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IOS app Development journey | CD ONE price cleaners


07 Sep 2021

IOS app development

Let’s look into the IOS app Development journey of CD ONE price cleaners.

CDOne is a laundry service provider based in the USA. The company had a pickup and delivery application where the user can request for service to be done or can also subscribe to one of their weekly or monthly subscription plan. Then the assigned delivery person would pick the laundry and deliver it after it was cleaned. 

Even though this was convenient the in-store laundry service was still manual so the company wanted to implement the convenience similar to that of the pickup and delivery service for in-store laundry orders too. This would mean user account creation and getting the order details should be completely handled by the in-store application. So the application was designed like a kiosk application where the user can input their personal details and also get the details of their in-store order just by inputting their phone number.

But one of the challenges was to get the user payment details, in order to make the account creation for the user hassle-free a card reader was connected along with the actual application, so the user just had to swipe his credit card in the card reader on prompt and the user’s payment details would be fetched.

Now every time a new user enters the store he has to enter his personal details which are required for account creation and in order to provide the payment details he would just swipe his credit card. In case the user wants to enter his card details manually he could do that too which would cancel the reader prompt for the card and a manual entry form would come up where he could enter the card details manually.

The user then would place the order by placing his laundry in one of the lockers in the store. Once the user places the order he could look up all his previous orders just by entering his phone number which would display all his previous orders along with the locker in which it has been stored. The assigned person would then fetch the laundry for cleaning and place it back in the locker once cleaned. So the next time the user comes in to pick up his orders he would just

lookup the order in the kiosk app and just pick it up from his locker.


Features included in IOS app Development


The application has a home screen where he can choose to look up his previous order if in case he wants to pick up his orders or if it is a new user then he can choose to create a new account.


The user can also check the FAQ screen from the home screen which would display the frequently asked questions about placing the in-store order.


The user can get the working of the locker-based in-store order system if in case he wants an overview.


In the pickup order screen, the user would enter his phone number and all his previous orders would be displayed on the screen.


For user account creation the user would enter his personal information and a prompt would appear for a credit card swipe which once done by the user would allow the user to select his laundry preferences which would create a new account for the user.

Ios app development


The kiosk application was a native iOS application that used stripe to handle payment-related services. For the POS device stripe terminal was used which would be used to get user credit card information which would also help in integrating the present payment infrastructure for the pickup and delivery. These were the steps we followed for IOS app Development journey for CD ONE price cleaners.


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