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Leading digital app development agency with eight years of excellence as a mobile app development company in Bangalore for various industries. We deliver groundbreaking mobile apps and web solutions that take your business to the next level.

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Most Trusted Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

Cumulations Technologies is one of the best enterprise mobile app development company in Bangalore. Our expertise lies in building IoT, Android, and iOS applications supported by a strong cloud-based backend infrastructure.

Mobile apps have become a need rather than a luxury. These apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020. At Cumulations, one of the best IT companies in Bangalore, we are technology leaders in the arena of mobile applications development. Recognized among the top 5 mobile app development companies, we are experts in the development of mobile apps for B2B, B2C & B2E business environments. The range of our multi-platform mobile app services fits everyone, from large enterprises & governmental authorities to small & medium businesses. Over the years, we have developed numerous mobile apps for different sectors ranging from healthcare to entertainment.

We have delivered high-quality products with 100% customer satisfaction. We differentiate ourselves from other mobile app development companies in Bangalore & India in terms of delivering a high-quality product with world-class UI/UX.

We believe in keeping pace with all the leading technologies. We help companies leverage the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) with our wide range of IoT software development services. We are one of the best IT companies in Bangalore that understood the buzz of IoT and got expertized in the technology in the early stage. We are well-versed with WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee, NFC technologies, and AWS Lambda (Serverless app development).

A committed team for support & compliance

We have an in-house consortium of learned professionals who follow an agile development methodology to proffer robust end-to-end solutions. Our heterogeneous team works assiduously to apprehend the client’s requirements and delve into the finest of details before releasing the final output.

Unmatched experience & proven expertise in a Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

We absolutely love being on the cutting edge. We constantly push our limits and leverage our knowledge in developing robust apps. With years of experience and expertise spanning the entire mobile ecosystem, starting from interactive interface design to server-side architecture and integration, we have got you covered.

App development approach followed by our experts

Requirement Analysis

Our journey begins with assessing the precise requirements of our clients along with comprehending their end business goals and objectives.


We conceptualize the app design, navigation, and look and feel to ensure it is in sync with the client’s requirements and the audience’s expectations.

Integration with Existing Features

Our apps are designed for seamless integration with any independently designed application to simplify the flow of information without posing any privacy issues.

Efficient Design

Our Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore is capable of designing feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps for various mobile platforms.

Code Creation

At Cumulations, we are known for delivering high-performing apps with a robust code that can seamlessly work on all the latest versions of varied platforms.

Stringent QA & Testing

Our mobile apps are passed through multiple channels of rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and free from glitches.

Play Store / App Store Submission

Our work does not end with app development. We also submit these apps to the respective app stores along with all the vital information. We also offer App Store Optimization services to encourage the high ranking of the app.

Support & Upgrades

Our Mobile App Development Company offers ongoing support and maintenance programs to make sure your app is always up-to-date and performing at peak efficiency.

Why choose Cumulations Mobile App Development Services

Smartphones have great potential to build a market for your business. We help you utilize this potential to reach a larger section of customers with just a few clicks. With the help of cutting-edge technology and the use of simple-to-use mobile-first technology, we help you expand your market by using the mobile platform at its best.

Cumulations started its journey in 2012, as a Mobile Application Development Company in Bangalore, and has helped a wide range of organizations from startups to enterprises. In the process, we have acquired a high degree of proficiency and competency in delivering profitable, user-centric & robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to our customers. Our agile development philosophy ranked us as one of the top reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore by our clients.

Being one of the fastest-growing best IT companies in Bangalore, we strive to delight our clients with the best, most resilient & user-centric mobile apps. We work closely with you to ensure your requirements are duly met.


We ensure you world-class mobile apps by using advanced technologies in an optimal way.


We understand the intent of mobile apps for your business and help to build resilient, thoughtful & user-friendly mobile solutions.

8+ Years of Experience

Your mobile app will be developed by our seasoned engineering team who are well-versed with trending technologies.

Effective Communication & Project Management

Our effective communication improves the relationship and resolves the conflicts for a seamless development journey.

Agile Development Process We Follow


We begin the process of mobile app development by discovering the project goals and requirements of our clients. We take into account the client’s idea and validate it to ensure viability. We also prepare an extensive app development project plan that includes determining the most suitable technology stack and finalizing a well-thought-out system architecture.


In the development phase, developers and technicians of our mobile app development company In Bangalore customize every part of the solution as per the specific needs of the client. With in-depth knowledge of the best industry practices and architecture competencies, they design and develop a mobility solution that caters to the customer’s pain points. The development stage also includes rigorous testing, seamless integration with the existing environment, and deployment in the respective app stores.


Our mobile app development company offers complete post-development support to ensure success. Our mobile app maintenance and support programs include three different levels of support. Our specialized services include server monitoring, continuous upgrades, analytics monitoring, performance monitoring, app crash monitoring, security reviews, OS & server migration, app store management, and third-party integration update reviews.

Latest Technologies Integration

At Cumulations, we offer unparalleled services when it comes to native and hybrid app development. We are a full-stack mobile app development company offering end-to-end app building services for major platforms like Android, iOS, etc. Our skilled team is adept at leveraging the most updated tools and frameworks for developing smart native and hybrid mobile apps.

Internet of Things

We build intelligent solutions that can easily connect your smartphones with remote devices. Our qualified team of IoT app developers delivers efficient solutions that cater to the needs of your business, irrespective of its size and industry vertical. From IoT sensor development, IoT wearable development to asset monitoring apps, and voice-enabled IoT solutions, we do it all at affordable prices.

Alexa Skill Development

Developers at Cumulations are experts in developing future-ready voice-enabled solutions. Leveraging the full power of the Alexa Skills Kit, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), we develop the best Alexa skills to deliver value to your business. Our trained Alexa skill developers strive to improve your business operations and offer the best customer experience.

