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11 reasons to use Reactjs for Enterprise App Development

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15 Feb 2021

Reasons to use React.js for Enterprise App Development


Enterprise apps have become indispensable to business organizations. These apps handle the communication between the company and its customers and account for improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

ReactJS is one of the best frameworks for enterprise app development as the code can be modified to meet the diverse project requirements. It features a highly efficient and declarative library with reusable models that help to design dynamic user interfaces. 

In this article, we will talk about eleven reasons why you must opt for ReactJS for enterprise app development. Let’s begin. 

  1. Outstanding speed of development

ReactJS offers component reusability. The developers can reuse generic components without any hassle. Also, the framework allows the developers to create a class and utilize as many instances as they like. All components are completely unrelated and any modification in one will not affect the others. 

This reusability feature helps the developers save a lot of time and effort. If the components contain non-complex logic, they can be easily reused to create high-performing apps. 

  1. Supports cross-platform app development

Maintaining both iOS and Android apps is not easy as they use different frameworks and are written in different languages. Having one common platform for all apps enables a consistent user experience. It makes the app development process easier. 

ReactJS supports cross-platform app development. All you need is one expert JavaScript developer who understands native UI libraries and APIs and you are good to go. 

  1. Update apps without visiting the app stores

Once your app is published on the respective app stores, making modifications becomes a lengthy process. For adding additional features, you need to reiterate the build process and again upload the updated version to the store. This is followed by an approval process by Google or Apple and the users having to manually install the updated app.

However, with React, the app is automatically updated during run time. The users can witness modifications without the need to re-launch the app. 

  1. ReactJS framework is SEO-friendly

SEO is always a crucial factor, regardless of the framework you use. For businesses looking to achieve superior search engine rankings, ReactJS is quite feasible. It can render with the help of the Node that enables the search engines to view the web app in its end form. This ultimately impacts the rankings. Thus, ReactJS is considered SEO-friendly and extremely stable, and reliable. 

  1. Excellent for developing intuitive user interfaces

The user interface of an app largely affects its success rate. If you wish to develop a user-friendly app, it is important to have a highly functional and intuitive UI. ReactJS features declarative components that enable the developers to build complex UI functions and debug them with ease. 

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Also, the UI with React is more responsive and has a lower loading time. It offers an excellent user experience coupled with consumer-grade simplicity. 

  1. Easy app scalability

When it comes to enterprise app development, scalability is a very important aspect. The front-end of the app should be scalable so that it can easily manage and increase the number of users, datasets, etc. 

ReactJS offers excellent flexibility to the developers. They can easily scale the app’s architecture and structure to meet the growing demands of the business. Also, the app performance stays intact, even after you have introduced complex updates. 

  1. Flexible with different platforms

The support of varied libraries and complete flexibility to choose architecture and tools for each development project makes ReactJS one of the ideal choices for enterprise app development. This enables businesses to customize apps by selecting their preferred tools and fulfill the exact needs of their company. This is also precisely the reason why ReactJS is widely loved for custom app development. 

  1. Creates backward-compatible apps

This is one of the greatest benefits of using ReactJS for enterprise app development. Owing to the compatibility of the framework, the developers don’t need to modify the existing content in case there is an update. All the public APIs remain the same without requiring any replacement. This feature also makes the ReactJS framework relevant to the near future. 

  1. Easy integration with legacy systems

Upgrading your existing business system with an enhanced UI can alter the overall experience of the legacy system. However, this system recreation involves a lot of time, effort, and money. But with ReactJS, the process of integrating new with the old becomes quite simple. The UI framework easily integrates into a legacy system to match the precise business requirements. 

Additionally, combining React components with the existing web apps will improve the outdated technology and revamp your legacy projects, offering a better user experience. 

  1. Affordable development framework

Most enterprises look for productive apps without investing too much money or effort. Since ReactJS allows cross-platform integrations and deploys an efficient toolset, the overall cost of development is largely reduced. There is no need to hire two different developers for Android and IOS apps. 

Also, the development speed is high. In comparison with other app development frameworks, ReactJS records a 50% faster development while upholding superior app quality. 

  1. Large community support

ReactJS is backed by a large community of active developers who strive to consistently improve the documentation. Millions of developers are available on multiple platforms and forums such as Stack Overflow to listen to queries and help fix the issues. The developer count on GitHub has reached a sky-rocketing number, clearing showing the immense community support for the framework. 

Wrapping Up

ReactJS is indubitably one of the best choices to get an efficient, user-friendly, and responsive enterprise app. Even though it is not a complete framework, the developers can combine it with different tools and technologies to create unparalleled solutions. 

The incredible UI framework enables the developers to easily create complex UI structures without any hassle. Business organizations can build custom enterprise apps and integrate them with their legacy system to make it much more relevant for their business requirements. 

You must get in touch with a reputed ReactJS development company to get a robust, scalable, and future-proof app. This will help you augment employee productivity with minimal effort.