Our portfolio app "Selfio" has received 10,000+ downloads in 1st week of launch. Our portfolio app "Engine Codes" has received 50,000+ downloads. Our portfolio app, "Catch it" wins Airtel-Singtel-Samsung App challenge Award India!!


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Client: California based On-Board Diagnostic Company Engine-Codes Area: Bluetooth enabled Automobile Engine diagnostics app. ...

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Selfio - Get high quality selfies with your front Camera!


Bored of low quality/low light selfies from the front cam? Irritated that you're not able to frame your selfies properly while using the back camera? The solution has arrived! ...

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Mpression Odyssey IoT Smart Phone - Smart phone interface app

Mpression IoT App

Area: Internet of Things app (powered by BLE) A real time client to interact with the IoT hardware, which can be customized for different parameters, based on t...

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Description Find better jobs with just one tap using Babajob, India's largest portal for aspiring jobs. With just one tap, tell us what type of job you want...

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Catchit App by Cumulations won Airtel-Singtel-Samsung App challenge

Our portfolio app, “Catch it” wins Airtel-Singtel-Samsung App challenge Award India!!

Praveena Kumara D


Nov 14,2014

It’s a moment of pride for us at Cumulations to see our client winning the prestigious Airtel-Singtel-Samsung App challenge. We were involved in ...

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Bluetooth low energy devices by Cumulations

Doing firmware upgrade over BLE in Android

Pradeep V R


Dec 04,2014

In this tutorial we will be explaining about how to do firmware upgrade over BLE on TI's SensorTag which has CC2541 SoC. SensorTag is a BLE enabled multi-sensor device whic...

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How to change UITableView’s editing mode circle color

How to customize UITableView’s editing mode

Vishnu Kanth

iOS Developer

Mar 03,2015

We know in the UTableView you can set default edit mode by : [tableView setEditing:YES animated:YES]; Then you can see something of this sort.

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