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Chatbot Development Company

Being a top Chatbot Development company, we quickly build & deploy smart chatbots for channels such as Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram and many more.

Chatbot Development Company

Chatbot development

Chatbot development offers the most powerful and convenient way of streamlining customer interactions. We, as a chatbot development company , use robust technology that enables us to quickly build and deploy smart chatbots over a wide number of channels such as Slack, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Telegram and many more. We offer superior AI chatbot development for all kinds of business enterprises. Leveraging professional fineness in tandem with leading-edge solutions, we seek to propel our client’s business into the stratosphere.

How does a Chatbot work?

Chatbots make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to understand and analyze human speech, figure out the appropriate responses, and revert in human-understandable language. The primary aim of NLP is to make the interaction between computers and humans as seamless as possible.

NLP involves two processes

  • NLU:
    Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the ability of the chatbot to convert the text typed by the user into structured data for a machine to understand.
  • NLG:
    Natural Language Generation (NLG) transforms the structured data into human understandable text.

With ongoing improvements in NLP technology, the chatbots can easily detect the subtle tones in written as well as spoken conversation. Although there is a little struggle when it comes to decoding similes and metaphors, yet advanced methodologies are being devised every day that help to overcome these obstacles.

Why use chatbots?

Our chatbot development team

Our consortium of expert professionals is united by an unswerving passion for excellence. We strive for brilliance as we pursue our bleeding-edge development methodologies to build the best and most sturdy deliverables for our clients. That’s what makes us tick

We have extensive knowledge about the basic technologies that go into the process of chatbot development. With a consolidated experience of 9+ years, we have set our benchmarks high for both development and proffer quality services to all businesses irrespective of the industry.

We are a reputed chatbot development company that builds prize-winning chatbots. Apart from addressing the common inquiries, our highly refined and AI powered chatbots will warmly greet your website visitors, automatically route chats to the concerned departments, help users get through troubleshooting processes and much more.

Why choose us as a chatbot development company ?

Our Chatbot Development Services

Microsoft Bot Development

Our developers create conversational AI-enabled chatbots that leverage the full potential of Microsoft framework and its integrated environment. These chatbots are highly flexible and can be scoped to handling a few simple commands or extremely complex responses.

Voice-Enabled Chatbot

From setting an alarm or dialing a number to converting your house into a voice-support smart home, our voice-enabled chatbots will let you do everything. Our developers also create voice-enabled bots with chat support for improved user experience.

Chatbot Testing

Our developers conduct both manual and automation testing of chatbots to ensure a groundbreaking and profitable product. They make use of high-end tools such as Gupshup Proxy Bot, TestyourBot, Reddit, Dimon, etc. to create a fail-proof solution.

Integration with ERP systems

At Cumulations, we have a highly experienced team that integrates chatbot with the client’s enterprise-wide ERP system. These systems are equipped with analytical capabilities that help to decode user responses and turn them into actionable business insights.

Facebook Bot Development

Our Facebook bot development service enables businesses to reach out to millions of Facebook users in the most approachable way. These bots will discover user behaviors, track the details of the conversation, and measure conversion engagement and retention rate.

WhatsApp bot development

Our team of chatbot developers helps companies build strong customer relationships through WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. Our WhatsApp chatbots are powered by WhatsApp API and use the most sophisticated AI technology to respond to business queries.

Slack Bot Development

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool. It comes with a wide range of APIs, using which our expert developers create intelligent team-based chatbots. These bots can help you and your teamwork in a seamless manner.

Telegram Bot Development

Our Telegram bot development service helps you get a high-grade chatbot for Telegram. Our developers use the latest tools and techniques to implement top-notch products that allow you to flawlessly interact with your customers in Telegram interaction.

Multilingual Chatbot Development

By localizing chatbots, businesses can effectively overcome all language barriers and reach out to a wider user base. Our developers create highly efficient bots that can engage in eloquent and culturally-appropriate conversations in the user’s native language to improve engagement and boost conversions.

Custom Chatbot Development

Whatever your industry domain is, our developers help to build robust chatbot applications that are specific to your business needs. They have extensive experience in developing robust solutions for industry verticals such as e-commerce, healthcare, delivery, banking and insurance, online food ordering, customer support, etc.

Business Applications of WhatsApp Chatbots

Types of WhatsApp Messenger Chatbots

Industry-specific chatbot Development solutions

Chatbots can be easily implemented across diverse industry verticals to provide improved customer experience. These bots can seamlessly handle a number of tasks, such as customer complaints, customer care, and feedback, searching and booking, managing payments, etc.

The chatbots developed by our expert developers can be deployed across several industries, such as:

  • E-commerce Chatbot
  • News Chatbot
  • Food Ordering Chatbot
  • Hotel Booking Chatbot
  • Ticketing Chatbot
  • Customer Support Chatbot
  • Healthcare Chatbot
  • Finance Chatbot

The process of developing a chatbot includes providing a real image of a customer care representative to the chatbot and scripting easy-to-understand, genuine answers. At Cumulations, our chatbot developers follow a specific set of guidelines to build smart and intelligent solutions. Here are the main steps in our development process.

Our Chatbot Development Process

Our Tools and Frameworks

At Cumulations, we work with a team of experts who build highly intelligent and specialized chatbots using frameworks that align with the changing business dynamics.

  • Google DialogFlow
  • Amazon Lex
  • TensorFlow
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • GupShup
  • BotMan
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Wit.ai
  • BotPress
  • SAP Conversational AI
  • Chatfuel

Have a project for us?

Get support from us, turn your idea from concept to MVP, take your startup to the next level. We’re here to support your unique business needs.

Chatbot development FAQ

At Cumulations, we follow a simple step procedure to build highly interactive chatbots:

➤ Determine the role of chatbot

➤ Evaluate and pick the channel

➤ Create the conversational interface

➤ Design Dialog Flows, Storyboards and Integrations

➤ Collect chat data

➤ Pick a platform and development approach

➤ Implement the Dialog Flow and engineer the NLU

➤ Go through rigorous internal testing


➤ Easy deployment

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human interaction through Artificial Intelligence. Chatbot development involves creates chatbots that interpret anything you say or type and accordingly respond by answering or executing the command.

At Cumulations, we offer outstanding chatbot solutions that can be easily integrated in your existing mobile app or website to streamline customer interactions.

Yes, we possess all the required knowledge and skills to create an exceptional chatbot product that exceeds your expectations. Our developers are trained at building a fully customizable chatbot by leveraging some of the most popular frameworks such as Amazon Lex, Google’s DialogFlow and Microsoft Bot framework.

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