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At Cumulations, we endeavor to serve multiple businesses with our avant garde AngularJS development services. We provide an array of services to match the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

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Our Custom AngularJS Development Process


We start the development process with a comprehensive discovery. We have a dynamic team that collaborates closely with clients to gather your unique needs, target audience, and business goals. We take an in-depth analysis and conduct thorough discussion to gather crucial insights that can redefine the direction of the project.


We have a skilled team that consists of versatile AngularJS developers who craft a fully customized solution to match your specific requirements. Our team leverages the next-generation technologies, tools, and also modern practices for developing scalable, powerful, and user-friendly AngularJS apps. During this phase, we focus on converting your ideas into tangible solutions.


We have a group of designers who collaborate with you during the design process to create an enticing design. We provide a mindblowing design that not only appears awesome but also enhances the overall user experience. Our team pays close attention to a myriad of factors such as accessibility, usability, branding, etc. It helps them ensure your final products match the needs of your target audience.


Development is a crucial phase of the entire process. It converts your ideas to an app. During this phase, experts create interactive and dynamic web apps while ensuring these are responsive, quick, and feature-rich. We are committed to adhering to the latest practices and coding standards to ensure the scalability, reliability, and also maintainability of the codebase.


Ensuring quality is something that is an integral part of our AngularJS development process. Our well-trained QA experts conduct rigorous testing under different circumstances. We do app testing through several browsers, devices, and environments. It helps us identify and also rectify several inconsistencies or bugs.


This is the final stage of the Angular JS development process. In this, we create a detailed plan and execute a tried and tested deployment strategy for the final product. Our team ensures minimal disruption to their operations. Whether you implement it on a cloud-based platform or an on-premise server, we are capable of handling processes with great care.

Why is Angular the Best for Web Apps?

Angular is well-known for providing numerous advantages, which makes it the most preferred choice among the majority of developers. Let’s get an overview of some of the top advantages of this framework.

NgRX Experts

NgRX library is one of the greatest strengths of Angular. It helps developers to manage the app state with the use of the Redux pattern. It helps ensure highly maintainable and scalable codebases and ensures seamless communication between different components.

Two-way Data Binding

Being one of the greatest features of Angular, two-way data binding revolutionizes the development process. It can synchronize the mode and the view, which ensures seamless updates in both directions. Developers get a chance for data manipulation in the model, which reflects instant changes in the UI and vice versa.

DOM Manipulation

With DOM manipulation, developers get a declarative approach to creating dynamic web apps. The framework includes a powerful template system that provides effortless data binding and manipulation even without manipulating the DOM directly.

Easy Testing

The credit goes to Angular’s architecture which brings possibilities of easy testing with the help of a dependency injection system and also modular design. It allows developers to write unit tests even without putting in a hard effort, which ensures the stability and reliability of their apps.

Faster Application Prototyping

Fast application prototyping is another great advantage of Angular. The framework boasts various pre-built components and templates that are capable of improving the overall development process. It lets developers scaffold out the structure of apps rapidly. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) ensures robust scaffolding abilities and also various code generation tools.

Ample Community Support

Angular has a huge and active community of developers. The framework is available with various resources including tutorials, documentation, third-party libraries, etc. Its vast ecosystem improves collaboration and also knowledge sharing. It encourages developers to follow the best practices and also get updated on the latest trends.

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Why Choose Cumulations as your Reliable AngularJS Development Company

Toolkit for AngularJS app development services

  • Angular CLI
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • Angular DevTools
  • Protractor
  • Angular Kickstart
  • Generator Angular
  • AngularFire
  • Angular Deckgrid
  • AngularJS UI
  • Restangular
  • Ment.io

Frequently Asked Questions

Angular is a framework, which is developed by the leading search engine giant Google. It’s an open-source framework and makes the development process of dynamic single-page apps simple.

Well, Angular is used mainly for developing a range of apps like progressive web apps, single-page apps, desktop apps, and mobile applications.

Angular development cost depends on several factors such as developer experience, project complexity, location, etc. We generally charge on an hourly basis. To know our charges, you can get in touch with our experts.

Yes, you can also hire an Angular developer to create dynamic web apps. Our Angular developers specialize in HTML, TypeScript, and CSS, which helps them create an interactive user interface and seamless experiences.

Yes, we are committed to delivering projects on time. We work with the commitment to ensure vast client satisfaction and also effective project management. 

Yes, our Angular development engagement models are capable of catering to your specific requirements. Be it hourly rates for flexibility, fixed prices, or dedicated teams, we endeavor to offer multiple options to serve diverse needs.

On average the cost to create a web app with the use of AngularJS may range from $30000 to $200,000. It depends on the type of app you wish to develop and also many other factors such as project complexity, hourly rates, development time, and features.

Yes, we provide fully comprehensive post-deployment technical support for various Angular projects. We provide continuous assistance to address various issues, implement updates, and optimize performance.

Our Angular development process is a combination of multiple steps that include discovery, creation, design, development, testing, and deployment.

You will be the source code owner of your Angular project.