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Our insights from experience

A channel where we pen down our Project learnings and experiences, which could be useful to the community.

FlutterFlow a no code tool for Flutter Development? Advantages and Disadvantages?

The app development market is soaring to new heights. In the coming times, the growth rate is expected to be 11.5% between 2020 to 2027. So, it’s no doubt that new app development tools are entering the market. There are so many different tools for designing your app. From simple IDEs to designing tools, there’s […]

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Getting started with Stripe Subscriptions

Subscriptions are perfect for any book memberships, gym memberships, donations & many other similar things which have recurring payments. To begin with, implementing stripe in any project is not all difficult now. Firstly you need to understand its flow and how Stripe actually works. Here we at Mobile App Development Company in India will describe […]

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Flutter for IoT App Development

Nothing in our life is untouched by technology. It has transformed our life to an extent that was used to be in sci-fi novels. Today, you can control a home appliance using a smartphone. No more you have to leave your bed or sofa to turn off the fan, AC, etc. Thanks to the emergence […]

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How to use flutter flavors to generate multiple build variants

FLUTTER FLAVORS When developing apps, it is very important to separate out development and production environments. Flavors allows us to create multiple versions or variants of our app with the same codebase making it easy to create and test features without the risk of destroying the production data. Let’s look into more information about how […]

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How to perform web scraping with the help of Puppeteer.

In this blog, we will see how to perform web scraping with the help of headless browser, from developers in our Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore What is Headless Browser and What are its use cases? A headless browser is a web browser without a graphical user interface.  Headless browsers provide automated control of […]

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How to avoid SSL Handshake Exception & MITM attack

SSL HANDSHAKE EXCEPTION   Almost every app nowadays requires to be connected to an API service. This involves setting up the app to be calling the API services and fetching the data properly and handling errors and exceptions. If you have worked on any such applications, there is a high chance that you have encountered […]

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Converting Figma to Flutter. Is it production ready?

Converting Figma to Flutter! In a Flutter software development company lifecycle stage, design plays a crucial role to get a user-friendly application. It is what helps the user to interact with the app seamlessly.   Flutter templates are widely used by the developers for app development, but they lead to high costs and more time […]

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What are the no code tools trending in Flutter App Development?

If you’ve ever wanted a cool and useful Flutter App Development, the Flutter open-source framework may be the right tool for the job. It’s a cross-platform mobile app development framework developed by Google for creating native mobile apps with a single codebase. You can make the best use of this platform by using it with […]

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14 Competitive business benefits of mobile apps for the construction industry?

Currently, mobile apps are used in all the different sectors we look around. And mobile apps for construction industry too help grow your business. It is mostly because a mobile app can simplify our work to a great extent and we can do our work much more efficiently by using digital technology. Nowadays you will […]

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React Native vs Swift: Which is the Best for iOS App Development in 2022

If you conduct a survey then you will be able to see that most of the smartphone users have Android. As per the records, 73% market share is owned by Android and only 26% market share is by iOS. But in reality, whoever uses iOS is quite rich and they do a lot of in-app […]

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