Why Java is still the core foundation of web application development?


04 Mar 2022

Java language is an object-oriented programming language that was created by James Gosling in 1991 at Sun microsystems. From that time, it is one of the most used and convenient web application development tools. If you ask any web app development company, you will get the answer to why Java is the most convenient option for them to create different types of applications. Here we have discussed a few reasons why it is still the core foundation of web application development. If you read the article carefully you will be able to understand why you should learn Java if you want to get into the core of web applications.

High popularity and remuneration of the language


If you learn this language, you will be able to earn quite a high amount by joining some prestigious job in this particular industry. Around 9 million developers use this language and it is run by 7 billion devices across the globe. It is a very demanding web application development tool and that is why people go crazy to learn Java and become a developer in a big company. If you are aiming to earn a lot in future after being a web application developer, you must learn Java. After learning it, you can apply to any app development company and you will be able to get the job quite easily as per your skill and talent in this programming language.


Ease of learning is a big reason to learn it


Java is one of the easiest programming languages among all other options available in the market. You can refer to a few free or paid courses online and you’re good to go. You need to remember that you have to do enough practise to be good at this language because it is completely application-oriented. The syntax of this programming language is quite similar to normal English and that is why you won’t find any difficulty learning them. If you see the example of any iOS app development company, you will get to see that they are using Java till now. So it will be a very good option to learn that language and get started with your developer journey. You will find a lot of resources to read and understand the importance of the language and its basic theories. It has a lot of library functions that will help you to code much easier than in any other language.


A large community of users is available


You can interact with a large community who use Java in their everyday life while working. So if you feel stuck at any point in time while coding in Java, you will be able to talk to them to understand what is the point where you went wrong while using it. Because of these communities and open forums, you will learn much more easily about how you can handle this particular language and ace it in future. You will also find numerous people on social media who are quite interested in this language and will be happy to help you with your doubts. You can simply connect to them and let them know where you got stuck with your practice session. They will be able to help you with the information of a lot of extra resources which will help you to learn the language in a better way.

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Abundant API is available


Whenever you will learn a language, you need to see whether it has an API is or application programming interface or not. Java has a lot of it. If you try out any API related to Java, you will find all the packages, classes and interfaces which will be useful for you to construct any application. There are three different types of API options are available for Java. The first one is the official Java core API, the second one is unofficial API and the third one is optional official Java API. You can use these application programming interfaces for database related work, media on networking aspects or even speech synthesis. So you can say that Java is still in the picture because of its high usability in terms of available API in the market.


Open-source libraries are there


You will find a lot of open-source libraries related to Java which will help you to practice your learnings without thinking much about downloading a new software in your system. A few open-source libraries are Maven, Apache Commons, Google Guava, JHipstar etc. Whenever you will search online about the open-source libraries of Java, you will get to use these sources without paying high fees. So you do not have to worry about how you will practice the language after learning them. It is always recommended that you practice all the theories in hand so that you don’t feel lost while using them in your job life. This is the main reason why open source libraries were created by the developers to help beginners to learn the language efficiently.


Powerful development tools will help you to use this


You will find so many integrated development environments or IDEs in Java that will provide you with all the necessary development tools to make your life easier as a Java developer. A few IDE’s are Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans etc. These tools will help you to have all the library functions with you whenever you will start coding. These integrated development environments always help the developers with debugging, code completion, syntax highlighting, automated refactoring etc. You will also get enough language support by using them. If you check out the recent survey, you will get to know that 90% of fortune 500 companies always use Java for their backend development of different applications. Famous services like Amazon Web services, Apache Hadoop data processing and Windows Azure are run by Java right now. So you can take an example of an app development company in India and you will see Java in their backend for sure.


Free of cost facility is helpful


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Java is it is completely free to use. If you are an individual developer and want to use any software containing Java, you will get it under the Oracle binary code licence without any extra charge. It is free for test environments and the development stage. If you are a business owner and want to use it for commercial purposes, you may have to pay a very small amount of these to use Java in your system. At the end of the day, if you are an individual coder, you will have the privilege to use all the open-source platforms to code in Java for free of cost.

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The platform independence of the language


The best part of this object-oriented programming language is it is platform-independent. You can simply convert the Java source code to some byte codes by using any compiler. After that, you can use it by executing the program on any platform. You just have to use the Java Virtual Machine so that it can understand the code from a particular language perspective. This is the reason why Java is popularly known as WORA which means “Write Once Run Anywhere”. Most of the time, the Java developers write the codes in a windows environment and then run them on the UNIX platform. So you can say that the platform-independent feature of Java is helping all the developers out there to code without any tension of finding the compatible environment to run the code. As a beginner, you will also get to practice it anywhere you want and you won’t have to purchase a separate environment to run Java code.


Documentation support is there


If you use Java, you will have separate documentation named Javadoc that will help you to know all the concepts immediately if you see any trouble. This document is generated by Java source code in HTML format. That is why if you need to have a simple reference whenever you will code, Javadoc will help you a lot to understand the complexity of any code in front of you. This is the reason why we always recommend our users to use Java as their coding platform if they are a beginner in this particular industry.


The versatility of the language


Java is a versatile language and that is the main reason why so many web development company owners use it for their backend work. You can create any program with this language even if you are a beginner in this particular industry. So it is always best to learn this language before any other tools if you want to get into this sector. You can use different features like dynamic coding, platform-independent characteristics, multiple security features and network-centric design in Java that will give you a better environment to code.

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These are the basic reasons why Java is still the core foundation of web application development. If you take up the example of any iOS app development company, you will get to see that they are still using Java as their primary language for the back and related work.