Web Application Development Company

We are a leading web application development company in India offering next-generation web applications that help you sail smoothly through challenging and ever-evolving technological times. We provide top-notch, end-to-end web deliverables that cater to diverse business needs.

Web Application Development Company

Web Application Development

Web application development deals with the creation of web apps, which are computer programs that use web browsers and web technology to accomplish tasks over the internet. These apps reside on a remote server and do not require to be downloaded. The end-user can access the app through a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. Majorly, all web apps are written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Web applications use an arrangement of server-side scripts (NodeJSPython & others) to manage the data storage and data retrieval, and client-side scripts (HTML and JavaScript) to display the information to the users. These apps are usually coded in browser-backed languages, such as HTML and JavaScript as their working is contingent on the compatibility with the browser. Some web apps are dynamic that also require server-side processing, whereas the others are completely static with no processing required at the server.

Web apps require three components- a web server to manage requests from the customers, an application server to conduct the requested tasks, and a database to hoard the data. Our Web Application Development company in India won’t play any speculating games but seek out the facts from a range of analytical tools to help you get the edge. We help startups & enterprises in building future ready and scalable web applications.

Web Application Development Services We Offer

Python Development

Python is one of the best coding languages for web app development, owing to its robust emphasis on efficiency and readability. We offer Python web app development with Django framework to build scalable and bug-free deliverables. We fully exhaust Python’s standard library support to seamlessly execute complex functionalities.

Vue.js Development

Cumulations was one of the earlier app companies to adopt Vue.js to power highly engaging web apps. The modern JavaScript framework is extremely fast, powerful and helps to create scalable, dynamic, and easy to maintain single page apps from scratch.

React Development

React is the popular JavaScript frameworks that powers sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and eBay. It enables the creation of UIs that easily handle complex interactions without creating difficult to read JavaScript. As a leading Web App Development Company in Bangalore, we help you develop well-architected React apps.

PHP Development

At Cumulations one of the IT companies in Bangalore, we offer custom PHP web application development. Being a leading web app development company, our developers leverage present-day frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP to create scalable apps. Our customer-centric solutions are focused on creating new opportunities for enterprises.

Open Source Web App Development

Our team offers Open Source technology consulting & development services to provide a persuasive value proposition that is customized as per the latest industry trends. We specialize in offering end-to-end services like Open Source CMS Development, Open Source eCommerce development, and more.

Node.js Development

Our Web App Development Company caters to lightweight web apps that are built using the Node.js platform. It is extremely fast and scalable that enhances your visibility to the users by loading and responding faster than other websites.

Express JS Development

ExpressJS is a web application framework for Node.js. At Cumulations, our expertise involves creating robust digital solutions for CRM and eCommerce using Express and Node.js.

Web Portal Development

May it be a Business (B2B & B2C) Portal Development, Shopping Portal Development or Job, matrimony and mailing portals, we help you build the most suitable platform where you can communicate with your customers.

Ecommerce Development

As an experienced web app development company, we possess expertise in building powerful admin panels that help businesses manage every aspect of their online sales. We offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions with integration of multiple payment gateways, top-notch module plugins, and an interactive UX.

Custom Web App Development

Whether you need to develop a custom web app from scratch, restructure existing front-end functionality or migrate your app backend, we have got you covered. Our Web App Development company in India offers superior business intelligence solutions, to the cloud, secure intranets, and extranets.

Enterprise Web App Development

Our enterprise web application development services in our IT companies in Bangalore help to create stable, secure, and good-looking enterprise-grade web applications for every business need.

Our Strong Suits as a Web Application Development Company

At Cumulations, we have a thorough understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based understanding and our exclusive brand of innovation to help you outmaneuver the competition.

  • Seasoned developers who are aware of the industry-leading practices
  • Consistent quality, CMMI certified processes
  • Immensely cost-effective and best-of-breed solutions sans any last-minute surprises
  • 100% clean track record in IPR and source code protection
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Transparent project management with maximum adherence to guidelines
  • Scalable infrastructure to back your growth needs
  • Cost leadership and superior ROI for your IT initiatives

Being the best web application development company in India, we customize every project for optimal visibility and customer response. By hiring our specialized web application development services, you get unrestrained access to a skilled and dedicated team backing you up round-the-clock.

All our processes center on the needs of our clients and are designed to reduce the cost of business operations and address IT resourcing challenges. We kick start the development journey by evaluating your requirements.

Powerful Web Apps Tailored for your Business

Why Choose Cumulations as Web App Development company ?

We are a leading web application development company in India offering next-generation web applications that help you sail smoothly through challenging and ever-evolving technological times. We provide top-notch, end-to-end web deliverables that cater to diverse business needs.

Our development team formulates custom strategies to fulfill client expectations by aligning it with the industry benchmarks. With years of domain experience, we use open-source platforms such as PHP, .Net, Node.js, Angualar.js, React.js, Laravel, and Python to deliver steadfast web-based application development services. Our web app development company is well-aware of the significance of clean programming code for the success of a deliverable. We develop solutions that offer quick and easy synchronization with major search engines. Additionally, our QA and testing team ensures that your web app conforms to the latest web standards along with rapid web page loading times to safeguard improved usability for the designed interface.

As an established web application development company, we develop powerful and scalable web apps with an undivided focus on your business goals. Be it a cloud-based app or an on-premise setup, we can develop just the ideal web solution for your needs.

Prominent Benefits of a Web Application

  • Web apps can run on multiple platforms regardless of the device or operating system because the web browsers access them. This enhances the accessibility of the company as people often use their devices interchangeably. This also brings down the development cost.
  • Web applications can be easily updated across all devices simply by sending an update to the web application development software. Since the upgrade doesn’t need to be individually installed on each device, it helps to save a lot of time.
  • Web applications operate on web browsers. Thus, there is no need for upgrading the hardware when web applications are built or updated. This eradicates massive capital expenditures, making web application development a cost-friendly option.
  • These apps can be used by the users without having to download or install from the app store. They can simply go to the web browser, log on, and start using it.
  • Web applications assist companies in boosting their security by frequently updating their software without any hassle.

Our Unique Approach & Process for we app development



The first step of our app development journey entails understanding the requirements of our client. We ensure that every wish is taken care of with dedication and perfection.



We deploy on-demand strategies only after extensive research, decoding the requirements, and learning about the market situation.


Front-end Customization

We ensure to maintain the app identity so that the users love it. We create enticing UI/ UX to get the users hooked on instantly.


Back-end Engineering

With us, the back-end of your web app is well taken care of. The data storage solutions are created with utmost care to meet every requirement.


Quality Checks

Every stage and component of the app is scrupulously checked by coherent testers. Our Web App Development Company promises to deploy the best version.

Languages & Frameworks used in our Web Application Development Company in India

Our cross-industrial experience empowers us to create solutions specific to our clients’ needs. We deploy a detail-oriented approach with extensive architecture planning to develop products that are agile and high in performance. An intuitive & user-friendly frontend in tandem with a robust & durable backend is what our apps are made of.

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