Our Intern from IIT-Kharagpur shares his experience


04 Jul 2015

Our Intern from IIT-Kharagpur Shares His Experience

My Journey at Cumulations

I joined Cumulations on 5th May, I applied for app development and designing. I don’t have any previous experience in this field, so was a bit nervous at starting, cross platform then things changed slowly.

My job was to explore and research Xamarin’s ability cross-platform apps. At starting it took around one month to become completely familiar with the software.Then I started working on my final app which was a great fun and learning experience for me.

I got to learn about Apple’s certification issues, Xamarin’s pros and cons. I also learnt here designing a good looking app in a proper manner. In my twenty years life this was the first time I worked as if I am a professional.

I met many people working here and got to know about their experiences. Everybody at Cumulations supported and help me a lot when I asked them. The best thing was that whenever I asked anybody for a device to run an app they gave it immediately knowing that they would also need it.

Apart from work I also enjoyed the trip to Mango Mist Resort.

So my current possition is that I know enough in this field to work and explore in this field. But my learning will never stops………… as my life is greately followed by this famous qoute

(The only source of knowledge is experience –  Albert Einstein)