Mobile App Development Trends That Will Continue to Dominate in 2017

Team Cumulations

28 Nov 2016

Mobile App Development Trends

There’s no understating the power of mobile technology. It truly is the one platform that has seen constant changes through the decade and still have a positive impact on society and it owes that stance to app development companies. Apps today, rule the league and therefore, define the worthiness of the hardware we use. This is especially the case for mobile application development corporation in India as the market for apps have only seen a major boom.

With the average mobile app usage in India seeing a growth of over 100%, it’s evident that such technology is here for good to stay and will only get better and more complex as the years go by. While 2016 saw its fair share of Mobile app development trends, it would be criminal to disregard that majority of trends won’t carry on through 2017. With that in mind, here are the mobile app development trends that will continue to dominate 2017:

  • Mobile Will Continue to Dominate

The entire world has more or less joined the mobile ecosystem. Moreso, the market is seeing a huge rise in numbers of smartphone users. It’s no secret that people today prefer their experiences on-the-go. Smartphones are available in abundance and make this possible at the best of conveniences. They make all form of experiences more approachable and more importantly accessible. This is good for a mobile development organization.

With over 300 million mobile users in India alone, it’s clear that mobile technology is here for a long time as it will seek to benefit software application development associations in India as well.

  • Wearable Technology Seeing a Rise

Wearable technology has seen a major rise in the past year. We’ve talked about the issue of convenience and they seem to provide just that. With the advent and progress of the Internet of things, devices are created with the idea of staying connected constantly. While it’s still relatively new in places like India, it opens new opportunities for Mobile Application development businesses to better understand and unlock the possibilities such devices present.

With the incorporation of such technology into sectors such as healthcare, fitness and even music, The influence of Wearable technology is bound to grow in stature.

  • Cloud Computing Sees a Boom Too

Cloud app services have been growing with time and have been gaining recognition as a viable service due to the surge in internet facilities. With the large amounts of data being circulated in today’s world, a major concern for businesses is bound to be with regards to space and storage. Services like iCloud and Google drive have really risen to prominence in such situations by providing basic services for free. Such concerns are only bound to grow in the coming years. This is bound to be a trend that will continue for many years to come.

  • Cross Platform A Standard Norm

While it can be argued that developing apps natively is a better way to go about development cycles, it’s no longer a standard norm of approach for most mobile apps companies. This is added with the fact that consumers today own a wide array of devices that further enhance the overall experience. With that in mind, app development team are tasked with the decision of having to develop their apps on more than just one platform. While it may seem tedious at first thought, it proves to be quite beneficial from a marketing standpoint as developers will then cater to a variety of markets due to the variety of platforms available.

  • A Case of Security

With the amount of focus on internet services along with circulation of data, security was bound to be an issue or area of concern. While there isn’t an app dedicated to securing your data, it is a major issue that happens on a global scale in light of all the news surrounding it of late.

Companies such as Apple have taken a firm stand on such issues guaranteeing security of personal information. It’s only a matter of time before such major players in the market start following suite and providing better reforms for secure measures. With more hackers corroding company security systems, it’s a trend that will continue to exist for a while. This may continue to be an issue for mobile app development services in India as infrastructure is still seeing a steady growth.

  • User Experience is Key

This is a common misconception that mobile app developers tend to take for granted. Developers tend to consider design creativity over functionality which isn’t a bad thing considering that such creativity translates into the overall vision of the app. What they fail to realize is that User experience has always been an important factor.

While it’s okay to create a flashy application, the design only matters if it has the functionality to back it up. The chances of a user installing an app for a second time are close to nil based on the experience. This means that if a user has had a difficulty with the app experience in the past, the chances of them using the app once again are quite faint. This is something mobile app development companies in india should always keep in mind during the initial phases of development.