15 Amazing React Native Apps Examples

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25 Apr 2019

15 Amazing React Native Apps Examples

React Native (RN) is now one of the most popular hybrid platforms for developing multifunctional and cross-platform mobile apps. The framework has been created and developed by Facebook. React Native was originally an internal project of Facebook and had the name Hackathon.

A single framework and platform can be used to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, and UWP (Universal Windows Program). The original framework is the work of Jordan Walke, a Facebook employee who used the “JavaScript Thread” for generating the UI (user interface) elements.

The first version of the hybrid app development framework was revealed and announced by Facebook in the year 2015.

The announcement was made in the F8 conference, and React Native was subsequently made available on GitHub. The RN framework that does not uses HTML. Instead, the native views and menus are placed through the use of JavaScript thread.

This new hybrid app development technology has now created breakthrough opportunities for app developers. There are more than 1400 contributors to React Native now, which is also one of the best-starred repositories on GitHub. The hybrid platform has been accepted worldwide, which also reflects in the new and interesting apps that are built using the technology.

Here are some of the best React Native Apps Example:

Not only the start-ups but the leading and most popular Fortune 500 companies are also experimenting with the React Native apps and finding its capabilities suitable. So now let’s have a look at 15 amazing React Native apps have been built using the React Native technology.

1. Bloomberg

The Bloomberg app has been downloaded millions of times and is one of the most popular news apps. It is a one-stop destination for financial as well as business news. Before using the React Native framework, the app developers had to invest time, money, and efforts towards developing and updating the Android and iOS versions of the app separately.

React Native provided for easy prototyping and testing, and updates could be simultaneously rolled out for both the operating systems.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager mobile application showcases the advanced capabilities of the RN. The use of JavaScript ensures that aspects including date formats, app formats, time zones, and currencies have been handled efficiently. Users also appreciate other elements of the application including simple navigation, exclusive design, and a clean interface.

It is very hard to find any flaw in the transitions or animations in Facebook Ads Manager, and RN has provided a user-friendly app that is highly intuitive to use.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is an American hospitality services company, and also a global marketplace where members can offer or arrange tourism and lodging experiences. There are around 60 engineers working on the RN application of Airbnb every day, according to a software engineer at the company.

Here again, the engineers find that the best benefit of React Native is that you can write a code that can run natively on both iOS and Android. Only around 0.2 % of the codes are specific to an operating system and platform, while sharing of the codes varies in between 95% to 100%.

Languages like DLS ensure that the consistency of elements, including screens designs and component names, is maintained across the platform. The engineers at Airbnb only had to learn the React Native language for the app development project and escaped learning both iOS and Android, which are highly complex languages.

The app has improved the experiences of both developers and the consumers, and have exceeded the quality related aspirations.

4. Myntra

Myntra is one of the most popular E-Commerce and online shopping apps. It offers an excellent user experience, and has a friendly and alluring look and feel as well. React Native brings to be Myntra app a host of interesting features, including hot reloading and instant refresh among others.

The speedy behavior of the Myntra app is another user-friendly feature that makes the business more popular. The beautiful presentations of catalogs, order placement info, profile, and other details are hallmarks of the app. The intuitive UI and UX also help Myntra achieve greater revenues. The Myntra app still remains basic in many ways, and its simplicity makes it even more popular.

5. Gyroscope

React Native technology has helped the developers bring the best features to the Gyroscope app. The functionality of the app is not merely restricted to the tracking of heart rate and steps. The app tells to the users a complete story of their life during a given time period.

The app also shows you beautiful reports on other aspects of your life, which may include productivity, travel, and meditation among others. There is also a Pro mode of the app, for which the payments are required. The Pro mode enables the users to track their sleep (the sleep AI), and even their mood! The app integrates with Instagram, Google Fit, Apple Health app, and other similar applications. RN brings to Gyroscope a beautiful presentation and design as well.

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6. UberEATS

The engineers of the UberEATS app were required to have a dashboard on the app where notifications, including the sound and push notifications, could be placed. With prior experience in native React language, the engineers found it suitable to go along with React Native.

The restaurant app was able to make the food ordering experience of the customers simple and convenient with the use of the technology. The app also has enabled restaurants to coordinate their delivery. It also has elements that can force interaction among users. The world-class UI and UX of the UberEATS app add to the brand value of Uber and makes it even more popular.

