrated with Android apps, along with cross-platform support and redundancy.



NetBeans, an open-source app development IDE, was repeated and developed by Sun Microsystems in 2000. Since then, the user base has kept growing, and it has now become one of the most widely used IDEs around the world.

In terms of testing and debugging, it has no match in the Android app development industry. All the functions are easy to use, and navigation seems like a hassle.



CppDroid is a simple and easiest-to-use IDE that is best for someone who has mastered the C/C++ programming language. If you want to develop a large-scale Android app, then nothing is better than this IDE. The end users will find it very easy to work with the tool, as it offers an intuitive interface that makes the application suitable for both beginners and advanced users.



B4A, or Basic4Android, is a free Android development IDE. It amazes us with all its capabilities. You can use it to rapidly build native applications. It’s pretty easy to grasp the functionality of this IDE. Moreover, the online community is large enough that you can get help instantly.

This IDE even supports the creation of games, so you are going to love it anyway. It also offers compatibility with external libraries while reusing Java code. However, remember that B4A is based on object- and event-driven languages.



Software development is one of the most exciting career options available today. It helps you to be your own boss, work from your comfort zone, and keep learning something new.

This industry keeps getting upgraded with the launch of new technologies. So it’s high time to jump on board and start working on Android app development projects. We know it will be tough to select the right software for yourself.

Choose any of the above IDEs to begin. Even if you are looking to invest in an app development project as an Android / iOS mobile app development company, we would recommend Android Studio. Alternatives are great too, but pick whatever feels convenient for you.