Training on Mobile App Made Easy

Praveena Kumara D

10 Jun 2024

Training on Mobile App, made easy

It’s been evident from the trends, our smartphones have been a major source of information for people. Lets know about Training on Mobile App.

Training on Mobile App

We can now use our phones to get connected to people from different continents effortlessly. We can get to know their way of living, understand their practices in various fields and adopt the best ones into our lives. Now with Smartphones, people can open up books on the go and read them, while relaxing on their evening trip back to home.

What makes these phones really powerful is their ability to provide access to the information we need where ever we are. Few entrepreneurial companies like Retail Gurukul have taken full advantage of this capability of the phones and they are on a mission to train retail staff in stores, right from their mobile phones.

Cumulations has been really enthusiastic about this idea and is providing the technical support system needed for Retail Gurukul. Now Retail Gurukul has been successfully launched as a premiere shoe brand in the industry and already adding a lot of value to its ecosystem. Retail Gurukul is also been gearing up to launch itself with a Fashion brand and a top-selling Jewellery brand in the country and we at Cumulations, couldn’t have been happier seeing them sailing through all these.

Being their mobile apps development partner, for us, the technical aspect of pulling out a training module on mobile was interesting, as it demanded to be full of JSON-driven and data synchronizing problems. It also had version maintenance and a flawless measuring system of trainee progress modules.

We wrote a wrapper app on top of Dropbox to maintain the different versions of the materials and have handled the data synchronizing and measurements via a solid cloud-hosted, rest API-driven architecture powered by the flexibility of NoSQL database (Mongo DB) on the backend.

We wish all the best to Retail Gurukul and will look forward to up their game from the technical end as much as possible.