Test Automation Services

What is Test Automation?

The practice of running tests automatically, managing test data, and using the results to enhance software quality is referred to as test automation. It is mainly a quality control assurance measure but requires the commitment of the entire software production team.

At Cumulations, we specialize in providing test automation services tailored to specific business needs. By leveraging our extensive experience and the latest technology, we create bespoke automation strategies.

How Does Test Automation Work?

Test automation involves the use of specialized software to control and monitor the execution of tests and compare the actual outcome with the expected results. This is how the test automation solution works:

  1. Planning the Test :

    The first step is to plan the test cases that will be automated. Not all tests are suitable for automation, and hence, it is important to prioritize and choose the ones providing the most value.

  2. Test Automation Tools:

    As already mentioned, test automation requires the use of specialized frameworks and tools. The test automation company chooses the tools according to the test requirements, technology stack, and available resources of the specific application. TestNG, Appium, and Selenium are some popular test automation tools.

  3. Test Script Creation & Data Setup:

    Automation engineers create test scripts using the chosen automation tool. These scripts are primarily instructions specifying the actions that will be performed on the application under test. The scripts are written in Python, Java, and other scripting languages. Also, before running the tests, the test data must be set up, and this involves configuring application settings, preparing databases, or creating test data files.

  4. Test Execution:

    When the test data and scripts are ready, the automated tests are executed.

  5. Continuous Maintenance:

    Ongoing maintenance is one of the most essential components of test automation. Test scripts have to be updated as the application evolves so it accommodates changes in functionality and user interface.

  6. Test Suite Management:

    Test suites and test cases are managed and organized within the automation tool. These are collections of related test cases that can be executed together.

So, this is how test automation works. When the test is executed, the test reveals a detailed report outlining the failure or errors encountered during the test. If you are launching a new application software, test automation solutions are a must so the application is bug-free.

Test Automation Approach/Process We Follow

At Cumulations, our approach to automation services is scalable and flexible. It can be used to test an array of applications or software.

In-depth Assessment

Before providing automated testing solutions, we delve into a thorough analysis of the existing test data and the process of testing. The potential return on investment is calculated so we can implement our bespoke testing solution while passing on the maximum financial and operational benefits to our customers.

Crafting Bespoke Test Automation Strategy

Once our team has a clear understanding of your business requirements and goals, we develop an all-inclusive QA test automation strategy. Our strategy ensures all aspects of your product are thoroughly tested and bug-free before the stipulated launch date.

Framework Implementation and Creation of Scripts

We implement specific frameworks catering to individualized business requirements. The frameworks serve as the backbone of the test automation solution. Then, our team focuses on creating scripts to be used during the tests.

Automated Regression Testing

At Cumulations, we perform automated regression testing to ensure the new changes have not negatively impacted the existing functionalities. Thanks to this, we ensure the product quality remains reliable and of the highest standard after every addition or update.

Test Automation Benefits

Reduced Regression Cost

Swift detection and addressing of problems by a test automation company reduce regression costs as costly late-stage bug fixes are prevented.

Faster Time To Market

Automated testing helps achieve a shorter time to market without compromising on quality. Automation can be used to perform routine, repeated tasks faster so that primary product development cycles are managed.

Better Testing Quality

Test automation solution amplifies quality by executing repeatable and consistent tests, reducing human errors. Hence, better testing quality is achieved.

Better Resource Utilization

As automated tests free up human testers for more creative and complicated tasks, team efficiency is optimized, and resources are better utilized.

Multi-Platform Testing

Test automation services make multi-platform testing feasible. It enables simultaneous testing across platforms and devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Why Choose Cumulations for Test Automation Service

Proven Years of Expertise

Cumulations is a test automation company with a track record of delivering successful test automation solutions. Our in-house, experienced team understands the intricacies of automation and tailors solutions to specific business requirements.

Cutting-edge Technologies and Tools

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and tools to create an efficient results-driven test automation framework. Our team ensures the testing process is up-to-date.

Quality Assurance

Cumulations prioritizes quality above everything else. Our automation services identify and address the problems early in the development cycle.

Transparent Communication

At Cumulations, we understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. Count on us to maintain transparent communication throughout the process.


Whether you are an enterprise or a startup, our automation testing services are easily scalable. They can meet your changing or growing needs.

Dedicated Support

Count on our reliable and continuous support throughout the automation process.

Types of Automated Testing Cumulations Performs

  • Functional Testing

    Functional testing checks the functioning of the software or app. It finds out whether the product is meeting specific requirements and meeting the users’ needs.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance testing finds out how an app or software performs under different conditions and loads. This test helps in the identification of performance-related issues.

  • Integration Testing

    Integration testing is carried out to ensure the app’s separate work modules function correctly after revising the code. Additionally, this test automation solution identifies communication glitches between the different application components.

