Some Flutter Apps have Performance Issues: Why and What Next


24 Aug 2022

Currently, Flutter is used by app developers to a great extent to make the app development process easier than before. The use of this app is increasing and that is why people prefer it over many other old applications to make the user interface. If you take the example of any Flutter app development company in India then you will get to know that they are using it broadly in their production step. But sometimes even Flutter can go through some performance issues which can be quite tough to address. In this article, we are going to talk about those issues and how to deal with them if you want to create an app by using Flutter.

It Consumes a lot of CPU Power

Flutter app consumes a lot of CPU power which can be a little bit problematic sometimes. So whenever you will use Flutter, you must make sure that you choose the correct version so that your system does not have to work hard to keep it going. Currently, most Mobile app development company bangalore are trying to implement Flutter as the first choice as the app building platform.

There is no Big Library of Code

Flutter is an open-source platform powered by Google and it does not have a very big library of various codes. So it will be a little bit tough for you if you do not want to code a lot while making an app. Currently, the developers are trying to implement more codes into the library of Flutter so that people can get to use readymade codes more in their app development process.

It does not have Good Support for Modules

If you are going to make several modules as an app developer then Flutter is not a very good option for you. It is a little bit tough to create different modules while developing an app if you are using Flutter as a developer. Currently, if you check out the production process of any mobile app development company in Bangalore then you will get to see that they are using some other apps as well as Flutter to optimise their app development process.

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Serialisation is not Easy

Flutter is an open-source platform to create the user interface of any app and that is why the developers may get into trouble if they want to serialise their code. This platform does not have a huge library and that is why you won’t be able to serialise your code properly if you do not pay attention to the minor details of the code.

It does not support Several Application Schemes

While developing an app, you may need a lot of application schemes to implement different features in your app. But if you are using Flutter then there is a high chance that it will not support all the application schemes as per your requirement. In that case, you should choose your app-building platform carefully and try to get the right version of it.

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It has very Poor Tooling

If we talk about the tools used by the developers in any Flutter app development company then this platform is not a very good one for that. You won’t get ready-made tools for the app development process in Flutter and you may have to do everything from scratch. That is why the developers use it only if they are quite confident about their coding knowledge and do not need any other tool to create the user interface.

It has Incomplete Static Typing

Static typing is very important when you are going to make the user interface of any app. In the case of a Flutter, the static typing is incomplete and you won’t find a good way to create those static pages easily. That is why the developers use Flutter for dynamic pages rather than static codes.

It has very Poor Media Capabilities

Media files are always needed for any app development process and you have to upload them correctly if you want them to run in your app in the right way. If you are using Flutter then it will be quite tough for you to load those media files in your app. There is a very small space given in Flutter where you can upload big images or videos. Other than that, you also won’t be able to implement any library function or any other application scheme to load those media files.

It does not have Much Community Support

Whenever we feel stuck with something in the app development process, we always try to look for a solution in the community support forum. Flutter is a very new app builder and that is why it does not have a strong community support yet and you may have to suffer a lot if you get into any trouble while writing your code. If you ask anyone from a Flutter app development company in India, they will also tell you that it does not have community support the way it is needed.

It does not have Testing Support

Flutter app does not have much testing support because currently, people are not aware of the apps made by the new framework. So if you take the example of any Flutter app development company then you will get to see that they are striving a lot to find the tester for this type of app.

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It has a Double Class Hierarchy for the Same Thing

If any app builder has a double class hierarchy for the same code then it is quite difficult to implement the code in the right way. Because it will create a lot of confusion in the code and you won’t be able to understand which codes are going to be launched by you. So it is a performance issue by the Flutter app right now.

So these are some performance issues faced by all the developers of any mobile/ iOS app development company in Bangalore. So if you are thinking that you are going to use Flutter for your app development process then you must think about it again and check out the solutions to these problems before using this framework.

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