Is iOS 12 top-notch? A Review with Pros and Cons

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08 Oct 2018

iOS 12 top-notch?

Designed to make the everyday experience faster and a lot easier, iOS 12 is much more responsive with improved features and performance on Apple devices. The improvements are bigger and if you are the one who used a lot of features at once, you are going to enjoy it more.

Top features including Screen Time and efficient characteristic like Do Not Disturb to give seamless efficiencies to make an iPhone work matchless the iOS 12 is up to date with today’s Smartphone users. It will give you the better understanding of how you use your device and there are more tools to know how to balance things that are important.

With the grouped notifications from various apps will help you focus on the essential notifications. Not much added as visual alterations however the Screen Time and revolutionary Siri Shortcuts, it offers a great change in the way iOS worked in the past.

Compare it with ios 11 pros and cons

It is going to be very fast for example the camera is going to work around 70% faster and the speed of the keyboard will get 50% faster, some of the apps will be twice as fast as they were before and share sheets will also have enhanced speed with the iOS 12

Things you need to know about iOS 12?

There are many things which have undergone a remarkable change in the iOS with the 12th version. It will definitely make you explore your Apple device with better control and enjoyable experience. First of all, we must know a little bit more about the latest version that is iOS 12.

Getting the iOS 12:

As we already know that Apple products support the new updates with clear finesse.  As per the company, iOS 12 will run perfectly on each of the devices including the latest iPhone X to the old iPhone 5s, It will also be great for iPad mini 2 to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Each of the devices by Apple will naturally support the iOS 12 automatically however if you like to download it manually, you can start the downloading process by opening the Settings app option and then you need to tap on General option, and then tap on the Software Update. You can quickly install the iOS 12.

Things you must know about iOS 12:

  • iOS 12’s Parental Control with Screen Time: You can have a better control of the applications that are being used on your Apple device with the help of the Content and Privacy settings. Now you can easily have the realm of the Parental Control. For accessing the privacy and control you will have to create a passcode. After that, you can set a perimeter to various activities, settings, and content which you want to give access to your Apple device. If the restricted items are to be accessed, the passcode will be required. The impressive control to block adult content in the browser is outstanding.
  • Siri Shortcuts is superb: The voice assistant of Apple, Siri works with major improvements and the best one is the Siri Shortcuts. This new shortcut feature will enable you to streamline the things that you regularly do. You can now pair the third-party apps with Siri and with full convenience get the access to the apps that you use in your routine. You can now easily create shortcuts with your own voice or simply follow the Shortcut app. Also, now you can get the stats of the motorsports, get the instant answers related to food and celebrities, check the passwords quickly and even get an easy and fast access to your favorite memories with Siri.
  • Do Not Disturb and Notifications: When you use the iOS 12, you will experience the stacking of the similar notifications and it is very neat. As an alternative to the horizontal pack, you can see the grouped notifications in a neat stack; when you tap it you can see the expanded form.
  • Pictures Upgrades to search the pictures: Coming to pictures, there are some really impressive and powerful search features. Searching images with keywords including people and places etc is going to be amazing and you can also club the various search terms to search the pictures. There is a feature of having the best image work and sharing options and images will also be grouped in the memories. This new feature will help you find the particular picture that you are searching on a particular day by rediscovering the event.
  • Memoji and animoji: Now this is something that is very interesting if you are a lover of avatars. You can easily create your own mask and make interesting animoji which can match your facial expression quite a lot with iOS 12. It can also be used during FaceTime. This is truly a remarkable addition. Also, you can make memoji by selecting hair, using eyewear, accessorizing with hats etc. This is quite interesting; however, these features are restricted to the iPhone X line.
  • Improved Message experience: In the Messages app, you will see the improvement with the app strip that will give you quick access to the natty stickers, games, and what not. iOS 12, gives you the opportunity to add stickers along with the creative effects to video and photos that you create with your Apple device within Messages. This is handy and a highly strong feature as per the Apple officials that when you are an Apple user, you don’t need Snapchat or Facebook Messenger in order to make pictures and video enjoyable and fun. However, the features like FaceTime chats with around 32 people are missing in the iOS 12, as according to the officials it will be added by fall.
  • More on battery information: If you want to check your battery usage you can easily tap on settings and check the 24 hours usage or 10 hours usage of battery in the charts. With a quick tap on the bar will help you check the applications you have used during that period of time.
  • The new Apple Books: With the iOS 12 reading or listening to your beloved books has become a lot easier. You can now easily find your favorite authors and discover the books of your choice.

No doubts, Apple leads the innovation industry and there is an increase in the Apple users day by day. With the newest updates iOS 12, Apple has created ripples in the internet.

Now let us look at the pros and cons of this latest version of Apple, iOS 12.

Pros of iOS 12

  • There are a powerful Screen Time and content controls for the Apple device users.
  • Homebrew scripting results to the innovative and highly effective user experience.
  • Impressive Siri Shortcuts.
  • Latest Animoji and Bitmoji-like Memoji.
  • Better AR potentials.
  • Fine-tuned notifications.
  • Sustained spotlight on privacy and security.
  • Extensive variety of supported devices.

Cons iOS 12

  • The limitation of the AR adoption.
  • Struggle for competition for the Photos app search.
  • Siri still gives the monotonous feel.


  • iOS 12 by Apple can tackle the prickly subject of Smartphone obsession straight out with the Screen Time, and gives users great power with Siri Shortcuts.
  • The latest memoji and animoji features add fun to the massage experience.

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