Convert your WordPress Website into React Native Mobile App


19 Oct 2021

React Native Mobile App

Sometimes it is a better idea to convert the WordPress website into some react native mobile app. You may have a lot of queries about its reason and different ways to convert it for real. If you want to know that then you must read this article carefully to get your queries answered. A mobile app is a much more convenient option for you if you are a business owner. It is mostly because people are much more familiar with mobile apps made by a mobile app development company in bangalore rather than a website. That is why nowadays business entities are opting for mobile apps to promote their business among their customers. This is the main reason why react native apps are quite famous right now for convenient app building. In this article, we will talk about the various reasons for the conversion of the website into react native mobile apps by a react native application development company and a few ways to do it. If you want to take it up in near future then you must read the article and note down every point for your convenience. We have tried to cover most of the things related to website conversion.

Top 6 reasons to convert website into react native mobile app

In this part, we are going to discuss the most important reasons why business owners are trying to convert their websites into react native mobile apps by any android app development company in India. If you read these reasons properly then you will understand the need for this type of conversion.React Native Mobile App

You will get a modern user interface and user experience

Mobile apps have a unique type of user interface and user experience right now because of the advancement in technology. So if you are bored of your website because of its conventional way of presenting your business then you can move to a react native app made by a react native application development company. It will make your business much more accessible for your customers and you will be able to give them an awesome experience while browsing it. Other than that the user interface and user experience of react native app are quite user-friendly and that is why it is preferred by a lot of people these days.

Enhance your mobile experience

We all know that people are much more familiar with mobile apps rather than browsing complicated websites. So it is quite certain that if you launch your mobile app created by an ios app development company in India along with your website for your business then people will get to know you easily. You can also give them a wonderful experience while browsing through the app with the easy navigation process. It will increase the visibility of your business among your previous customers or even your potential future customers.

Increase the loyalty and engagement of your clients

A mobile app is an engaging option when it comes to acquiring customers for your business. So if you are trying to attract the attention of your customers then a mobile app by an android app development company in India is a much more appropriate option than a website. If you look at the recent survey then we will get to know that the people who browse through the mobile apps are much more interested in availing the services by businesses rather than the people who browse through the websites. That is why we always try to recommend our customers to move their business promotion to mobile apps from conventional websites.

The mobile app is revenue potential

React Native mobile app earns much more revenue than websites. This is another reason why people are moving towards mobile apps by the react native application development company from their business websites. Most of the time the revenue earned from a website is through the ads. This is almost the same for mobile apps. But in that case, the visibility of ads is more than the websites. There is a high chance that the mobile app owners will earn more money than the people who have their websites.

Your customers will get a push notification

Push notifications play a big role in increasing business. So if you want your customers to know all the deals and offers constantly in between their work then a mobile app is a better option. One can set up the option for push notification in the mobile app created by any mobile app development company in India so that the person can get to know different aspects of a business continuously. Currently, there are so many websites preferred to send push notifications but that is only possible if your laptop or PC is switched on. On the other hand, mobile apps can send you push notifications all the time irrespective of the time when you open the app.

The presence of the app in the app stores

So many people browse through the app stores to try out different mobile apps. If you convert your website into react native mobile app then you can be sure that your App will be visible in the play store. This is a great way to promote your business among your customers and get their attention. You can make different app versions for Android and IOS with the help of a mobile app development company in India. If you be able to do that then you can have your presence in both the app stores as per your customer type.

Top 5 ways to convert your website into react native mobile app

There are several ways to convert the website into a mobile app. So if you want to do it for your business then there are many ways for you. We are going to discuss five simple ways by which you can convert your website into an efficient mobile app for the betterment of your business.

React Native Mobile App

Code it all by yourself

If you are good at coding, then you can do it by yourself. You just have to learn the basic react software to build a mobile app according to your business requirement. If you have any interest in coding but don’t know some specific skills, then you can learn it within a few weeks and apply it in your app. For that you have to clear your concept and then implement all the theories into the practical aspects to get the accurate result. It is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to build your mobile app without anyone’s help.

Hire a freelancer

If you have an extensive website and cannot build an App from it easily then you can hire a freelancer for that. Most of the time freelancers charge less than the agencies like a react native application development company and that is why people prefer them over different coding companies. If you search online in the job portals then you will get the contact of a lot of freelancers who can build your mobile app with their knowledge in that particular area.

Hire a proper app development agency

In case you are having a large-scale business and will not be able to rely on a freelancer then you can simply search for an android app development company in India for your App building. In this case, you just have to contact them along with your queries about the conversion of the website into react native mobile app. They will clear your doubts regarding this matter and then you can simply hire an experienced and expert level coder to create the code for your mobile app.

Use an app builder

There are so many do-it-yourself app builders available online where you can develop your app for free without having too much technical knowledge. You just need to visualize your app and then use the drag and drop feature to design the app user interface. After that, you will also get different features by which one can set up a proper user experience according to the business type. These app builders have unique facilities for different types of businesses like an E-Commerce platform, E-learning platform, dynamic websites and even static websites. You can simply choose one as per your requirement. In this matter, you will get a lot of pre-designed templates for ease of work.

Consult an expert

If you fail to do any of the above then the last thing you can do is to consult an expert who knows about these things. They will be able to make you understand the technical aspects of building an app and also can suggest to you the best way to convert your website into react native mobile app. After you are done with your consultation you can choose the right path according to their suggestion and build your mobile app for or a better promotion of your business. You can also talk to some marketing experts who will tell you how you can promote your business through these apps. It will make your job even easier.


These are the basic reasons and also some efficient ways to build your mobile app for your clients. If you follow any of these steps carefully then it will be a cakewalk for you to build an app by converting your WordPress website. That is why it is very important for you to understand the reasons for the conversion and then you can follow any of the ways to build the app. We can assure you that if you opt for a mobile app over a website then you can build better visibility of your business.

React Native Mobile App