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We believe everyone is beautiful and want to help you look your best. The piQit app has all the resources you need to do this effortlessly. It offers you the latest fashion trends, tools to catalog your clothes, recommends appropriate clothes to buy.


Digital Closet:

The first step to being well dressed is to build a versatile closet and develop your own distinct style. So, get started by uploading all your items into the closet. This might take a little time, it took most of us about half a day, but it is a one-time effort and has been well worth it.
With everything cataloged and saved in one place, it is easy to develop your personal style. You can curate your closet, choose new pieces that will integrate well into it and look effortlessly chic every day.


Create Looks/Outfits:

You don’t have to mess up your closet to get the right outfit anymore. You can virtually mix and match items in the app to create fabulous outfits for every occasion. You can get really creative and make multiple outfits with what you already have and not have to repeat an outfit again. Looking Stylish is fun, easy and within budget.


Find Visually Similar:

How many times have you seen something you liked and wondered where you could get it? Now, get inspired by life. You see an item you like on a person or in a magazine or photo in your social network, click or upload it to find similar products to buy.


Share & Discuss

But, nothing is fun if your friends are not a part of your life. Share your outfits with your friends and get their suggestions on what to wear. You can even get their advice before you buy something.


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