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We have integrated Alexa voice service on the top of the Mobile application to control and access the Bluetooth enabled lamps with the help of Amazon Alexa voice commands. This saves the users time and reduces the manual switching control. We can now control the bulb colors, set custom scenes(like the party, rainbow, sunset, etc) and boost up the light intensity with just a few sets of Alexa commands.

Here are the supported utterances in this skill

"Alexa ask svarochi to switch on all lights"

"Alexa ask svarochi to switch off all lights"

"Alexa ask svarochi to set all lights color to red( any color)"

"Alexa ask svarochi to set all lights to dimmer"

"Alexa ask svarochi to apply party scene"

You can watch this video to understand better our work:

Impressed with our Alexa skill development abilities? Just drop us an email to and we will revert back to you ASAP.


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