DevOps Services

What are DevOps Services?

Combating the slowness, inefficiencies, and redundancies of conventional software processes poses a true challenge for most businesses. The risks associated with rigid and waterfall work models are too huge to even mitigate or deal with workarounds. All these factors combinedly affect the delivery process, creating problems in the deployment cycle, increasing server downtime, and increasing server load

To help businesses, organizations, and enterprises out of such drastic situations and streamline the software workflows, we offer state-of-the-art DevOps services. We have accumulated years of experience in dealing with complex workflows related to software development, deployment, and management. Accordingly, we come up with different but innovative solutions pertaining to DevOps so that all the workflows can be streamlined further with efficient deliveries, seamless deployment, and eliminated redundancies.

DevOps as a Service

Providing DevOps as a Service, we at Cumulations excel in multifarious segments of the concerned tech.

End-to-end DevOps CI/CD Services

Our tech team is well-versed with designing and developing builds, test suites, configuration packages and modules, and deployment schedules for any code change or upgrade through automated CI/CD pipelines. We implement these automated DevOps modules within the software development lifecycle from end-to-end, thereby promising increased agility, seamless deployment, instantaneous feedback loops, enhanced software performance, and so on.

DevOps Implementation Services

Our DevOps implementation services enable businesses, organizations, and enterprises to streamline software workflows throughout. We devise innovative solutions as per the client expectations to ensure the software development lifecycle can be made more agile and seamless. Furthermore, we also aid in strategic planning for DevOps principles and code deployment schedules along with optimizing the SDLC workflows for higher efficiency and productivity.

Release Management and Orchestration

Our innovative DevOps services India are focused on easier orchestration of SDLC workflows and management of releases through sprint deliveries. We work on automating the manual deployment schedules to ensure the code changes are uploaded to the server modules post commits and test suites are handled without any human intervention. Additionally, we also work on accelerating the release cycles by reducing the time needed to deploy the code changes through CI/CD pipelines.

Complete DevOps Automation Services

It is now time to collaborate with our DevOps services company and integrate full-scale automation throughout the software development and management life cycle. These automated workflows not only reduce errors and risks associated with manual tasks but also reduce the time implemented in different phases of SDLC. So, now automate designing, development, testing, and deployment schedules to accelerate the release cycles and enhance delivery quality and performance.

DevOps Containerization Services

When the software needs to be deployed to multifarious production environments, it doesn’t just involve the codes. Instead, the deployment schedules have to deal with dependencies, libraries, packages, codebases, and many more elements responsible for full functioning of the software. To ease the process and ensure the software has uniform functionality and performance across multiple production environments, we offer DevOps containerization services. This entails the use of containers that combine all the dependencies, libraries, codes, and other elements for the software to ensure faster and uniform deployment.

High-secure DevOps Services

Integrate enterprise-level 256-AES encryption algorithms and other top-notch security protocols throughout the software development life cycle to mitigate security challenges. We at Cumulations pay special attention to the security protocols and plans we implement through DevOps principles to ensure the cyber threats can be minimized greatly.

Benefits of DevOps Solutions: At a Glance

Reduced Friction

There are many instances where software developers find themselves stuck in friction, thereby not being able to find a workaround or quick solution for code development and changes. To handle such situations and reduce friction throughout the software development life cycle, implementing DevOps principles seems to be the most feasible idea. The automated pipelines allow faster code build, commit, and testing scenarios to handle all the associated risks and minimize the impacts.

Robust Architecture

DevOps provides organizations, businesses, and enterprises the leverage needed to develop and deploy a robust architecture. It is highly scalable and flexible to ensure changes can be deployed on the go to different environments without affecting the existing or new functionalities negatively.

Agile Methodology

With the help of DevOps solutions, the software development life cycle can be made more agile. In other words, a continuous approach can be implemented to achieve instant feedback loops, enhance customer experience, increase collaboration between teams, and reduce the time to market. Furthermore, agile methodology in DevOps also allows segmentation of large releases into smaller sprints for rapid deployment and quality deliveries.

Professional DevOps Engineers

With the help of professional DevOps engineers, it is now possible for organizations, businesses, and enterprises to combat the redundancies and inefficiencies of the software development life cycle. Apart from this, these professionals work with clients to smoothen the strategy planning process, optimize service and delivery quality, and mitigate the associated risks with the deployment schedules.

Software Lifecycle Predictability

DevOps allows professionals to predict various parameters of the software development lifecycle with maximum accuracy and precision. For instance, it is easier to run analysis and predict the risks that can impact the release cycles or software performance in different production environments. With all these predictive results, it becomes much easier for professionals to devise appropriate strategies and streamline various phases of SDLC.

