Mobile App Development Company in India

At Cumulations, we design, code, and execute. As a responsible IT partner, we make sure to understand our client’s precise needs before beginning the development process.

Mobile App Development Company In India

Mobile App Development Services in India

Today, mobile apps have become much more than just a customer engagement tool. With wide-ranging benefits, these apps are being used as a significant revenue-generating and brand-building tool. But to make the most of your mobile app, you need to develop a top-notch and fully functional app. And for that, you need skilled and experienced mobile app developers

Cumulations Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in India dedicated to offering high-quality mobile apps that augment your business. Bangalore is an epicenter of technology and innovation, and home to several tech startups. It is one of the best cities to outsource mobile app development services. 

If you require enterprise mobile app development services from practiced and skilled professionals, we perfectly fit your requirements. Our mobile app mavericks possess hands-on expertise in delivering a vast range of solutions for enterprise business clients. We are fully committed to translating your innovative ideas into high-performing and user-friendly iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile apps. 

Our Strong Suits as a Mobile App Development Company in India

Why choose Cumulations for Mobile App Development in India?

As a well-known Mobile app development company in India & USA, we provide highly customer-centric solutions. Our app developers ensure agility and predictability, resulting in diminished costs, greater ROI, less risk, and a quicker response to market opportunities. 

Whether you are looking for an online-offline mobile app, a hybrid or native app, or a mobile browser-enabled web app, we have got you covered. Our impactful and timely solutions ensure that you unlock the real potential of mobile apps and benefit from improved profitability and business growth. 

We also upgrade your existing mobile apps so they can easily handle the ever-evolving market needs and emergent technologies. 

  • A highly skilled and proficient team
  • Years of experience in mobile app development
  • Unique ideation and verified development strategies
  • A customer-centric approach to development
  • Brilliant team for developing an engaging user interface
  • Focus on security, scalability, and robust architectures
  • Quick development process
  • Hassle-free communication with the clients
  • Cost-effective services

Our goal at Cumulations is to bring transparency and satisfaction to the app development space. Unlike most companies that prosper on transactional services, we offer you advanced UI/UX elements that ensure a smooth user experience, devise a secure technical architecture, review functionalities for any glitches, and guarantee complete post-launch support.

Our Business Models

At our Mobile app development company in India, we offer different Business Engagement Models to suit the precise needs of our clients.

Fixed Time Model / Fixed Cost Project
  • Finalized pricing and strict deadlines
  • Everything is discussed and planned ahead of time
  • Easy to monitor the project status
  • Most suited to small-scale projects with fixed requirements
Time & Material Model
  • Flexible requirements as work is divided into short sprints
  • Optimal product quality due to multiple iterations
  • Most suited to large-scale projects with dynamic needs
  • Hourly billing model
Dedicated Team Model
  • Highly flexible approach to app development
  • Payment only for the actual work delivered
  • Regular updates about every action implemented by the team
  • Hourly billing model

Hire Mobile App Developer from Cumulations

Our topmost priority is to develop products that are the result of exhaustive research, robust analytics, and step-by-step optimization for your company’s policy and direction. We are a driven team of skilled project managers, digital growth consultants, and brilliant UI/UX experts who take full advantage of opportunities that come our way.

As a reputed Mobile app development company in India, our app development process is made to suit your specific project. Our emphasis lies in introducing an agile methodology to the development process for scalable results. We understand that every mobile app is different, and thus, we identify optimal solutions that bring out the best attributes of your app idea. 

Mobile App Development Services We Offer

Mobile App Development Process

Information gathering & brainstorming

We begin our mobile app development process by collecting all the user requirement specifications. Our team identifies the app users, researches the competition, defines the app goals & objectives, and chooses a mobile platform for your app. They brainstorm new and innovative ideas to turn your app vision into a fully functional tangible product.

UI/UX design & Wireframing

The purpose of an app’s design is to offer an effortless and seamless user experience with a polished look. That’s why our skilled UI/UX designers help you create designs that are usable and consistent. They develop wireframes of the app that depict the salient details such as the size and placement of various UI elements.

App development

This stage includes the actual realization and coding of the app. Here, our expert developers establish the development environment, produce different parts of the code, and conduct preliminary testing. They define the app’s technical architecture, frontend, backend, and lay out the development milestones.

Quality assurance

At this stage, the developed code undergoes a series of tests conducted by our Quality Assurance team. This QA testing during the development process makes the applications usable, stable, and secure. Our testing team performs user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device and platform testing.

Beta release

Beta release involves a pre-release of the software to a specific group of users to try under real conditions. As a leading mobile app development company in India, we provide a beta version of the app to the users to ensure a user-friendly and bug-free app.

App store launch

Submitting the developed app to the respective app store is a moderately involved process. At Cumulations, we make sure that your apps are fully configured for release. We fill out all the forms, submit the marketing material and write a description for the app store. Once submitted, the app goes live on Google the same day, whereas, on Apple, it may take a couple of days.

Support & Maintenance

After your app is deployed to the app store, we constantly monitor its usage through advanced analytics platforms and track Key Performance Indicators for measuring your app’s success. We offer complete support and maintenance services to ensure your app meets the ever-evolving market demands.

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Mobile App Development FAQ

The choice of platform depends on the following five factors:

➤ Your target audience

➤ Project timeline

➤ Revenue goals

➤ Desired app features

➤ App maintenance budget

If your budget is not restricted, we recommend you to launch the application in Android as well as iOS.

➤ We are into providing web and mobile app solutions for all major industries. We have worked with 200+ customers worldwide including startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

➤ Some of our previous and current customers include companies like Siemens, Intel, Havells, TGI Sports, and Rapyuta Robotics. Check our portfolio to know more.

➤ At Cumulations, we help you augment your business operations with the right app solution. Whether it is developing a new app from the scratch or simply improving the functionality of your existing app, we have got you covered.

➤ We offer tailored app development packages. You can choose all or any one of our development services as per your specific requirements.