Google Home Actions Development

Cumulations helps the business in delivering intuitive and immersive user experiences through Voice First technology. With adequate experience in the voice skill development segment, our Google Actions development services are recognized globally. Our developers are qualified in deploying Deep Link Discovery for Google Assistant to enhance your brand’s presence and visibility through voice.

Chatbot Development

We enable businesses to revolutionize their interactions with their customers through our smart chatbot solutions. Our developers provide AI-enabled and highly sophisticated chatbots that can be easily implemented into diverse domains such as healthcare, customer support, eCommerce, entertainment, etc. We use technologies like NLU and NLP to build conversational chatbot solutions that deliver optimal customer experience.

Wearable Tech

We offer mobile app development services for portable devices that are equipped with smart screens and sensors. Whether it is IoT-based wearable apps, health, and fitness monitoring apps, or interactive apps for iWatch, Android Wear, or Google Glass, we deliver competent solutions. Our apps are also backed with remote data collection, cloud capabilities, monitoring, and more.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

At Cumulations a mobile app development company in Bangalore, we design and develop robust fleet management software that helps businesses in all tasks associated with vehicle management and telematics. Our smart solutions offer real-time tracking information on vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behavior, etc.

Seamless mobile experience on any platform

At Cumulations, we leverage the latest technologies to develop apps that are second to none. The technologies that we integrate into our custom apps are as follows:

Native app development

Native mobile apps are the ones that are meant to operate on a specific mobile device or operating system. Native apps are best known for their incredible performance as they can easily use device-specific software and hardware. Our mobile app development company in Bangalore provides the complete life cycle of services for the development of stable, secure, and scalable native apps which are known for their advanced features and optimum speed.

  • Our high-performing apps offer the best mobile experiences that can help your business scale and reach a wider customer base.
  • Our native app development services include designing and developing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. Our apps include immersive features such as 3D Touch, multitasking, Beacon technology, etc.
  • Our native app developers strive to develop competent solutions that can enhance your business rankings.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid mobile apps are those that utilize the same code to be compatible with multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, etc. These apps are cost-effective and offer a native-like experience with a simple backend design. At Cumulations, we offer flawless hybrid apps that seamlessly work on all platforms. They utilize advanced technologies that help our clients to increase sales and profitability.

  • With our mobile app development company in India, you can get a robust hybrid app that fully caters to your needs and efficiency.
  • The strongest points of our mobile app development company in Bangalore include transparency, excellent UX architecture, high coding standards, and the latest technology.
  • Our team of developers is equipped with expertise and complete knowledge of framework tools like React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Sencha, PhoneGap, etc.

Our Main Mobile Apps

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Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore FAQ

➤ Mostly yes. Although we prefer to work with our own designs as that helps our mobile app development company to deliver maximum value. Nevertheless, we are flexible and adaptive to your requirements.

➤ We will screen your designs to check their effectiveness. If they are strong, we will be more than happy to take them on from there.

➤ However, if the designs do not meet our basic standards, we will be honest and recommend you to reconsider.

The choice of a programming language depends on the target platform. Below are some of the common programming languages we use and their corresponding platforms:

➤Android apps: Kotlin

➤iOS apps: Swift

➤Cross-platform apps: React Native or Flutter

Developing and launching a mobile app is a multi-faceted process. After the development is complete, the app is rigorously tested for software bugs and usability issues before launching it on the respective app store.

On average, it may take anywhere between three and nine months to build and launch your app. The time taken precisely depends on factors like app complexity, project structure, number of features incorporated, location of the app development company, etc. Here is a quick breakup of the most time-consuming stages of the development process:

➤ Project brief and researching: 2-6 weeks

➤ Design sprints: 4-8 weeks

➤ Development: 6-12 weeks

➤ Deploying the app to the app stores: 1-2 weeks

➤ Post-launch support: Ongoing

Yes, our mobile app development company in Bangalore offers complete maintenance and post-development support to ensure that your mobile app stays relevant for times to come.

To ensure the complete security of our apps, we do the following:

➤ Get an application security audit

➤ Using SSL certificate for every website

➤ Encrypt all data and store it in the local memory.

➤ Implement proper logging procedures.

➤ Use real-time security monitoring and protection.

➤ Keep your servers and software up to date.

➤ Disallow access to your app’s content providers.

➤ We will assign a dedicated project manager to you who will keep you updated about the progress of the project. He will keep you in the loop throughout the development process.

➤ This will ensure that everything goes according to your expectations. If there are any discrepancies, he will serve as a middleman between you and the developers and resolve it at the earliest.

We are one of the leading enterprise mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. We have gained the trust of our clients with our timely and customer-oriented services. We have supported our clients by offering unique benefits like:

➤ Customer-centric approach

➤ Transparent service

➤ Cutting-edge technologies

➤ Continuous communication across all stages

➤ User-friendly products

➤Comprehensive testing

➤Real-time customer engagement

➤Efficient post-deployment support

➤ We are into providing web and mobile app solutions for all major industries. We have worked with 200+ customers worldwide including startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

 ➤ Some of our previous and current customers include companies like Siemens, Intel, Havells, TGI Sports, and Rapyuta Robotics. Check our portfolio to know more.

There is no fixed price when it comes to developing a fully-functional mobile app. The average cost can range anywhere between $10,000 and $150,000. Some of the major factors that regulate the cost of a custom app are as follows:

➤Type and size of the app

➤Features and complexity

➤Application platform (Android or iOS)

➤Design complexity

➤API integration

➤Application Data Security

➤Deployment and maintenance

Yes, our mobile app development company in Bangalore can help you develop an app for your website. We make use of cloud databases so that every single piece of data is synchronized across the website as well as the mobile app.

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