Top 5 Merits and Demerits of iOS 11

Team Cumulations

12 Feb 2018

Top 5 Merits and Demerits of iOS 11

Apple is known to be an innovative company for decades. iOS 11 has been released recently fastening the technology of the future. It packs loads of new features, claims ultimate performance and promises to give an excellent user experience. Being a new software, it has some bugs and gaps which users may not like.

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But new technologies often take time to refine and find its place in the market. Meanwhile, iOS app development companies are racing ahead to create compelling mobile applications taking advantage of the features. Here we see the top 5 merits and demerits of iOS 11 to know in depth about what it has to offer.

Let’s Have a Look at The Top 5 Merits of iOS 11

1) Siri is awesome

If you want a single reason to buy a new iPhone, that would be Siri. The personal assistant has taken the AI revolution to a new level. Apart from answering your questions, setting calendar meetings, alarms, etc., Siri now has access to third-party apps. It means that you don’t need to login to Uber to book a taxi, mobile wallets to pay someone. Just tell Siri, she will do it for you.

2) Home kit is here

The age of smart home is here. iOS 11 extends support to Apple home kit using which lots of exciting apps for controlling home appliances can be developed. It enables the user to manage speakers. It can even support connection to multiple speakers and play numerous songs simultaneously. Multiroom audio can be supported by AirPlay 2. From iOS 11 you can play a music track on Apple TV.

3) Revamped Apple music and  Apple store

iOS 11 has brought with it, new features for Apple store and Apple music. Go social is the theme behind the update. In Apple music, You can view the music tracks your friends are listening to. You can create your profile and follow people. It has become smarter and quickly adapts the user’s taste.

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It shuffles and plays songs that the user will like and it is pretty good at it. In the case of App store, a Today tab is available when you open the app. It gives you a list of trending new apps, the game of the day and in-depth reviews and ratings about the apps. It also stores your app history.

4) Great Augmented Reality experience

The latest iPhone will stoke jealousy from all other smartphones because of Augmented Reality feature. iOS 11 has extended support of ARkit which enables the users to have lots of AR applications. For Example, Pokémon Go has become a viral AR app giving the users a truly unique experience. iOS 11 has ignited the Augmented Reality revolution in a big way.

5) Better photo organization

iOS 11 launches a new feature Memories which can identify and categorize photos based on events such as anniversary, parties, hangouts, childhood memories, etc. it can also rank the best pictures and videos. It also has several fun features like taking live photos and automatically trimming them and integrate them into loops. It can even frame and rewind the images. The already high capacity photo capturing features have got a new boost with HEVC video recording (High-Efficiency Video Coding). And the most exciting thing is that it consumes less memory than before. This OS supports HEIF format for pictures which gives better compression.

Let’s Have a Look at The Top 5 Demerits of iOS 11

1) It supports only 64-bit apps

64-bit apps work faster and give a high performance. It also boosts user security. iOS 11 supports  64-bit apps, not 32-bit apps. Since the app industry is not yet evolved for 64-bit architectures, you may not be able to find some of the apps which you have used in previous iOS versions. New third-party apps integration is also not settled completely. It will take some time until things get sorted out.

2) It does not support previous iPhones

iOS 10 supports smartphones ranging from iPhone 5 onwards. But iOS 11 does not support iPhone 5, 5C and older iPad generations. Users may also face frequent app crashes when they install iOS 11. You would need to upgrade your phone to the latest one to enjoy the new features of this OS.

3) App discovery is not good

While the OS showcases favorite apps, the user interface is not optimized for automatic app discovery. Less famous but useful apps are not shown on the main screen. The user would have to spend the time to search and find the same.

4) No third party integration

For unknown reasons, iOS 11 does not support Facebook and Twitter integration. Third-party apps are restricted from storing the user credentials for logging in. It makes the app experience cumbersome, as today people spend more time on social media sharing or using these apps.

5) Device crashes

Since this is a new version, there are lots of bugs that causes apps to crash, and sometimes reboots the phone on its own. With subsequent releases, we can expect that the OS will get better and bugs will be fixed faster. There are also compatibility issues emerging with third-party apps which may get resolved over a period. If you want to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10, you risk losing your device data.


Overall the cons of iOS 11 are few. It packs a ton of features that the user has never dreamed of. It is one of the best OS in recent times. Although there are a few glitches here and there, an end user can expect top-notch performance from this OS.