NodeJs Development

By hiring our developers of our NodeJs Development Company to build your web applications, you can benefit from the immense amount of agility we offer in our processes. Our talented team of professionals is available on a part-time and full-time basis.

NodeJs Development Company

What is NodeJs?

NodeJs is an open-source, JavaScript platform that facilitates the quick development of reliable and scalable web applications. It employs an event-driven I/O model that makes it efficient, lightweight, and a brilliant choice for real-time applications that run across a plethora of shared devices. 

Nowadays, many developers prefer NodeJs for developing networking and server-side applications. These applications are written in JavaScript and can be run in NodeJs runtime on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. 

One of the most interesting features of NodeJs is its extensive library of JavaScript modules. They immensely simplify the development process to a huge extent. We are one of the best NodeJs development companies, offering highly customizable and scalable applications that exceed your expectations. Our superior NodeJs development services can steer your business to a new direction. 

Some Noteworthy Features of NodeJs

NodeJs Development Service

NodeJs is an extremely versatile platform. We, at Cumulations Technologies, are among the early adopters of this incredible technology that promises to offer a winning application that kick-starts your journey to success. 

As one of the leading NodeJs development companies, we are a one-stop place for building rich, scalable, and high-performing web and mobile applications. From specialized e-commerce solutions & progressive NodeJs programming to enterprise & social networking applications, we use our advanced skillset to create the best apps for you that can rule the internet. 

Our years of experience in the domain mean that we have worked with varied industry verticals and can provide solutions that will take your business to new heights.

Benefits of Working with Our NodeJs Development Company

Timely and Consistent Delivery

With years of experience and expertise, you can rest assured about the quality of our deliverables. We follow an agile methodology to streamline our development and delivery process and get the project cost within your budget.

A pool of Talented Developers

We work with a resourceful team of full-stack developers who are capable of handling frontend as well as backend development. The team in our IT companies in Bangalore ensures a highly transparent and collaborative development process that keeps you updated on the latest project status.

Unswerving Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction remains at the heart of our service. We carefully assess your requirements and seek your feedback at the end of every phase. All productive feedback is used to optimize our development process and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

High Niche Expertise

Throughout our perky working career, we have delivered projects across various industry verticals. This helps us to understand your requirements precisely and work with the relevant strategies to provide the desired results.

Highly Tailored Solutions

Our NodeJs developers help to fully exploit the potential of this JavaScript framework to devise fast, scalable, and secured web apps in no time. From rich web portals and CMS to social apps and real-time apps, our expert developers can engineer the precise custom solution to meet your requirements.

Hire NodeJs Developers from Cumulations

Being a reputed NodeJs development company, we are backed by a knowledgeable team of NodeJs developers who can cater to all your specific project requirements. They are highly skilled in providing state-of-the-art results. They are extremely passionate about every single project they work on. Keeping themselves abreast of all the latest technology and industry practices, they deliver tailored solutions to address complex problems and make the implementation of strategies an easy process.

Our NodeJs developers offer business-centric services to both local and international clients. They build secure, scalable, and performance-oriented real-time apps to facilitate your business operations. They make use of the latest technologies such as Sail.js for complicated functionalities, TypeScript for advanced and secure coding, for building real-time applications, and much more. They are also well-versed in Express.js, the server-side framework for NodeJs. 

Our Business Models

Being one of the leading NodeJs development companies, we offer flexible engagement options including fixed cost hiring, part-time, and monthly for you to choose from.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model
  • Fixed project deadline and budget
  • Streamlined process with pre-defined requirements
  • Most suitable for small-scale projects with limited features and functionalities
  • Long-term commitment
Time & Material Model (T&M)
  • A great deal of flexibility to change the scope of the project
  • Technology and domain professionals offering niche-specific development
  • Most suitable for large-scale projects with dynamic needs
  • Monthly or weekly billing model
Dedicated Team Model (DTM)
  • Flexible approach to app development
  • Complete access to a talented pool of developers and IT resources
  • Regular updates about every action implemented
  • Monthly or weekly billing model

Technical Skills of Our NodeJs Experts

Our skilled, dedicated, and highly trained NodeJs developers are competent to develop apps that cater to our client’s unique business needs. We are always thrilled to create exclusive products that help you stand out from your competitors. 

  • Scalable, resilient, and secure applications
  • Excellent NodeJs Consulting, Development, and Support services
  • Industry-relevant NodeJs practices with highly customized solutions
  • Stable and superior infrastructure for secure IP creation
  • Hands-on experience of working with NodeJs frameworks
  • Flexible engagement models

Our Node.js developers have complete understanding of several basic Node.js frameworks, including Express, i.e. the foundation framework of the language together with Hapi, Koa.js, and Total.js to expand the functionalities of Node.js. Also, they possess extensive knowledge of Modular-View Controller (MVC) frameworks like ActionHero, Strongloop,, Meteor, etc.

Our technical mavericks are also proficient in API communications and understand how each system communicates with the other. They deploy existing RESTful APIs and other basic APIs for improved software development. 

Our NodeJs Development Process

Tools We Use
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • DynamoDB
  • MariaDB
  • Redis
  • Mocha
  • Unit.js
  • Jasmine
  • Chai
  • Apache 
  • Nginx
  • ElasticSearch
  • Docker
Framework we use
  • Express
  • Koa
  • Sails
  • LoopBack
  • Knex
  • Sequelize
  • Mongoose
  • Meteor
  • Passport
NodeJs services we offer
  • NodeJs Web App Development
  • Microservices Development using NodeJs
  • System Architecture Design
  • NodeJs API and Package Development
  • Application Porting and Migration 
  • Plugins Development
  • NodeJs Backend Support & Maintenance

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