What Made Flutter Framework a Big Hit in the App Development Industry?


15 Mar 2022

Just a few months ago, we didn’t even know Flutter had a name. But as of now, almost everybody has heard about it. But if you haven’t tried to make something with it, then you must be living under the stones.

Flutter has made a big name for itself in the app development industry. No wonder it is one of the most productive ways of creating cross-platform apps. It is currently being used by the world’s top app development company.

Today, it is bringing a huge transformation to app development. Using it, you can develop multi-platform applications with a single codebase.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about this framework. Read this article to get familiar with the flutter, its features, and future possibilities.

How does Flutter make cross-platform development easy?

flutter ui

There were times when cross-platform development was a real struggle for app developers. It was difficult to build a high-performing app that had all the capabilities.

Everybody wants to develop cross-platform applications. Just think of how much money you would save if you could use one code (for two or more platforms) instead of having to maintain two separate codes. That’s why Flutter is getting popular.

However, there are other frameworks out there that also support cross-platform development, but Flutter is an entirely wonderful choice for today’s app developers.

Earlier, Xamarin and Ionic were holding all the attention in this segment. And then Flutter arrived and stole all their attention. It was introduced in 2015 as Sky and built using Dart.

As a result, developers can easily access the SDKs for Android and iOS, which streamline the entire development process. But, what are the other things that make this framework more popular than others? Well, one was the hot reload feature, which allowed users to change code even without restarting the app.

Works Fast


Overall, Flutter is a fast, capable framework for cross-platform application development. It’s come a long way since its inception and is now equipped to handle many of the same tasks that developers need to complete daily.

Apps made with flutter can be directly compiled into machine code, including Intel x64, ARM instruction sets, or JavaScript. Thus, it can deliver super-duper performance on any device of your choice.

If your app development company is planning to develop a digital software product, it’s time to forget traditional frameworks. Use Flutter as it has better functionality and the potential to process your app development faster. It will reduce the time spent on releasing your app to the market.

Fits All Device Screen

fits all

Irrespective of the device your customer owns, flutter is suitable for all screens. It can be used for building desktops, the web, smartphones, and embedded devices.

  • For building high-functionality applications, it provides access to powerful hardware-accelerated graphics.
  • Its own rendering engine is another magical feature available to the app developers for controlling every pixel.
  • The widget library adjusts to any screen without any manual activity.

In short, it makes building apps possible for numerous platforms by utilising a single codebase. This will also simplify workflows and speed up the work of your team.

In addition, the Flutter framework is pre-built with Cupertino and material design to add a modern and identical touch to your app on Android and iOS.

Eventually, it’s up to you where you want to deploy flutter. Use it anywhere you want, such as smart devices, cars, and so on.

Workload Reduction

Flutter is incredible! Now, you can develop apps in a short time with high-quality code and less effort.

In this, the added programming style is declarative and reactive. This reduces the startup time of the final application.

Users are also permitted to see the changes in real time by using the hot reload feature.

Furthermore, it delivers automatic testing features and many other development tools. For example, you can implement debugging, inspect the layout, check network and memory profilers, etc. All of them will help you work confidently and create an awesome final product.

Anything You Want Can Be Customized

If you love doing things your way, Flutter can be your favourite framework. You can customise anything you want with it on the screen.

No matter how complex it gets, it’s easy when you are using flutter. With the shared elements, manipulations of shape, clipping, a lot is there to do.

Easy to Use

Flutter is an easy-to-use framework because, from the initial setup to the final product design, everything is simplified.

You need to simply download the development IDE to begin working on your first Flutter app.

There will be no requirement for dependencies or additional configuration to see your code do well.

Test-Driven Development

Do you know that Flutter is compatible with test-driven development? Yes, it does, which in turn assists in building and testing prototypes faster. If you are working on any Flutter app, make sure to try out the essential dev tools before releasing your app to the market.

Code Structure

The code structure of Flutter is pretty similar to Android. Google has ensured to load it with features available in the native Android language.

Apart from that, it’s possible to keep different styles and execute different code for the various classes. Furthermore, you will have the power to access a custom view of all style types.

Big Community

The Flutter community is broad, with over 2 million users worldwide. The number of monthly flutter active users is 500,000. It may sound unbelievable because of the presence of other popular frameworks. Flutter, on the other hand, has taken over all of them.

The top 5 countries with the highest  flutter development company are India, China, the United States, Europe, and Brazil.

At these places, the flutter community is growing extensively, connecting more people every day.

You have the freedom to contribute to the Flutter community, clear your doubts, and help others in the development process.

Every year, numerous local and international events are organised for the flutter community.

Google Support

On a final note, we can’t miss the support provided by Google in Flutter development. Google, the tech behemoth, keeps track of developer requirements and ensures that the most recent function is added. This way, it keeps Flutter competent in the app development market.

Depending on all its features, we must appreciate Google for bringing such an amazing framework to the table. It enhances productivity in your Android app development company and cuts the overall cost of operations and development.

Google has also released a clear documentation which has every minor detail mentioned related to Flutter. In case of trouble understanding any function, read it anytime and anywhere you wish.

Why should your company use Flutter as well?

If you are running an app development company, having Flutter as your main framework can bring plenty of advantages.

Nowadays, more and more companies are moving to Flutter for mobile application development, mostly because of its versatility, availability of high-quality templates, and framework architecture.

To create some new possibilities or turn your idea into reality, Flutter is a good framework to start with.

Your development team won’t take much time to grasp the flutter functionalities and concepts. They are simple to perceive, even by a novice.

If you want some additional plug-ins or features to add, check out the library where there are endless tools available for you. Some more reasons to choose flutters are:

  • It is completely free to use and develop cross-platform apps
  • It is simple to understand, learn, and use
  • Get access to a plethora of customizable widgets
  • Take part in community discussion or get your queries answered by experts
  • It saves time and money during the whole development process
  • The hot reload feature in flutter is highly demanding
  • Assist in meeting current market needs and identifying trends

Flutter and its future

The Flutter app development platform is one of the fastest-growing frameworks out there at present. It boasts high scalability and development speed as its most attractive features.

Its demand in the app development industry is increasing fast. It comes with all the features that are necessary for cross-platform app development.

This framework is well-known not only for its extensive features, but also for providing developers with flexibility. Being backed up by Google, you can always expect something new from it from time to time. Of course, it still has room to grow as well, but so do most new software products.

Undoubtedly, Flutter will likely be used in future applications by some of today’s top mobile app companies.

Once developers get their hands on this hot new tool, it’s not going to take them long before they learn why so many top mobile companies chose to invest so much time and energy into building with Flutter.

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