Top 10 Fintech Android Apps Which Can Help You In Daily Life

Team Cumulations

04 Feb 2019

10 Fintech Android Apps

Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives and it has penetrated deep inside in each and every sphere of our lives in a way that we cannot ignore using it. Similar to everything else, financial areas have also got influenced by it.

Today we are using our mobile devices for everything including paying bills, depositing money and making savings as well. Finance related applications on our phones have made it possible to enjoy the convenience and that has surely made our lives much easier. There are many benefits of these applications like high-end security, going cashless and it is really simple to access.

Fintech revolution is at its peak and there are so many applications that we can use on the devices that make us confused sometimes. So, if you are thinking of downloading a Finance app on your mobile device, we have some suggestions.

Here we have created a list of top ten Fintech apps that must attract your attention. So scroll down and check out:

Top 10 Finance Android Apps that can help you in daily life

  • Mint

Mint is one of the best Fintech applications that can be your personal finance manager. It is also the most popular in its category. With the help of this app, you can get the relevant information regarding your cards, accounts as well as the transactions.

It helps you in managing the account right in a single place. The key highlight of the application is that it helps in reminding the due dates of the bills and it also gives you suggestions based on the money spending pattern that you have.

  • Lemonade

It helps in easy and fast insurance and this application is not very popular however more and more people are getting it because of its features that offer ease and many benefits. It helps in getting the home insurance process real fast because of its AI feature. In less than three seconds you get the records of the insurance claim, what else you need?

  • Starling Bank

Starling Bank is a popular mobile application related to Finance and it is really very famous in the UK. However, the Starling Bank has no physical bank but it has all the features that you need in a good bank. Also, it has the voice feature and you can use it with commands Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.

  • Finch

Finch is a Fintech startup based in Australia and this mobile application has gorgeous features that offer a totally new financial experience to its customers. It is the application for social life, as per the company claims. The key function of the application is to offer ease to the customers while they get social.

Finch is specially designed and targeted to the Millennials who identify their mobile devices as an integral part of life. With the features of the Finch application, one can pay or request money from their friends instantly without even knowing the bank details. It helps in splitting bills and manages the expenses. It gives a deeper understanding of the finances and gives the insight to the minute details that Millennials need.

  • Tanda

Launched by Yahoo Finance, Tanda is a peer-powered savings mobile application that enables a group of friends makes collective savings. It is based on the idea of pooling money. In this application, the group members can contribute money on the set period and one of the members gets the money and the process is carried out until each member gets the full payout. The first two members of the group get to pay some fee for receiving money in the beginning and the last two get a bonus of 2% cash as a reward for their patience.

  • Emma

Emma is one of the most popular Fintech apps and it gained its popularity immediately after it was launched.  It works like a financial advocate while offering its help in evading the overdrafts, finding extravagant subscriptions and offering control on the personal finances.

It also allows the users to connect with their bank accounts so that they can keep a track of their expenses. Emma gives valuable advice on finance and gives recommendations on how to run the budget effectively. It also helps in keeping the track of the bank account and eliminates the need of the official bank applications. It keeps the data protected with the security measures it uses.

  • Honeydue

Honeydue is a great Finance mobile app that is made to reduce the money related troubles among the couples. This great application has tools that can be used in sharing the info related to the financial behavior of the couples with their individual account balances and the money they have spent.

Honeydue allows the couples to build comments on their respective money transactions and it is quite helpful in managing their utility bills and it also sets reminders on the due date of the bills. Honeydue application is targeted at a millennial audience and it intends to progress financial relationships among couples.

It makes the users not only to split the expenditure but fairly share the balance of their accounts and the financial activities they do. It helps the users to put their accounts on a budget privately and there is also an option in which they can have the sharing of the accounts with the partner. These features are simple to use and are within the application.

  • Runway

Runway is a great Finance application and we just couldn’t stop ourselves to share it with you. This is one of the most useful financial applications that help in planning cash and if you run a startup, you just cannot ignore it. With Runway was designed the main focus was on the founders who have very little or no knowledge of accounting and get issues while managing the finance.

It helps in running the business cash flow with a great observation on the finances. With Runway, you can create a financial model and keep an eye on it. It helps in determining the financial decisions of the startup and it helps in making an impact on business growth. If you are one of those who are building the business model for the first time, this application is going to help you in many ways.

  • Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Crypto application is a new one and it squirms the global crypto community. It is the first mobile brokerage application that helps in crypto trading.  With the help of Robinhood Crypto you can both buy and sell the cryptocurrencies and you don’t have to deal with any added transaction fees.

With the help of this, the app you can track the rate, news, and also set alerts on the top rating crypto coins. Using this application you can begin trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as soon as you create your account.

  • Root

More than a Fintech app, Root is your financial services toolkit API. It can help the developers in building banking experience with codes. With the help of this application, you can have control over your money programmatically.

Final Words

While there is a lot happening in the Fintech world, here are just the top ten applications that can be of your use according to your requirement and demand. To know more about Fintech applications, feel free to contact us.

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