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Serverless architecture is the latest axiom in the tech industry. The concept gained prominence after the successful launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in 2014.

Web applications work by creating a string of communication between the client and the server. The client uses the app installed on his device to make requests to the server, which responds by offering the corresponding service.

The process of web app development has greatly evolved over the years. An increasing number of app developers are shifting from hardware servers and cloud hosting to serverless architecture in an effort to combat the perpetual battle of scaling the infrastructure and at the same time, reducing cost.

Despite the terminology, serverless architecture doesn’t imply that there are no servers. Instead, it means that the application components are distributed between various servers, thereby eliminating the need for the app developer to create and manage the infrastructure to support it.

Advantages of serverless architecture

Serverless application development services at Cumulations

Cumulations is one of the early adopters of this incredible technology. Over the years, we have emerged to become one of the established serverless application development companies with considerable experience in crafting robust and unfailing serverless apps that can readily scale to your needs.

We harness this new technology by deploying AWS Lambda, the serverless computing from Amazon. With AWS Lambda, you can run your code on high availability compute infrastructure. Each Lambda function is allotted a specific amount of memory that you want it to use. Based on this, the compute power is allocated. This is extremely important as it allows you to ensure that your Lambda function only runs for the time you want it to. Consequently, you only pay for the compute power you use.

Serverless computing with AWS lambda

If you are looking for an AWS Lambda application development company, contact us today. We can help you with quick and easy deployment of scalable web applications with rich user interfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is serverless app development?

A fairly new add-on to the tech wordlist, the concept of serverless app development came into limelight after the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in 2014. The serverless app development process involves building and running next-generation apps without having to manage infrastructure.

What is serverless web application?

A serverless web application is the one where you don’t have to manage your infrastructure but still the applications are up and running. The concept of serverless architecture helps you to focus more on operative tasks without worrying about the server administration tasks such as maintenance of operating system, patching, scaling of sever, capacity provisioning, databases, etc. that are handled by the cloud service provider.

What is AWS serverless architecture?

AWS is a serverless computing platform by Amazon that includes a set of 165 fully integrated services. It is one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments that offers unmatched experience and reliability. The core infrastructure of AWS is well-suited to global banks, military and other high-sensitive organizations.

What is AWS Lambda good for?

Some of the most prevalent AWS Lambda use cases include:

➤ Operating serverless websites

➤ Creating backups and generating reports

➤ Processing uploaded S3 objects

➤ Filtering and transforming data on the fly

How does AWS Serverless work?

AWS is a compute service that allows you to run code without managing the servers. It is used to execute your code only when needed and it scales automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands per second. Your code can run without managing servers or provisioning with the help of AWS serverless architecture.

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