Node js vs Python: which one you should choose for your project?

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03 Jul 2020

Node js vs Python: which one you should choose for your project?


In the programming world with a lot many options to choose from, here we are with two of the most used entities: Node.js and python. Let’s be very clear, both of them have some set of functionalities, these help a programmer to ride one and get to the end of a task, and based on the requirement, the entity selection can be different. But in the end, hope with all the details we get our panacea. Before the battle begins, let’s sneak peek into the fascinating details on both of our heroes. 

Node.js- The whole nine yards

Node.js is a platform for web-application development with Ryan Dahl being the Godfather. It is cross-platform software with a runtime system type. It is free and open-source software.

Since it has so many attributes, it works on almost all popular platforms. It uses an asynchronous event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. It can execute the codes outside the web browser. The main goal of Node.js is to enhance the productivity rate and the scalability of website and application software. The Java developers have successfully built numerous Node.js frameworks to facilitate web and mobile app development. Popular frameworks such as Hapi.js, Meteor.js, Derby.js and AdonisJs are widely used by the developers worldwide.


Imagine it is 1991, none of us knew that just within 30 years, we will be using python wildly and widely. It came out as a miracle drug for all the diseases in the programming world. Python is an object-oriented, high-level, interpreted programming language. It‘s technicalities help us to shift our vision on important factors like code readability. The simplicity helps programmers to work on both lowkey and high-end projects. 

It is a programming language with garbage collection memory management. The large standard library used in Python covers the internet protocols, the web service tools, the OS interfaces and string operations. Some of them are Scikit-learn, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, Matplotlib, etc. The official repository known as Python Package Index (PyPI), contains more than 200,000 packages that have a lot of different serviceability like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, etc. 

Features of Node.js


  • Full-stack development can be done with the help of node.js which includes both front-end and back-end development.


  • Node.js uses a type of event mechanism known as event looping under a single-threaded model.


  • It has the fastest code execution library because it was built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.


  • The codes are written just in a single programming language i.e JavaScript, also the same language is used on both sides (on users’ and server’s side)


  • It can be used for scaling with multi-core systems.


  • The output data comes in segments and thus there is no buffering involved.


  • The webpage loading is also faster than many others.


  • The monitoring is also quite simple and easy.


  • It can be used in the entire making of real-time apps.


  • It can manage multiple requests to the same server without any excess of resources being unnecessarily consumed.

Features of Python


  • It can be easily integrated with other programming languages like COM, Java, C, C++, etc.


  • Fewer codes to execute a program than any other programming language.


  • The syntax is compressed and condensed which makes it easier to understand.


  • The debugging tools in Python such as Winpdb, pydb and ipython takes very little time.


  • Any type of addition or customization is possible when python is being used.


  • Well-structured, object-oriented, and highly functional programming is made possible with the use of python.


  • Dynamic level data type and dynamic checking type.


  • It is compatible with almost all commercial databases.


  • It has a lot of development tools and frameworks for example Django.


  • It provides many different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for example Flask, Tkinter, etc. 

Node.js or Python: Which one is the new black?

ENTITIES (→)Node.jsPython
Level of programming knowledge:

It can be easily used by senior level programmers

It can be used by both junior level as well as senior level programmers.

Released in:It was first released in 2009. It was first released in 1991.
Coding standards:Node.js coding framework is best suited for small budget projects.Few codes are required and is ideal for large projects.
Real -time web applications:It is the best platform for real-time web applications.Python is best suited for backend applications and numerical computations.
Interpreter:It uses JavaScript as an interpreter.

It uses PyPy as the interpreter

Most suitable for:Web applications, traditional web development, back-end API services.Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, back-end applications, 3D modelling,computer gaming, networking.
Asynchronous programming:It can be used for asynchronous programming.It is not really good for the asynchronous programming type.
Documentation:It is poorly documented. It has one of the best documentations.
Debugging:It is very risky and thus is not suitable for long term projects.It is far less risky than any other languages.
Architecture:It is event-driven and non-blocking.It is not event-driven.
Speed:The overall speed is faster because it was built on Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.It is slower because of the single processing type.
Syntax:The syntax is similar to JavaScript.It is easy and condensed.
Extensibility:There are so many frameworks and tools available like Babel, Meteor etc.There are so many frameworks and tools available like Django, Pyramid etc.

It is easily scalable

Scaling it isn’t that easy


It is reliable and easy and the package management is provided by NPM (Node Package Manager)

It is reliable and easy and the package management is provided by Pip (Pip installs Python)

Maintenance:It is very difficult to maintain it on an overall basis.It is  easier to maintain.
Updates:It comes up with faster but less reliable updates.

It updates slowly but the updates are generally very reliable

Community of users :A very large community of users use Node.js.A very large community of users use Python.
Popular websites and applications:Instagram, Google, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, Dropbox, Reddit etc.LinkedIn, Walmart, Trello, eBay, Paypal, Netflix etc

Wrapping up

After the detailed description and considering the features, both the entities in the war look pretty good to be chosen. The comparison throws light on all the bases with which both of them can be compared with and hence gives one with a clear picture to take one and leave one. The most basic thing can be the type of team workers one has and the level of experience they have.

Another important thing that can be considered is the need and requirement of the project. With the switching of frameworks and tools, both of them offer almost the same experience. 

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