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Our insights from experience

A channel where we pen down our Project learnings and experiences, which could be useful to the community.

Audio and Video Playback in Android Apps
Working with Multimedia: Audio and Video Playback in Android Apps

Nowadays, it has become impossible to imagine the digital landscape without multimedia files. That’s why many of the Audio and Video Playback in Android Apps and multimedia smartphone apps built by mobile app development company in Bangalore comes with audio and video playback options. Do you have any idea how they are incorporated? Media playback […]

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Building Location-Aware Apps with GPS and Google Maps API

Building location-aware apps is a great way to solve several daily life problems. If you’re familiar with navigation apps, you’ll know how the GPS in your phone allows you to search for a nearby restaurant or movie theater. The same goes for some day-to-day tasks like finding a partner online with a GPS-enabled dating app […]

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Bug Tracking System
Bug Tracking System for mobile app development project

As a mobile app development company in Bangalore, having an effective Bug Tracking system is crucial to the success of your projects. A bug tracking system helps you keep track of bugs and issues in your mobile apps, prioritize fixes, and ensure a high-quality end product. The tools are also known as tracking systems or […]

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IDEs for Android app development
Top 10 IDEs for Android app development projects in 2023

Let’s look into some IDEs for Android app development. In the current year, mobile apps are going to generate around $935 billion in total revenue. And with more than 2.80 million apps available to download on the Google Play Store, it’s a sign that people are getting addicted to mobile apps. Hence, the scope of […]

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API Calls in Android
Handling Multiple API Calls in Android: 3 Best Practices

Handling multiple API calls in Android applications can sometimes be a challenging task due to the asynchronous nature of APIs. However, with the right approach, it can be managed effectively. In this article, we will explore different scenarios for handling multiple API calls and discuss best practices to ensure smooth execution and optimal performance. Scenario […]

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Fintech app development
Fintech app development step-by-step guide

Fintech app development is a complicated and costly process. It’s not just about building an app — finding the right developer, ensuring your app will work on different platforms, etc. Plus, many apps in the market already do what you want to create. However, if you’re still looking to get started in Fintech app development […]

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Worldwide Developers Conference
Annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – 2023

Introduction: The annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a highly anticipated event in the tech world, where Apple unveils its latest software updates, product releases, and cutting-edge technologies. In 2023, WWDC brought forth a wave of excitement as Apple introduced groundbreaking advancements in iOS, WatchOS, and a revolutionary feature called “New Vision Pro.” In this […]

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Mobile phone apps vs tablet apps: Developing strategies and differences.

Nothing is as important as a mobile phone in today’s time. Wherever you go or whatever you are doing, your mobile is your number one accompaniment. From helping you to communicate with others to storing different data files, there are so many uses of this end device. Apart from mobiles, another handy device that is […]

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Develop an eCommerce App and grow your Online Revenue

Being a business owner, you always have to look for ways to outperform your competitors. Setting up an online eCommerce store is just a baby step to do so. However, you will also need an app as it provides quick access to products and services. Developing an eCommerce app is also a key to growing […]

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Kotlin For Android App Development
Complete Guide to Kotlin For Android App Development

In 2020, Kotlin was renowned as the 4th most-loved language. It still holds the 2nd position in the top 5 Android programming languages in the world. Let’s look into Guide to Kotlin For Android App Development As Kotlin is the official programming language for android development, many developers want to learn it. But the path […]

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