Best Design Practices To Increase Your Mobile App Sale

Team Cumulations

05 Jul 2016

Best Design Practices To Increase Your Mobile App Sale

When you design and develop a mobile app, one of the goals is to stimulate the users to remain engaged as well as use the app for longer durations. Designing an engaging app is all about merging simplicity and usability in software. And it’s a difficult job to capture a portable users attention and keep that.

According to the survey by Forrester Research, Smartphone users from U.S and U.K use around 25 apps every month but spend more than 80% of their in-app time upon just five apps. In addition to that, most users abandon a great app within just 30 days after download.

Instagram offers probably the most engaging user experience to its users. An impressive 38% of Instagram’s 400 million active consumers check Instagram multiple times per day and use the app for 20 minutes every day.

Are you interested in making your mobile app engage as effective as Instagram? Below are the tips you need to be followed.

  1. Friendly Language- Reduce the number of clear calls in order to action.
  2. Self-Explanatory With No Studying Curve- Use familiar graphic metaphors and familiar actions.
  3. Instant Satisfaction- Balance freedom to explore as well as guidance to reach the work goal as efficiently as you possibly can
  4. Good Perceived Efficiency- Minimize load times and camouflage users by creating workflows that conceal holdups hindrances impediments.
  5. Customer Value Proposition- When requesting information about the user, offer an optimistic exchange in functionality. If a user wants to send out an in-app message they have to share their email address to generate an account.
  6. Golden Nuggets- Supply small and delightful mobile relationships that surprise and pleasure users. They are not functionally essential but are crucial to fantastic for user experience.
  7. Effortless Navigation- Create a stream that requires just 1-2 variations to get to the relevant content. If there is anything more than that user will give up.
  8. Transparent Graphical user interface: Eliminate perceived barriers between the user and the content. Once the Interface achieves this amount of transparency, the UI starts to fade away for the user.
  9. Rewarding Behaviors- When the consumer completes an important action, get the app with visual, aural or tactile responses to ensure success.

Offer Something Different

The number of applications out in the market is very overwhelming, but that does not mean that there is no space for something new and unique. One of the best mobile apps marketing strategies you may employ is to make sure that what you offer is not already available in another application. Even though it can be difficult to create an entirely new app, this does not mean that you cannot consider something old and give it a little twist. You can take a present product and reinvent this into something that would offer you more uses and consumers.

If you fail to come up with something entirely one of a kind, then the least you can do is definitely create something out of an existing application to make it worthy of your users.

Even if you currently have a concept in mind or should you have already designed an application, it is still important to make sure that it has all the makings associated with an app that would stand out from others. You cannot expect a mobile phone app marketing strategy to work without offering something interesting and useful.

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