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What is Flutter app development?

Google’s Flutter is a free and open source mobile app SDK which is used to develop top-quality native interfaces for Android and iOS in record time. The new framework uses a single codebase for both Android and IOS platform, thus plummeting the turnaround time.

This new launch by Google is not just anticipated to ease and fasten the app development process but is also expected to extend an improved app experience to users.

At Cumulations, we have a skilled team of flutter app developers, who can offer flutter app development services faultlessly. We strongly hold that in order to leverage the advantages of this new-fangled technology, it is vital to execute and implement it in the right way. Our adroit in-house developers hold substantial knowledge to execute your flutter app development process smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Flutter app development

Why choose us for flutter app development?

Cumulation Technologies has been known far and wide for several accomplishments in the arena of flutter app development. Despite the recent existence of Google’s Flutter as compared to other frameworks, we have managed to get habituated to its method of functioning, thus making us one of the best flutter app development companies. Our comprehensive and experienced team of flutter app developers can help you draw out the smartest solutions for your diverse cross-platform development projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is one of the most popular Google’s offerings to the world of Cross-Platform App Development. It is an open source mobile app SDK used to develop fast and visually attractive mobile apps for Android and iOS by using a single codebase. Features like widget libraries, hot reload help to build striking native apps in record time.

What programming language does Flutter use?

Flutter is based on Dart- a fast, object-oriented language that offers native performance for various platforms. The high-performance language allows to create fluid user experiences, making Flutter an extremely desirable framework.

What do you recommend? Flutter or React native for hybrid app development?

Both Flutter and React Native have their own advantages in terms of performance, stability, documentation and development time. Because React Native has been in use for several years now, it is considered to be more stable. Nevertheless, Flutter is an emerging contender and will be embraced by a lot more people in the times to come.

What is the scope of Flutter app development?

When compared to other hybrid frameworks, Flutter is highly reactive and robust that comes with various tools and widgets that allow for quick coding and deployment. It uses a single codebase that works for both Android and iOS platforms, which greatly minimizes the app turnaround time. With features like hot reload and customizable widgets, Flutter spells the future of mobile app development.

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