The Davek Alert Umbrellas

Team Cumulations

04 Nov 2015

Davek Alert Umbrellas

The Davek Alert Umbrellas: These are stylish, fashionable smart umbrellas with losing alert feature.

What exactly it is and how it works?

A tiny Bluetooth based “proximity chip” is deployed in the handle of the umbrella. This chip releases a signal to connect your mobile app with the umbrella. When a user picks up their umbrella, the feature will automatically activate. If the distance of your umbrella from your app exceeds 30 ft(It varies depending on nearby materials and obstacles.) or so- the chip sends an alert to your mobile phone.

To set up, download free mobile app available on Apple app store or Google play store. Just keep your umbrella near your phone for 60 seconds. It will establish a connection between your app and the umbrella. The chip is capable of detecting whether umbrella is in use or not. If an umbrella is not in use, the app goes to sleep mode. When you hold the umbrella again app goes to wake mode. Weather forecast information is embedded in the mobile app. Based on the weather forecast information, the mobile app also suggests you whether you should carry your umbrella for the day or not. The Davek lose alert uses Bluetooth Low energy(BLE) which consumes low power. Depending on the frequency of use, battery lasts for 1-3 years. For more information visit

The mobile app is developed by  Cumulations Technologies. We wish our client all the best!

The app is live on App store and Play store.

App store link: