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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

We provide vehicle tracking solutions with the help of GPS system for fleet companies. We integrate live tracking feature into your mobile and web apps.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Vehicle tracking solutions

The rapidly emerging technology has unfolded several benefits. Its impact on the way we live and work is all pervasive. Among the many fruits of technology, the availability of a competent vehicle tracking solution has introduced us to the various benefits of fleet management with enhanced productivity, improved driver behavior and an abridged compliance management being the most significant ones. Real-time insights into the vehicle location, its current activity along with all the details of the driver can be substantially instrumental in taking your fleet operations to the next enhanced level.

GPS vehicle tracking

Regardless of whether you own a single vehicle or over 100, a Vehicle Tracking System is a fundamental solution to track, locate and protect all your mobile assets. Designed for efficient, real-time tracking of your vehicle, the solution involves the integration of high-sensitivity GPS units that operate in all kinds of environment, with the help of internet connectivity.

Benefits of vehicle tracking system

Why choose us?

We, at Cumulations, offer affordable and easily customizable real-time vehicle tracking solutions. Our pre-configured devices leverage GPS satellite-positioning technology to track vehicle’s location and movement in real time. With the help of this GPS satellite network, all the necessary data about the vehicle is collected and transmitted over GSM/GPRS network. This information is then transferred to the user’s mobile device from our web server.

We recognize that this technology is of great use for all kinds of businesses and its successful implementation is paramount. Therefore, we welcome every opportunity to talk to our customers and comprehend their precise requirements. We are confident that our deliverables will speak for us and thus it is inessential to say that upholding first-rate quality is a supreme priority.

Our devices are thoroughly tested and approved, enabling you to benefit from fleet tracking technology that comes with the guarantee of excellence. Some of the prominent features of our portable vehicle tracking system are as follows:

  1. Hassle-free tracking of all vehicles on the maps
  2. Availability of GPRS for remote location connectivity
  3. Active alerts via SMS, emails or calls
  4. Uncomplicated and fully customizable User Interface for managing the vehicle tracking functionality
  5. Ability to create geofences along with sending triggered alerts
  6. Tamper-proof switch for remote monitoring

With a view of providing maximum utility to our customers, we bring world-class solutions to the table which are successfully implemented by an adept team in Location technology space. We procure all our tracking devices from acclaimed manufacturers. We have tied up with reliable hardware partners to procure OBD and GPS trackers. Leveraging best-in-class GPS location technology, we develop customized and cost-effective solutions as per our client’s needs.

We develop vehicle tracking apps for all platforms – Android, iOS and Web. There is absolutely no expensive hardware requirement. You can start tracking with any Android or Apple handset. Additionally, our solution is scalable to your needs. You can track one to hundreds or even thousands of drivers in real-time, without any struggle.


Live vehicle tracking feature integrated in ticket booking app by Cumulations.

Cumulations Technologies has pioneered in providing vehicle tracking solutions & services for fleet management and asset tracking companies.

We have integrated live bus tracking feature into ticket booking app where users can easily locate the bus on map.

Feel free to send us your queries and discuss more on how to integrate live vehicle tracking feature into your mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can track your vehicle using a vehicle tracking system that includes GPS-based devices and apps. These GPS devices offer real-time information on the vehicle’s position, speeds, distance covered, etc. They have complete access to maps that allow you to see the location of a vehicle right down to street level views.


Such systems can be used by an organization to monitor the progress and route of a delivery truck, by parents to identify the location of their child, or even to monitor the exact location of high-value assets in transit.

A vehicle tracking system is usually placed in a vehicle to track its location. The system leverages GPS technology, which in turn uses satellites that circle the earth to identify the exact location of the vehicle at any given transmission. As the devices send regular updates to the satellites, it implies that the person tracking the vehicle can get real-time updates on the vehicle’s journey.

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