SAAS based product for Remote monitoring


    Android, iOS

  • YEAR

    2019 - Ongoing


ZeOmega is a Customer Engagement(CE) App-SAAS based product for health management. The App mainly focuses on the status of the customer’s health condition based on the activities from daily routine like drinking, smoking etc through a survey of  Questions & Answers. Later app analyse the health status & recommend the health care needed for it.


• Taking deliberate steps to monitor and improve their health

• Looking for information to learn more about health concerns and compare treatment options

• Taking cost and quality into consideration when choosing treatments, providers, and plans

• Partnering with doctors to make treatment decisions as well as communicating and sharing information with doctors

 • Adhering to recommended treatment plans.

 • Fully HIPAA compliant.

 • Easy to white label solution.

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    CD One Delivery

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