React Native Application Development Company

Being the best react native app development company in India we aim to develop & deliver cross platforms apps with premium designs and scalable backend infrastructure. We make sure to develop everything from scratch and build it using the latest technologies to make it one of the best products. We meticulously adhere to all the deadlines that makes us one of the sought-after React Native development companies.

React Native App Development Company

React Native App development

React Native is a JavaScript framework that comprises advanced features to deliver groundbreaking mobile app development solutions for both iOS and Android. It allows you to build native applications in JavaScript by reusing the code across mobile and web, while still delivering a real native user interface. Developed by Facebook, it is one of the swiftly growing programming languages embraced by an increasing number of react native app developers in India and around the world.

Being a leading react native app development company in India, we build powerful multi-platform apps based on React Native platform. These apps are backed by a set of aesthetically pleasing User Interfaces, delivering an interactive user experience that is parred excellence.

We have assisted umpteen clients to achieve business excellence by offering amazing digital experiences to their customers using our React Native development services. We closely follow the latest advancements in the framework to develop apps for e-commerce, social networking, utility, enterprise apps, and more.

We have an in-house team of adept React Native developers who boast great communication and technical skills. They build stable, top-tier apps that are cost-effective and adaptive to your business needs, thus making us a leading React Native app development company in India.

Benefits of React Native App Development

Maximum Code Re-usability

The platform allows you to reuse as much as 90% of the code within iOS and Android versions, leading to immense savings in terms of development time and costs.


React Native is a component-based framework, where you can build enclosed components using JavaScript, and assemble them all together to create complex and engaging UIs.

Live Updates

With React Native, you can directly push updates to the user’s application without having to wait for app store approvals. This means you can push your next release without requiring the user to update his app.

Zero Dependency

With no dependency on any other technology, React Native offers an all-inclusive ecosystem to develop superlative apps.

Why Choose Cumulations as Your Preferred React Native App Development Company in India?

React Native Development Services we offer

React Native Development Process we follow in our React Native App Development Company in India

Requirements meet

Here, we conduct a thorough discussion with the client to understand his requirements, goals, and business objectives

SRS Documentation

A comprehensive software requirements specification (SRS) document is signed that carefully enlists the purpose, description, and detailed requirements of the product.

Project Structure Creation

Our team of advisors develop a wide-ranging strategy that maps out the use of latest tools and technologies to create a robust product.

Design Creation

This stage involves creating wireframes of the app that demonstrate the structure of the app and every part of its screen.


Our React Native App Development Company ensure a smooth and seamless implementation using advanced tools and technologies.

QA Testing

Every sprint is accompanied by a testing phase that helps to measure the functionality and performance of the app.


The app is submitted to all the app stores after fulfilling their specific guidelines. We also offer complete product maintenance and support.

Why Hire React Native Developers from Cumulations?

At Cumulations, we deliver an extensive range of React Native development services for all types of enterprises. Our highly tailored solutions are positioned around leveraging the sturdy mobile app development framework to shape secure and highly scalable apps.

Our top-of-the-line designers, developers, and consultants have over 6 years of experience in creating React Native apps. These apps are built to target your specific business model and achieve improved performance.

You can easily hire our expert React Native developers for all your project needs. We offer three effective hiring options that provide complete flexibility to hire a professional developer or a team of advisors, as per your needs. These developers are experts in building visually stunning, intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly cross-platform web and mobile applications

Throughout our perky working career, we have managed a comprehensive delivery of projects of all sizes. Our versatile experience in tandem with our ability to work with advanced tools and technologies makes us a leading React Native mobile app development company

Our Business Models

At Cumulations, we offer three flexible engagement options to choose from.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model
  • One-time fixed price payment contract
  •  No hidden costs
  •  Fixed deadlines and budget
  •  No setup fees
  • Best suited for small-scale projects with well-defined requirements
Time & Material Model (T&M)
  • Pay-as-you-go hourly rolling contract
  •  No hidden costs
  •  Pay only for the work done
  •  Monthly billing
  •  Best suited for large-scale projects with dynamic requirements
Dedicated Team Model (DTM)
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract
  •  No hidden costs
  •  Working as per the client’s requirements
  •  Unrestrained access to a large pool of React Native professionals
  • Productive and flexible approach

Unique benefits of working with our React Native App Development Company in India.

