UI/UX design & development

At Cumulations a UI/UX Design Services company, we strive hard to develop amazingly functional B2B apps with enhanced usability. We strongly conjecture that everything affecting the end user is a significant part of the design process. Consequently, we seek to extend a smooth and thoughtful end user experience by observing a user-centric approach towards developing products which are user-friendly, clean, ground-breaking and expandable.

UI/UX Design Services

Our UI/UX Design Services

Our adroit team of designers and mobile developers work in synergy to develop robust and scalable user experiences in order to maximize the ROI and accomplish business goals. Our efficacy and uniqueness of the final deliverable stems from the process we adopt in UI/UX Design Services. We observe the following process for every product we develop.

Understanding the requirements

Our process begins with understanding the primary requirements of our client. We strive to discover the purpose of the product, the objectives of our client’s business, the target audience and their expectations.

  • Interviews
  • Business Understanding
  • Gap Assessment


At this stage, we seek to discover the knowledge gaps and support your assumptions with real user expectations. We help you strike a balance between the user needs and your business goals. All our deliverables are based on extensive research of the target market, competitors, and dynamic market conditions.

  • Competitors’ Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Market Investigation
  • Building User Personas
  • User Profiling


Planning involves creating a robust prototype or blueprint, also known as a wireframe, to envisage the inclusive look of your product. Our smart team is profoundly experienced in designing comprehensive wireframes to ensure that the right information is accessed in the right manner at the right place.

  • Flow Diagram
  • Information Architecture Planning
  • Usability Engineering
  • Sketching of the Wireframe
  • Clickable Prototypes

Visual design/ User interface design

Visual design gives a face to your brand. It focuses on the aesthetics of the product that are responsible for communicating your idea to the audience. With a deep understanding of various business environments, our skillful designers fabricate creative solutions to appropriately convey your business objectives and build an emotional connect with the users.

  • Define Style Guide
  • Build High Fidelity Design Mockup
  • Design Review & Validation
  • User Acceptance


This involves the process of transforming the design into a fully-functional product. Our frontend developers hold substantial expertise in all the coding technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We ensure that your product is interactive, beautiful, and as per industry standards.

  • Finalize UX deliverables
  • Frontend development


At Cumulations, we observe a process of thorough UI & Usability testing to ensure ease of use and control flow convenience. We conduct several user-testing sessions to obtain insightful feedback on UI/UX design and convert this data into actionable design enhancements.

  • On-site Testing
  • Remote User Testing
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Usability Compliance

Product launch

Finally, the product is launched in the market. We provide unswerving customer support and complete technical assistance even after the final launch.

  • End-user feedback
  • Analysis
  • Continuous improvement

Our team

We comprise of a team of UX strategists, graphic designers, information architects and content tacticians that have an inclusive understanding of the touch points with audiences to develop interactive user experiences. They closely examine the various aspects in which the user interacts with the app. Taking into account user backgrounds, needs and expectations, they design neat workflows and develop the best solution to accomplish every design need.

Why choose us?

We have over 7 years of successful experience in designing UI for various sectors such as Health, Finance, Education, Real Estate, IT, Fashion, Social Portals, and Intranet.

  • We identify with the end user and prioritize them while developing products that feature lively technology and intuitive designs.
  • We primarily focus on meeting users’ needs and requirements. Our team employs the best practices and theories to optimize the efficacy and usability of the design.
  • We proffer creative design solutions which are imposing, brand-centric and future-ready by applying the latest design models and frameworks such as HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, JS, and Material Design.

Have a project for us?

Get support from us, turn your idea from concept to MVP, take your startup to the next level. We’re here to support your unique business needs.

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