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A Mobile App to optimize the device interactions using REST services


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The client

Greenstreet, a company based out of Sweden, has expertise in developing communication products based on open communications standard called “LonWorks”. The company provides solutions for meter reading, transfer of general data via the public electricity grid etc where the focus is on measurement, control and monitoring of the end devices.


Internet of Things app

About Client

The Company provides a hardware Ecosystem for controlling light points (DALI based LC50D / SC200). The hardware unit has the ability to control and monitor the end device. The hardware component comes with a built-in GPRS modem. The client needed a Mobile platform which will help users to control and alter the configurations. The App needed to be working with the existing security and framework in mind and had to put no extra overload on the controlling server.

App Solution

Our solution was to provide the Mobile application that was designed to the aesthetics of the brand and had to optimize the device interactions using REST services. App handled the multiple failover points gracefully and provided the easy navigation control for maintenance team. For users, App provided multiple grouping options (adding to favorites) and easy UI navigation to control and monitor (Turn off/on, Seton Manual/Auto mode) etc. In addition, App was able to accommodate both Swedish and English languages catering both local and global audience of the client.

Client Benefits

The Client was able to extend their offering to mobile devices. The mobile integration was done with a minimalistic alteration to their existing infrastructure. Mobile App also provided various configuration features (Add a Project/server end point), that enabled client’s business team to demo the solution quickly for different clients. Being mobile was critical for the client to provide Alert/Notifications to their end users in a timely manner.

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