Integrity & Transparency

There are many different platforms for chatbot development and chatbot publishing. This permits the developers to set up the processing language in this phase.

Hassle-free Project Management

Our team of skilled and efficient project managers keeps you relieved of all the complicated project management issues. They also keep you in the loop, expediting the development process.

Comprehensive Delivery

At Cumulations, we boast versatile React Native expertise needed to manage the effective delivery of big-scale, multi-disciplinary projects.

Strong React Native Expertise

Since the launch of React Native in 2015, we focused on this development platform and have delivered a string of high-performing cross-platform apps.

Test-Driven Development

We follow a test-driven development approach that helps us to deliver robust software solutions without any hiccups.

Planned Development Process

We follow the Agile app development approach. Our work is divided into different Sprints. The team ensures to release the planned functionalities within the projected time.

Tools and Frameworks used in our React Native Development Company in India

Cumulations is a well-regarded React Native app development company in India, offering top-notch cross-platform apps that accommodate native features and functionalities. We possess top-of-the-line expertise in combining the latest front-end and back-end technologies to build robust and scalable web architectures

Our skilled team of React Native developers creates high-performing apps that have a completely native look and feel. We follow an agile and proactive approach to development that enables us to deliver the projects on time while evading rework, emergency work, and schedule slip-ups.

Our React Native apps are indistinguishable from native Android and iOS apps. Our skilled team of developers uses the same fundamental blocks as regular Android and iOS apps which are put together using the following tools.

Tools We Use
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Expo
  • Flow
  • Redux
  • ESLint
  • Jest Enzyme Testing
  • Fastlane
  • Testflight
  • Fireb
  • ase Analytics
Frameworks We Use
  • Native Base
  • Material Kit React Native
  • ReactNative Elements
  • UI Kitten
  • React Native Maps
  • Lottie-web
  • React Native Vector Icons
  • Ignite CLI

Have a project for us?

Get support from us, turn your idea from concept to MVP, take your startup to the next level. We’re here to support your unique business needs.

React Native Development FAQ

React Native is an open-source framework that uses JavaScript to outline the hierarchy of UI components to create robust mobile applications. Within a couple of years, the framework has gained enormous recognition, community support and market share. Today, it is being used by several renowned organizations like Walmart, Instagram and UberEATS.

React Native makes developing mobile apps a breeze. Also, the final product features incredibly high quality. Owing to its fine performance and scope of accessibility, it is the top choice of app developers around the world.

React Native is the most popular choice for building native, dominant and high-performing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Backed by Facebook, this profound backend language is great for mobile app development for a number of reasons:

➤ Simplified UI

➤ Short development period

➤ Third-party plugin support

➤ Modular architecture

➤ Live and hot reloading

➤ Declarative coding style

➤ Vibrant Ecosystem

➤ Close to Native Application Development

React Native is a more stable framework for mobile app development as compared to Flutter, which is relatively new on the technological forefront. Also, considering the aspect of a mobile app that interfaces with large enterprises as such, React Native stands in the leading row.

Moreover, the performance offered by React Native is very similar to native applications as it renders code elements to the native APIs. This ensures a higher performance.

React Native comes with the following advantages:

➤ Cross-Platform compatibility

➤ Shorter development cycles

➤ It builds near Native apps

➤ Instant live updates

➤ Better development environment

➤ Supported by Facebook and a developing community

React Native is based on React.js that is written in JavaScript. This is another reason for the popularity of the framework as JavaScript is an extensively used language.

Yes, our skilled team of developers can help you migrate an existing app to React Native. However, the process is pretty long and takes more time than developing a new app from scratch.

Getting a React Native app to look and operate like a Native app requires in-depth knowledge and a certain level of experience. So, only a professional React Native app development company will be able to seamlessly pull it off.

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