Entry Level Programmer

We are interested in expanding our team with additional members and providing quality services to the wider client base.

The current job opening is for software developers, who will mainly be programming/coding along with other senior team members.

Here are a few things we are looking for in the new members who would be joining our team.

Why you should consider Cumulations?

  • You will be working with experienced programmers who are passionate about mobile and web technologies.
  • You will get the opportunity to work on the latest trends in tech.
  • We don't have the concept of the bench, you will working on the real-time projects.
  • We have optional health insurance that the candidate can opt for himself/herself. Candidate can also cover their family members
  • We have clearly laid out a leave and attendance policy to help team members to plan their leaves in advance.
  • Flexible working hours. We work 5 days a week.

Skills Required

  • Strong inclination towards programming.
  • Ability to analytically analyze problems and suggest solution approaches.
  • Good communication skills to coordinate among the stakeholders.

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    Disclaimer: Recruitment Communication
    Please note that Cumulations does not outsource online interviews or tests to third parties. Candidates should only expect official communication regarding interviews or assessments from our email IDs with the domain cumulations.com. Thank you for your cooperation.

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