Automatic Software Updates

Checking and deploying software upgrades manually is certainly a tiresome job. Besides, the chances of missing update notifications or errors during the update process are quite high through conventional practices. This is where DevOps comes into the play as it allows automating the software update schedule.

Complete control

With advanced DevOps solutions, it is easier to exercise complete control over every phase of the software development life cycle and its parameters. For instance, professionals can control the codebase deployment schedules as per the requirements and ensure the containers deployed can function uniformly across all production environments.

All-inclusive management

Lastly, DevOps allows businesses, organizations, and enterprises to manage every section of the software development life cycle from a centralized platform. Whether it is release management of CI/CD pipeline performance management, DevOps makes it easier for improving the overall software performance, efficiency, and behavior.

Why Cumulations as your DevOps services company?

Explore the sea of benefits with Cumulations as a DevOps company in India here!

Delivery Excellence

We at Cumulations have acquired benchmarking excellence in seamless and faster deliveries for all our past projects. Thanks to our innovative approaches towards designing, implementing, and managing DevOps principles, we are able to overcome most of the challenges in the software development life cycle. As a result, we establish a seamless and automated pipeline to ensure project deliveries can be made more agile, efficient, and error-free.

Homogeneous Approach

Regardless of who our client is or the software project we have to handle, our approach towards designing, developing, and implementing DevOps services and solutions is homogeneous and uniform. This is why we have a higher success rate with a better portfolio. Our professionals maintain uniformity and relevance throughout the software development life cycle through DevOps pipelines.

DevOps DNA

Our company focuses on integrating DevOps DNA throughout the entire software development life cycle. From designing and developing DevOps pipelines to deploying containers to different production environments, we are acquainted with various client requirements.

Transparent Actions

Lastly, we always maintain optimal transparency in our operations and services to build uncanny trust with our clients. All our DevOps solutions and ideas are devised in a way that they can be synced with client requirements and can be scaled on the go as per the dynamic changes.

Cumulations approach as a DevOps consulting partner

  1. Strategy and Planning

    Being one of the reputed DevOps companies in India, we pay special attention to the approach we follow. That’s why we begin with analyzing the existing business processes and listing the shortcomings, risks, and inefficiencies. It helps us to understand the gap between the real-time performance and functions and the client requirements. Accordingly, we start orchestrating DevOps strategies and plans for further implementation that will ultimately help overcome the shortcomings.

  2. Continuous integration

    Our experts are well-versed with the need for seamless collaboration between teams to accelerate the entire software development life cycle. Owing to this, we implement principles of Continuous Integration where different teams work collaboratively to handle the entire SDLC. The development and operations teams work closely to reduce negative impact on the deployment cycles and handle the shortcomings right on time.

  3. Continuous Delivery

    We implement automatic code deployment schedules to different production environments so that the codes are available uniformly for users. Our CI/CD pipelines implement DevOps principles in the best possible manner to reduce time to market, manage project costs, and generate an instant feedback loop.

  4. Test Automation

    At Cumulations, we formulate automated test suites and integrated tools to conduct manual and automation testing after build cycle completion. This allows us to identify the gaps between the client expectations and the performance and functionalities of the developed codebases. Once these gaps and shortcomings are identified, we scale our build strategy to establish optimal synchronization.

  5. Build Automation

    Our DevOps experts automate the entire build process using CI/CD pipelines. Automating the builds helps us to accelerate release cycles, identify code gaps, update software modules, and deploy codes in the test environments on time. Apart from this, we also focus on forming an agile and robust architecture for the software through APIs, microservices, and cloud DevOps combined.

  6. Continuous Maintenance

    Lastly, we plan for continuous monitoring and management of different software modules that are developed and deployed to the production environments. As the process is automated using DevOps solutions, the management cycle is easy to deal with and any bug or issue gets identified much earlier than expected from conventional management. This helps us to upgrade the codes and deploy fixes before the reported issues impact user experience and software behavior negatively.

What Makes Cumulations a Leading DevOps Service Provider?

Highest Uptime

Cumulations is focused on deploying DevOps service that reduces server downtime easily. We conduct different types of testing with the servers, including performance and load testing, volume testing, and so on. This way we easily identify the thresholds or handling capacity of the servers and accordingly formulate CI/CD pipelines so that any error in the codes won’t affect the server uptime.

Increased Scalability and Independence by Containerization

Our experts deploy codes, dependencies, libraries, and other components to the production environments through containerization. It enhances the system scalability limit, while ensuring different microservice modules of the software can function independently without affecting one another.

Reduced Time to Market

As a reliable and trustworthy DevOps company, we focus on accelerating release time and reducing the time to market. Since the build and test phases are completely automated with CI/CD pipelines integrated in the deployment schedules, codebases are deployed to the live servers early.

