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CommonFloor Smart Guard is a mobile app that helps apartments & residential communities to manage all major types of visitors - Working Staff, Guests of residents & delivery/vendors.

  • The app allows admins of associations to login and creates accounts for the guards.
  • A security guard can mark entry & exit for visitors on a simple screen. This can be done even without the internet.
  • Instant SMS alerts get sent to residents for every visitor. Weekly email reports will be sent to the admins of the associations.

Other Key Features:

  • Offline Mode: The app works offline (without the internet). This means that your security guard doesn’t need an internet connection to use the app.
  • Gates: A security guard can also set the gate from which he/she is using the app. This helps in accurate reporting.
  • Smart Check-In: Do you feel that your guard can’t type in English or use a mobile app? Then, use our unique Smart Check-In feature that allows visitors to use the app with the supervision of the security guard.
  • Authorization: The app can record whether the security guard has taken approval from residents before letting in a visitor.
  • Data & Security: We take the data privacy & security very seriously. CommonFloor Smart Guard’s security standards are comprehensive and data is kept secure.
  • Help & Support: In-built telephone support for the security guard from our highly-trained support team.

Get rid of paper registers. Transform your gatekeepers into Smart Guards. Welcome new possibilities.

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