Mobile App Development Process for Building a Successful App


12 May 2023

Statista has observed rapid growth of mobile users since 2010. The estimates forecast the rise of mobile users to 7.49 billion by 2025. This great upsurge in the use of mobile applications is leading to their increased development.

However, developing an app is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. It’s also well known that if you want to build a successful app, knowing the ins and outs of the mobile app development process is a must.

You see, successful mobile apps tend to have great features, attractive designs, and user-friendly interfaces. But these are not necessarily the only prerequisites to building such applications. A lot more is there that a mobile app development company in India has to take into account. We are going to reveal all of them in this article.


Ideation Stage

Mobile App Development Process

Before anything, a mobile app development company bangalore tries to get a clear picture of the app and its purpose. An idea can only create value for the users if it solves one of their problems or serves a need. If it can’t do any of them, you can’t expect to build a successful application.

Maybe your idea seems unique to your business, yet you have to research and access the feasibility of the application. And this can be done only when you know about your target audience.

After that, analyze the competitors to understand whether your app is different from their product or not. Eventually, we can sum up the ideation stage in these points:

  • Define the idea
  • Define the purpose
  • Identify the target audience
  • Research the competitor



It’s an important part of the Mobile App Development Process. You know about the audience and what impact your app idea can create in their life. Now is the time of preparing a plan from designing to the delivery of the end product.

For this, you have to discuss with the stakeholders and set a deadline to release the app on time to the target audience.

Remember that a well-designed blueprint will help to manage the tasks that need to be undertaken in an orderly, effective, and efficient way. As a result, achieving the goals of your app will become easier.



Do as planned and start the visualization of the app functionalities. As an Android app development company in India, you need to shape the app design with compelling elements. You have to emphasize on few things such as colors, touch gestures, UI designs, etc. Its user interface should be straightforward and intuitive.

Mobile App Development Process for Building a Successful App

The user experience designer (UX/UI) is responsible for corporate and user value and strives to create successful products for users. This also plays a basic role in the recruitment of potential customers, since UX/UI attracts the user’s attention to a product developed by designers.

Make sure to visualize the layout of your app and place every element in the proper corner. Other than that, your app UI has to be unique and different than your competitor. There are many wireframing applications that you can use to design your app UI. You can try keeping it engaging by adopting some psychology of colors and performing an A/B testing approach.



Once you are done with completing the app design, move to the development process. Start programming the app or use an app development platform. You can do it at your convenience and keep the need of your organization in the mind.
Mobile App Development Process for Building a Successful App 3


For example, many Android and iOS app development companies in India choose Flutter for building cross-platform applications.

The goal is to create the best app so don’t compromise in choosing the right technology.

In case you want to develop it from scratch and code, it will take plenty of time. When the prototype is ready, you can pitch it to the shareholders and investors.

After Mobile App Development Process, Launch the App

When you are done with programming and testing the app, it’s time to release the app in the marketplace.

It’s advised to create the hype of your app first by taking the help of the marketing team. Otherwise, all the time and energy that you have invested in creating the app will go in vain.

We will recommend you release the app in the beta program. This way, you can get feedback from the users and find room for improvement. If any bug or mistake is found, you can immediately notice and fix it.


Test the app to make sure your idea will work correctly. You should eliminate all the errors on your app before publishing it. Nowadays you need to focus more on usability so your users pay attention to that and they can get the maximum of your app by using it easily.

Take care to test how your mobile app works over several mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, desktop). The testers should have some background knowledge about usability, then only it will be easier to keep the app bug free.


Building a successful app using Mobile App Development Process is not sufficient because you also have to monitor the performance too. You have to track the metrics and keep updating the app when required too. There are several different metrics you need to keep an eye on like social shares, number of downloads, etc. Moreover, it’s also necessary to maintain a good balance between negative and positive reviews.


Whether you are the head of a major corporation or the owner of a small business, the thought of having your mobile app can be exhilarating. And while this reality is something that can seem difficult or out of reach, it might not be as distant as you may think.

In fact, many companies want to develop their own mobile app but don’t know where the mobile app development process is.

Some even get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done before the first line of code can be written. Although designing and building an app may feel like an enormous undertaking for some, it doesn’t have to be if they have gone through the above information.


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