  • Compatibility Testing

    Automated tests are run on different browsers and devices simultaneously to check the compatibility of the software. This saves a lot of time and effort.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression tests are a combination of non-functional and functional tests to check whether the software has regressed after a specific change. This test is run to ensure the software’s performance hasn’t been impacted.

  • Data-driven Testing

    Each test case is run according to a set of data. This data is separately stored in a spreadsheet or table. Data-driven testing implies the use of the same set of data for multiple testing to save time and effort.

  • Keyword-driven Testing

    A functional automation testing framework, keyword-driven testing involves using a spreadsheet or table to describe all the performed test functions. The test process uses human language to describe the application process. Testers build multiple scripts using relevant keywords and these scripts are reused.

  • User interface Testing

    User interface testing involves checking the software’s user experience, which depends on the usability, functionality and the aesthetic quality of the user interface. The objective is to maintain an optimal user experience.

  • Usability Testing

    Usability testing involves testing the software’s usability. It helps in identifying the issues related to the product’s accessibility and ease of experience. This testing process ensures the software product is easy to use.

  • Security Testing

    Security testing involves testing the product’s security and identifying vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may exploit. Security testing is one of the most essential types of automation testing because it ensures the software is not vulnerable to attacks.

Test Automation Services We Provide

Assessment & ROI Analysis:

At Cumulations, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine the potential ROI and feasibility of test automation. This is done to help you make informed decisions about adopting test automation solutions.

End-to-end Test Strategy:

We craft comprehensive test strategies customized to our client’s project requirements and objectives. Count on us to provide you with a tailored approach unique to your project.

Framework Implementation:

Our highly trained and knowledgeable team specializes in crafting efficient test automation frameworks. We offer a foundation for scalable test automation services.

Scripting & Execution:

Cumulations can handle scripting and test case execution. We automate repetitive tasks while remaining consistent.

Unit Testing:

The initial step of the automation testing program is unit testing. Through this, we ensure the application runs seamlessly with the integrated tools. During this test, all the components of the application are tested as individual units to ensure they are fully functional.

Automated Regression Testing:

The software’s existing functionality is kept intact via our automated regression testing. Our tests help detect and address regressions early in the development stage.

Selenium Testing:

We perform browser automation testing by utilizing the power of Selenium. With this, we test the compatibility of the software across devices and platforms.

Intelligent Testing:

Intelligent testing techniques are incorporated to augment test efficiency and coverage while addressing issues faster.

API Testing:

Our team specializes in API testing to validate the functionality and communication of the different software components.

Functional Testing:

Conducting functional testing is one of our test automation services. With this test, we verify the software meets the specific needs and promptly address operational problems.

Security Testing:

At Cumulations, we give importance to software security through various security tests. These tests quickly identify vulnerabilities and boost the system’s defenses.

Load Testing:

We assess the functioning and performance of the software under different conditions and loads. If the software cannot scale up to an array of load scenarios, the changes can be made early in development.

GUI Testing:

We conduct this testing to determine whether the software’s user interface is responsive, intuitive, and bug-free.

Regression Testing:

Our consistent regression testing ensures the software’s functionality and performance is unaffected after code revisions.

Smoke Testing:

Smoke testing helps us determine whether the software’s new build is stable for more testing. This helps in speeding up the release process.

Continuous Testing:

We integrate continuous testing into software development, ensuring quality assurance.

Performance Testing:

Our team evaluates the software’s performance under different scenarios. This helps us identify bottlenecks so you can optimize the responsiveness of your product.

Integration Testing:

Through our integration testing, we recognize the collaboration between different systems or modules.

Compatibility Testing:

We test the compatibility of your software across browsers, platforms, and devices so you don’t have to.

System Testing:

Cumulations’ system testing ensures the software’s efficient functioning, ensuring every component functions well together.

Test Automations FAQs

Yes, test automation services are necessary for your business as it allows you to get early feedback. It puts you in a better position to quickly eliminate bugs and decrease the risks associated with software development. Furthermore, these tests can be performed multiple times without increasing the cost of the resources.

Automated testing solutions offer consistent, faster, and cost-effective testing. They amplify test coverage, support continuous testing, and help detect bugs and issues early in development. Hence, it ensures high-quality, bug-free software delivery.

Automation plays a critical role in crafting a holistic software testing strategy. The tests that must be automated are API (application program interface) tests, unit tests, UI (user interface) tests, regression tests, performance and load testing, integration testing, cross-browser and cross-platform testing, and so on.

Test automation offers repeatability and efficiency. However, all tests are not suitable for automation. Usability, exploratory, and ad-hoc testing may require manual intervention.

At Cumulations, we provide end-to-end test automation services. Our solutions are tailored to specific business needs and objectives. Contact us to understand how we can help you achieve your goals.

Yes, we can closely work with your development and testing team to seamlessly integrate test automation into your existing processes.

The ROI varies depending on factors like project complexity and size. However, most clients experience a significant reduction in testing costs and a faster time to market.

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