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Welcome to a cutting edge payment experience on your phone!

Pay Instantly
Pay at any merchant outlet with a click on your phone using ToneTag Pay

Go Cashless
Cash transactions are a pain. Forget about carrying loose change or going to the ATM. Move onto a cashless economy

Multiple Payment Options
Pay directly from your Credit/Debit Cards or use your Prepaid Mobile Wallet if you choose so

Quick and Easy    
With Auto-Read OTP and Pre-OTP feature, ToneTag payments are so simple that you’ll never want to go back to cash or cards again

No Internet Required
Make mobile payments even without any data or internet connection

Simple Setup
Start making cashless mobile payments in a few easy steps

Your Money is Safe
Discover one of the most secure ways to make a transaction. PCI DSS compliant ToneTag uses state of the art security features that follow RBI and EMVCo guidelines.


Download our app from the Play Store and register your account
Enjoy multiple payment options. Link your credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet
Click on add payment method icon and select mobile wallet. The mobile wallet is automatically detected


Credit/Debit Card
Click on add payment method icon and select card. Add your card details and save

Select your card on the payment page and start making frictionless payments

Payment Instructions
How to Pay
Select Payment Method

Drag and drop your preferred payment instrument

Choose Card for offline card based payments with your credit/debit card

Mobile Wallet
Choose Mobile Wallet for offline payments on your Mobile Wallet

Play Tone

When the merchant asks, bring your phone close to the merchant device and press the pay button (logo)

Authenticate Transaction

After you receive the bill with the amount charged, wait for the OTP (One-Time Password) sent by the issuer of your payment instrument. The OTP is read automatically when received and sent for authentication. Click on ‘Done’ button to complete a transaction.

Manual OTP
Usually, the OTP is read automatically but in case you choose to enter the recently received OTP from your bank or payment instrument issuer, you can do so by selecting the Manual OTP option on this page.

Transaction Completed

Wait for the transaction response from your bank or merchant to confirm your transaction result

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