7. Instagram

The Instagram software engineers wanted to shift the app of the company to a new framework and level. They also wanted to make the maintenance of the app easy and comfortable, and desire for a simpler platform that can provide for easy and singular updates for all kinds of operating systems.

Instagram started to use React Native in the year 2016. The first implementation was done in the “push notification” area. The result was that the Instagram app was now much faster and could be comfortably maintained as well.

8. Discord

Discord is free of cost app for the online gamers where they can chat and interact with each other. The iOS and Android versions of the app share around 98% of the code. The application has been built by using the React Native technology and hybrid platform. Discord was one of the very first apps that used RN.

The technology has provided the app abysmal popularity, and there are millions of users of it on iOS. React Native also brings many more features to Discord. Some of these include catching up to the chats and text conversations, chatting within the team, and checking on the status of availability.

9. Townske

Apart from using react-native for their mobile application, the Townske software engineer team also used the ReactJS in the development of their web application. The application enables all users to share their travel and visual guides. It may connect the travelers to the locals so that they can get a better idea of the place they are visiting. React Native brought to the developer’s benefits including speed, accuracy, convenience, ability towards sharing codes, and easy deployment.

10. Discovery VR

The  Discovery VR is the best app to enjoy the Virtual Reality adventure videos. It also has the exclusive content from leading shows including Shark Week and Deadliest Catch, among others. The user interface of the hybrid app is made using React Native. Virtual reality enables users to actually feel the emotions and to visit distant and exciting locations across the world.

Diving, hiking, and surfing, among other adventures, provide lifelike experiences. The app user interface and UX use the best technology to exponentially increase the thrill and excitement involved. Discovery has now got more than 30 years of history and is as popular as National Geographic Channel.

The app and interface connect swiftly with any of the VR devices including the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Daydream among others. React Native, being a hybrid app development platform, enables swift sharing of codes. The functionality remains the most efficient and world-class in all operating systems, including iOS and Android.

11. 2048

The 2048 game application has been built using Redux and React Native. The web pack that was used for developing the app integrates easily with the plugins and is also customizable. Inspired by the Gabriel Cirulli game, 2048 is one of the best mind and brain puzzle games available on the app.

The single super number puzzle game offers the fun of math games, number games, brain teasers, and the logic puzzle games, and has multiple redos as well. Smooth performance is also one of the hallmarks of this fun game, and the smooth animation and simple UI have been a must like of the users and gamers. The game has so far had more than 10 million downloads.

12. Walmart

One of the biggest retail sellers of the world Walmart has also built its app on the React Native framework and platform. The company explored the technology for quite some time after finally using it for the development of its app, which would be used by millions worldwide. The smooth and seamless Walmart app has 96% of code sharing between its iOS and Android version.

While the least resources, time, and expertise were required to develop the application, the performance is top notch. Walmart did not compromise on its competitive strategy while choosing the app development platform as well. Because React Native uses JavaScript, Walmart also leveraged is the program’s resources and skills across the organization. The performance of the app is also identical to native, which is much appreciated by the users and customers.

13. Wix

Wix is a professional web design and development service. It mostly targets the medium and small sized businesses. When you are not into DIY (do-it-yourself) website development, you can choose Wix that also has free websites for you. There are a whole lot of customization options for the users in the app.

You can also add additional features in your website including social, chat and contact management among others. The application offers a smooth interaction and best performance. Most of the users are satisfied with the library of Wix. But you should adjust it in accordance with the app that you are going to build, and it’s specific needs.

Wix is also constantly updating the libraries and providing to you the improvements in architecture, API, and other areas. The app of the company is built on React Native platform.

14. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular apps for communication worldwide. The integration of React Native with Skype brought to the app excellent performance.  There are users who are not satisfied with the updated version though. But these dissatisfactions may be due to the habits and not because of any deficiencies related to the app.

The hybrid nature of the RN is again useful here. Codes can be shared across operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS and updates can also be rolled out simultaneously.

15. Tesla

Tesla and the brand have always been associated with endeavor and enthusiasm. Tesla is the energy and automotive firm that has the most advanced solutions for the future. The company chooses the best in all fields, and the same can be said about its choice of React Native for its application. The users can control different Tesla items and products including PowerWall and the Electric vehicles through the RN app.

Final Words on React Native Apps Example

React Native my offer a performance level as that of the native application. The framework provides for the creation of all mobile applications that are leading and most popular in their segment

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