Future-ready DevOps

Our company aims towards developing DevOps solutions that are future-ready and can adapt according to the dynamic market and consumer demands. This way, we can scale the protocols on the go, without having to take down the entire software from its hosting server.

Secure and Cost-optimized CloudOps

We are also concerned with integrating cloud with DevOps to provide a secure environment for code deployment. Furthermore, with cloud models, it becomes easier for businesses, organizations, and enterprises to reduce the development costs.

High Reliability and Predictability

Our DevOps practices are highly reliable and yield the expected results with reduced risks and errors. Apart from this, we use predictive analysis to ensure the plans are orchestrated in a way that the client requirements are met at all costs without compromising delivery time and quality.

MultiCloud DevOps

On top of everything, we at Cumulations help our clients to collaborate with different cloud providers at a time and use the best services from each.

Make Your Business Future-ready and Reach New Heights with DevOps Consultants

  1. Assessment and Planning

    We first assess the existing infrastructure and business processes driven by the software modules to ensure we have a clear idea about our client requirements and the functional and performance gaps. After having a full report, we focus on planning and orchestration of DevOps protocols and steps in a way that we can offer customized, scalable, and cost-effective solutions across all systems and teams.

  2. Technical Design and Architecture

    By implementing different technical concepts and tools, including Kubernetes and Docker, APIs and microservices, serverless computing, and cloud, we develop a strategic roadmap for deploying DevOps principles. Furthermore, we utilize these technologies to make the architecture highly robust and efficient so that dynamic surges in concurrent users or server traffic can be handled with ease.

  3. Monitoring and Backup

    With our DevOps monitoring and backup services, it becomes easier to track all behaviors and status of deployment schedules in real-time, stream the usage live, and review and access history logs of the servers. Our experts analyze and assess the entire software development life cycle from end-to-end to create backup copies of the codebases and security protocols at times of emergencies or disasters.

  4. Third-party Integrations

    It is time to integrate third-party DevOps tools and applications with the existing workflows for faster development time, continuous delivery and integration, time and release management, and post-deployment monitoring. Furthermore, these third-party integrations enhance collaboration and efficiency of all the teams involved with SDLC.

  5. Comprehensive Testing

    Our team is well-versed with different testing processes, including performance, load, volume, functional, and automation testing. We implement these workflows to ensure the entire codebase can be tested thoroughly and accurate reports can be generated. Based on the testing results, we conclude if the developed codebase is functioning as per the business requirements or there are gaps.

  6. Support and Maintenance

    At Cumulations, we provide continuous support and maintenance to our clients post code deployment in the production environments. From fixing bugs to monitoring software performance in real-time, we are concerned with optimizing the applications and business processes.

Devops Services FAQs

At Cumulations, we offer a minimum of two weeks of no-risk trial period. During this time, you can collaborate with our developers and analyze the service quality and other parameters closely without worrying about any risks. If you are sated with our services, the contract time will start and we will begin the billing.

Apart from DevOps, we offer a host of other services, including but not limited to mobile app development bangalore, hybrid app development, serverless app development, vehicle tracking, Alexa app development, Chatbot development, test automation, cloud migration, cloud native engineering, data engineering services, big data solutions, mvp development services, product engineering services and many more.

With our DevOps consulting services, you can get a full report on the behavior and performance of existing business processes. Accordingly, our experts will help you understand the shortcomings and future risks due to the errors in the processes.

DevOps has numerous business benefits which must be harnessed at this present time. Since the business processes can be automated through continuous integration and continuous delivery, you can optimize all the processes, update software modules, enhance customer experience, reduce time to market, and optimize costs.

DevOps is one of the emerging technologies which is capable of revolutionizing the software development process from end to end. For instance, the technology will increase collaboration between development and operation teams with reduced communication siloes. Furthermore, it will help professionals to automate the processes, reduce delivery time, and optimize code behaviors across all production environments.

We offer a host of DevOps consulting services at Cumulations, including end-to-end DevOps integration, DevOps containerization, DevOps security, and so on.

The best way to create a complete roadmap for DevOps integration and implementation is through technical analysis, strategic planning, automated build and test suites, and post-delivery support and monitoring.

Companies and businesses require DevOps principles to bridge the gap between operations and development teams, reduce communication siloes, optimize business expenses, enhance customer experience, reduce time to market, and develop a robust and agile architecture.

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous monitoring, and automation are the four key components of DevOps.

The five levels of DevOps practice are planning and strategy, automated build, automated testing, continuous delivery, and release management.

DevOps is a term used to define collaborative development and operations functionalities.

The best example of DevOps is an automated compliance tracking system that finds if the business process is compliant with the industry standards and accordingly updates the systems.

Frequency of deployment, measuring the culture, failure and success rates, and deployment speed are some of the major KPIs used to measure the DevOps culture.

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